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Merits Gemini Product Highlights: The Rolls Royce of Power Chairs

Merits Gemini Product Highlights

The Merits Gemini is the Rolls Royce of power vehicles. A heavy-duty weight capacity with power elevating, an adjustable captain's seat, a quality suspension system, and more features! If you need a unit that is sturdy, elegant, and swift, but extremely comfortable, then this is the perfect one for you!

Comfort and safety were seriously taken into consideration. The suspension technology integrated with this elegant beast, allows you to enjoy your ride and have a super comfortable one! The heavy-duty frame allows you to go offroad and explore. The adjustable angle footplates and seatback will allow you to get into a comfortable position and be able to do what you wish! Jose R. says "the Gemini is just perfect! It has all you need and is super stable. My husband has learned to master riding it safely….it is that easy! The seat is comfortable and the brakes are gentle." Nancy M. Monzo equally appreciated the chair as well! “The best power chair I have ever used. It is just what you need for the indoors and nights outdoors! It has easy assembly, easy directions, good top speed, and ground clearance, and large foam packed tires. The battery charge distance is a whopping 20 miles. This can easily support all daily needs and allows you to enjoy nature and the world without having the restriction of charging. The functionality and maneuverability make the Merits Gemini special.

This heavy-duty scooter has a high weight capacity, to allow you to bring any necessities along, the top speed of 5 mph is a safe but swift speed to allow you to get anywhere you want. These features make it special and unique to allow you to live your daily life without any problems or restrictions. Its 21” inch turning radius makes it maneuverable and its speed combined with its driving range lets you get anywhere quickly and safely.

Since it also disassembles seamlessly and effortlessly, it can be put in the trunk of a car to bring on longer excursions. Some other mobility scooters either have a strong engine, or they are portable. But the Merits Gemini is a perfect mix of both components. It does not fold, but it disassembles. It has a super-strong engine which allows you to go anywhere. With these 2 factors it is considered a “perfect” mobility scooter for all your needs!

With the many customizable and adjustable parts, the Merits Gemini can be customized to tend to all your needs. The seat style and front rigging can be customized as well. The seat, and armrests, as well as the footrests can all be adjusted as well.

The Merits Gemini unleashes the inner explorer in you, it allows you to go there seamlessly without effort, all while still being ultra-safe and comfortable. Its unique top speed beats all other competitors, while still being safer than competitors. This vehicle will help you, be there for you, assist you, and more importantly, allow you to do stuff that you always deserve to do!

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