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Merits Heavy-Duty Product Highlights: A Power-Packed Unit

Merits Heavy-Duty Product Highlights: A Power-Packed Unit

The Merits Heavy-Duty! A power-packed wheelchair. With a large 26” inch chair, and a 600 lb max weight. Supports anything you will ever need it for, while still being foldable and portable. Designed to make life easier, and with very simple controls, you will be able to get used to it in no time. Beating all other competition with a 25-mile range on a full charge. The large foam packed tires can endure any surfaces and cross almost over everything. If you need a power-packed scooter, then this is the perfect one for you while still being comfortable, and efficient.

What sets apart the Merits Heavy-Duty from other heavy-duty scooters, is that it is foldable! Being only a couple of its class, it is easily folded, and popped into the trunk of a car! You can bring it anywhere, unfold it, and then traverse over anything since it has a super-strong engine. This amazing mobility scooter will allow you to go almost everywhere. With foldable technology and a strong engine, it is a perfect scooter for almost anything. Going around the city, going through the park, and more, it will always be easy to unfold and use. Many customers say they enjoy using it since it can go up steep inclines, that it exceeds expectations for a power wheelchair and that it is super comfortable and has a tremendous range, as well as being fun and easy to use. With immaculate performance, and greater efficiency, it is an all-around superb scooter.

The Merits Heavy Duty also increases your accessibility. With its strong wheels, and ability to go up ramps, as well as its long battery life, it can weave through malls and more. Shopping malls and stores all over the world are increasing accessibility for people who use wheelchairs or the Merits Heavy Duty for example. Now you will be able to access more places, without stress, on your Merits Heavy Duty!

The Merits Heavy-Duty was built with pieces that can adjust to support you and assist you by being more comfortable. The unit rocks a swingaway controller bracket, elevating leg rests, an oxygen tank holder, gel cushion, and a back cushion. These pieces are all movable and adjustable to allow you to customize your Merits Heavy-Duty! Since it has a long-range of 25 miles and a max speed of 4 mph, you can use it as an alternative for a car. Say you want to go to the supermarket, since mobility scooters don't need permits, you can just hop in, get your groceries and bring them back without a problem since it has a 600lb weight limit!

The Merits Heavy-Duty can support everyday trips, and make them way easier by eliminating time of having to put it in the trunk of a car, drive, then bring it out, etc. This is a strong, sturdy vehicle that will support all your needs! You can pop it in the trunk, bring it to wherever, pass over any terrain without restrictions, and most importantly, enjoy your life with your family!

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