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Jazzy Air 2 Product Highlights: Be Stellar, Be Bold

Jazzy Air 2

Are you having doubts about getting a mobility scooter? This amazing product scooter, the Jazzy Air 2, is a robust, large machine that can conquer everything! With a 6 wheel build, it can traverse over any terrain.

Jazzy Air 2 Features

The Jazzy Air 2 has a variety of seats, battery options, footplates, and more! With these customizable options you can customize your own Jazzy Air 2 based on your price range, required features, and more. Some of the features that make it different from other models are its ground clearance, weight capacity, and its suspension.

With its active-trac mid-wheel 6 technology, it will provide the comfiest of rides, the ground clearance allows it to pass over gravel, grass, cement, and other surfaces. Its ground clearance mixed with the suspension technology allows you to have an enjoyable ride but not have the restrictions of going to certain areas.

This amazing unit is perfect for everyone. It supports everyone and allows you to go anywhere. What makes the Jazzy Air 2 special, is its huge double motor! The two motor mid-wheel 6 drive has a speed of 4 miles per hour, a safe speed, but one that allows you to get anywhere quickly. Some other features are its customizability.

This product allows any customer to select their preferred features. With a unit like this, you can raise and lower your height for the occasion. For example, a nice dinner with the family would be on the lowered position, going through nature, or to a zoo, you would use the higher version to get a better view. Some customers that enjoyed this, like Calista, said ''wheelchair technology has come so far, my wife loves it”, and another user said "my 88-year-old mother-in-law loves it, delivered to her senior home as promised."

A homeowner said: "I could easily assemble it, the vendor corrected my mistake on the delivery address after email contact, no issues, the rising seat makes it easy to get up and down." And another customer commented, “this chair is an excellent product and I used it to get around after an operation for breaking three bones in my spine area."

It lifts you up and down so you feel like part of your surroundings and helps you be independent too. Independency and feeling like part of your surroundings are important factors.

These factors allow you to feel more integrated with nature and the environment, and your family! The Jazzy Air 2 allows you to seamlessly integrate with the environment, and have the freedom of not being restricted to only one position. This product will help you with day to day life seamlessly.

With the weight capacity, excellent turning radius, sleek width and length, great braking systems and drivetrains, strong wheels, a sturdy build, and an excellent range of 16.8 miles minimum, dependant on the model, the Jazzy Air 2 will always be there for you and will always assist you with your daily needs and integrate you to the environment and surroundings!

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