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How to Fold, Unfold, and Operate the Remo Auto-Fold Travel Scooter

Learn How to Fold, Unfold, and Operate the Remo Auto-Fold Travel Scooter

If you compromise on nothing less than the best, then the best for you has arrived. The Remo Auto-Fold is a perfect combination of style, maneuverability, and advancement. This is the first portable model which comes with a fully electronic dashboard along with touch screen technology. Its state-of-the-art control system allows you to manage speed, switch LED lighting, monitor battery life, and lock your scooter with a personal security code.

If you are looking for something that is functional enough to meet your day-to-day travel purposes and fulfills your style & luxury requirements, Remo has brought it for you. That isn’t all. The superbly designed luxury unit offers a top speed of 5 mph that can last up to 13 miles in one go. This makes its moving abilities quite impressive.  

Moreover, the Remo Auto-Fold has a security system that will allow you to go around doing your chores at home or take a nap in the countryside without being bothered about your scooter’s wellbeing. The latest anti-theft locking system allows the user to manually fold and unfold the unit with a 4-digit code. If you want to leave it on, just put the security lock on and leave. Even in case anyone reaches the unit they won’t be able to operate or unfold it by any means without entering the security code. The scooter also provides you with a wireless remote control to fold/unfold the unit from a distance and an electronic key fob that switches the vehicle on & off.

Above are all the promising reasons that make this award-winning scooter the best choice for its valuable customers. It is simply worth every penny.

How to Fold/Unfold the Auto-Fold Travel Scooter?

The folding and unfolding mechanism has been made automatic but you still need to be certain about a few things before folding/unfolding the device.

  • The scooter should be powered off and on a standby position
  • Place the scooter in a laid down position on a flat surface.
  • Make sure the seatback is flipped down before proceeding.

There are two ways the folding and unfolding can be performed. We will discuss both one by one.

Folding/Unfolding by Buttons:

The buttons are for the times when the battery of the remote drains or in case you can’t see the remote around. Make sure the unit is fully expanded before folding. Press the (N) button once to auto-fold.  Similarly, when the scooter is in a fully folded firm, press the (0) button. It will auto-unfold automatically. The process can be repeated as many times as required.

Folding/Unfolding by Buttons on Remote:

There are only two buttons on the remote for this purpose. To auto-fold the scooter when it’s in an expanded position press (P). And to auto-unfold the scooter when it’s in the folded position, press (Q). Keep in mind that the remote only works on a short distance so keep the remote at a hands distance always. (see figure 1)

Figure 1

How to operate the Auto-Fold Travel Scooter?

The main aim of designing this foldable model is to provide the most comfortable and facilitated transportation ability to physically impaired people whose eye-sight, mental consciousness, and sense of movement still hold in. That is why the controls are kept very simple and uncomplicated. Yet you might need some assistance to ensure a safe trip and the best workability of the unit.

The following are some safety precautions that should be considered while using the device:

  • Battery is shipped with a 30% charge always. To get the best performance out of this vehicle, batteries should be fully charged before the drive.
  • The operations panel is programmed by highly professional people; any attempted change in the drive program will affect the driving and stability of the vehicle directly.
  • Do not drive the scooter if you are under the effect of alcohol or medication. It could affect your driving ability.
  • Please stop driving when the batteries are drained, the continuous operation may lead to damage to the health and life of the device.
  • Turning reduces your speed greatly to maintain the center of gravity, the balance of weight is the most important thing in this condition to maintain stability.
  • The unit can be charged in folded or unfolded positions. Once it is plugged in to charge, it will not respond to any sort of command.

Final Word

With the likes of the most advanced anti-theft security systems, complete touch screen control panel, aesthetically pleasing color scheme, LED lighting, wireless remote control, amazing top speed, and reliable weight capacity the Remo Auto-Fold Travel Scooter is justified in being the buyer’s best choice.

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