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Merits Atlantis Product Highlights: A Strong Elegant Machine To Make Life Easier

Merits Atlantis Product Highlights

Do you want life to be easier? Take, for example, the struggle of having to push yourself everywhere in a wheelchair or have someone else pushing you. Do you feel left without individual freedom due to the fact that someone must always assist you? Well, then the Merits Atlantis is perfect for you. The Merits Atlantis is a strong, elegant machine! You now have the capability of partaking in social events, gatherings and spending time with the family without possible injury or unease. The weight capacity is a record-breaking 600 lbs. meaning you can carry groceries, or other heavy objects without the worry of damaging the vehicle. Paired with the extra-wide, extra high back captain's seat, comfort will be at a maximum. The large seat will keep you in place at all times and help you be safe as well as comfortable!


The Merits Atlantis is a vehicle meant to get you anywhere fast and safely. The range of 32 miles allows you to roam through the city without any problems of running out of power. The top speed is an astounding 5 mph, faster than most other mobility scooters. You will be able to go anywhere quickly, swiftly, and safely!


Some other amazing features are its weight capacity, turning radius, durability, and comfort. The 600 lb. weight capacity allows you to bring anything you want with you and with a 31.5” inch turning radius you can elegantly navigate through the city!

The Merits Atlantis is a super durable and versatile machine. Many users say “it has surpassed my expectations”. The large casket that is also included can fit almost anything you want! The easy assembly will allow anyone to have no difficulty. Combined with the superb checkout, yours will be delivered quickly, allowing you to use it after a couple of charges!


This product will always be with you. The four-post seat base will keep you comfy all the time. You will be able to zoom through your neighborhood and get tasks finished quickly. Getting from point A to point B will be simple and quick in the Merits Atlantis. You can weave through the mall, park at the table, go through the store, and more with the Merits Atlantis. With easy steering, the Merits Atlantis will feel like it is in your control, and will always feel like this to avoid accidents. The sharp, but safe, turning radius will allow you to do tight turns, increasing your mobility! The 3 inches of ground clearance will also ensure your safety, as nothing can get under the mobility scooter and damage it as well as allowing you to go over slightly uneven terrain in the case of an emergency or if there is a roadblock or any other challenges. The strong motor will allow you to go over 10 degree ramps and uphill sidewalks. This vehicle has no limits. You will be able to go anywhere, do anything, and most importantly, be safe and comfortable wherever you may wish to go!

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