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Jazzy Select 6 Product Highlights: Be Adventurous & Be Ready To Explore

Jazzy Select 6 Product Highlights: Be Adventurous & Be Ready To Explore

Are you ready to go on an adventure? Are you ready to explore and go wherever you want without having restrictions? Then the Jazzy Select 6 will be perfect for you. It has an amazing sturdy build suitable for everything! The active-trac suspension will keep you steady and prevent sliding in slippery conditions. With an amazing 88” inch turning radius allowing you to operate under any conditions; combined with the easy turning system, this amazing machine does not operate without any practice! An easy charging port system allows you to stop and charge at any location with a regular outlet.

Safety is taken very seriously with this model. It has a redesigned foot platform for more comfort and safety, a 60” inch lap belt, and sturdy armrests that will always keep you in place and safe! This product is one of the safest in its class.

Comfort. The Jazzy Select 6 has one of the most comfortable options in its class and a large variety of options to choose from. It boasts a redesigned foot platform, customizable seats, and an elevating seat. These are all options that allow you to go anywhere, without doubting the safety!

The Jazzy Select 6 will physically and mentally benefit you. With independence in being able to leave your house whenever you want and when it suits you! This will ease your mind, and make you feel like you're in control. It will feel like you don't have to have someone pushing you around at all times, you can do it with this scooter, you can go anywhere!

Variety! This scooter can support all your needs and requirements. This scooter is safe, comfortable, and sturdy. If you would want to explore, go somewhere, be independent, or anything else, this scooter is meant for you. This scooter hits so many targets of what it can be used for and being diverse, anyone can use it for anything they desire or would possibly need to use it for.

The sturdiness towers over all its competition. It has super solid 10” inch drive wheels, can go over ramps without a problem and has super sturdy suspension to take out discomfort. The battery is strategically placed where it is out of your way but is able to keep the center of gravity at a good point. The sturdiness, combined with the ease of service, and a dual-layer powder-coated frame create a vehicle with a perfect build for almost everything. Rolling through the streets, going on adventures, nice walks in the park, dinner with friends, and more, the Jazzy Select 6 will “grove” with you and allow you to live the life that everyone, and you, deserve to live! It will always be at your side, it will always help you, and it will always bring you anywhere without restrictions while still being safe, comfortable, and amazing!

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