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Mobility Scooters With The Best Suspension & Ground Clearance Capabilities

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Make sure every ride on your mobility scooter is comfortable with good suspension and plenty of ground clearance. Check out these best options to get what you need.

There are many features that you might look for when you're trying to find the perfect mobility scooter for your needs. One of the features that you might want to consider is the scooter's ground clearance and whether it has good suspension. Both of these features can help you to enjoy a smoother ride and allow you to drive over a variety of terrains. You can discover a range of mobility scooters with excellent ground clearance and suspension, including all terrain mobility scooters, three and four-wheelers, and even two-seater scooters.

The question is, how do you choose which is the best mobility scooter with good ground clearance? Let's take a closer look at what you should be looking for, and which mobility scooters offer the best options.

What Is Ground Clearance?

Firstly, let's tackle exactly what ground clearance is. Simply put, it's the amount of space between the ground and the bottom of your scooter. This is usually measured from the platform where you put your feet, although you might also find measurements from other parts of the scooter too, such as the motor.

Why Do You Need More Ground Clearance?

Having plenty of ground clearance on your scooter is good for a couple of reasons. When you have more ground clearance, it will allow you to do things like climbing onto small curbs with your scooter. If you don't have a lot of ground clearance, you'll have to find a dip in the curb or even get off your scooter to move it on and off the sidewalk.

More ground clearance helps you to get around more easily. It can make it easier to tackle different terrains, and it might mean that you don't need a smooth or flat surface to travel on. When you have a lot of ground clearance, it can help you to go up steep inclines, over hills, and across rough terrain. All of this means that a mobility scooter with excellent ground clearance is ideal for anyone who wants to be more independent and who wants to use their scooter to explore. It's also a good idea for anyone who might live somewhere that doesn't have smooth paths and trails everywhere.

How Much Ground Clearance Should You Look For?

By now, you might be wondering just how much ground clearance is a good amount to have. Some mobility scooters might have ground clearance of under 1", while others could have as much as over 5". However, the majority of mobility scooters will have somewhere between 1.5" and 4.5" of ground clearance.

If you're looking for an above-average level of ground clearance, you probably want something that has 4" or more of ground clearance. That will still give you a good selection, with plenty of mobility scooters even offering 5" or more. This can allow you to navigate some smaller curbs, and can also help with going over small obstacles, such as rocks, so that you don't have to swerve around them. Some of the mobility scooters in this category are heavy-duty or all terrain, and they tend to have full suspension too.

Do All Mobility Scooters Have Suspension?

When you're riding a mobility scooter, you want to have a smooth ride. So you might assume that all mobility scooters have suspension. However, not all mobility scooters have suspension systems. This is because you don't really need it when you're going on a gentle ride along paved sidewalks or perhaps just indoors. However, many mobility scooters do have suspension systems, which can help you if you're likely to be tackling slightly rougher terrain.

Choosing a mobility scooter with good ground clearance will likely get you a good suspension system too. Mobility scooters with a ground clearance of 4" or more tend to have suspension. On the other hand, scooters with a lower ground clearance than this will usually not have suspension.

Which Are the Best Mobility Scooters with Ground Clearance?

Now that you know that a good ground clearance is usually at least 4", and that this will likely get you suspension too, which mobility scooters are the best options? We've put together some of the best choices for mobility scooters with suspension and ground clearance capabilities to help you.

Mobility Scooters with 4"-4.9" Ground Clearance

The following mobility scooters all have a ground clearance of at least 4" up to 4.9". They also all have suspension to help you navigate different terrains.

Afikim: Afiscooter C 3-Wheel Scooter

Afikim: Afiscooter C 3-Wheel Scooter

 Price: $2950.00       Buy Now

The Afiscooter C is a three-wheel scooter that offers 4" of ground clearance. It's medium-sized, so not too bulky for anyone looking for an easily manoeuvrable scooter. At the same time, it offers you protection and safety. It's great for using both indoors and outdoors, with a turning radius of 50". The 297lb weight capacity means it's suitable for just about anyone, plus it has storage options and a choice of colours.

E-Wheels: EW-36 Scooter

 Price: $2099.00      Buy Now


The EW-36 from E-Wheels is another option with 4" of ground clearance. The three wheels make it easy to drive, with its 50" turning radius. With a speed of up to 15mph and a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge, you can definitely speed about. Power from the rear wheels gives the scooter an extra boost for going over uneven surfaces. It's a heavy-duty scooter, but the brushless motor is super quiet.


E-Wheels: EW-66 Scooter

 Price: $3099.00        Buy Now


Are you looking for a two-seater mobility scooter that also has good ground clearance and suspension? The EW-66 has 4.5" of ground clearance, plus full suspension. It has front fork shocks and rear shock absorbers to create a smooth ride for both passengers. The seats are one behind the other, with a weight capacity of 600lb for the whole scooter. Combined with a seat width of 15" for each seat, there's plenty of room for two.


Merits: Pioneer 4 - S141

 Price: $2070.00        Buy Now

A 4" ground clearance makes this Merits Pioneer 4 a good choice for navigating different types of terrain. Combined with its eight-degree climbable grade, it's a good mobility scooter for getting around outdoors. It offers a comfortable seat and can hold up to 400lb, plus the suspension offers extra comfort while you're riding. It's a heavy duty scooter that is robust enough that you will be able to trust it to get you to where you want to be.

Shoprider: Enduro XL4 - 889XLSBN

 Price: $3999.00        Buy Now


This offering from Shoprider is another heavy duty electric scooter that has a weight capacity of 500lb. The ground clearance is at 4", with 12" pneumatic wheels and a climbing angle of eight degrees. It has full suspension to ease your way, so you can be prepared to run over various terrains. Its affordable price and longer driving range make it excellent for trips around your neighborhood and further afield too.

Merits: Pioneer 10 - S341

 Price: $3000.00        Buy Now


The Merits Pioneer 10 will help you to traverse rougher terrain, with its 4" ground clearance, 12-degree climbing rate, and 32-mile range on a full charge. It's not as speedy as some mobility scooter options, reaching a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour, but it's still fast enough to keep up with people who are walking alongside you. It's also very comfortable, with a high-backed seat, pneumatic tires, and suspension.


Mobility Scooters with 5"+ Ground Clearance

Do you need even more ground clearance from your mobility scooter? If you want to be able to tackle bigger level changes and rougher terrain, these scooters with a ground clearance of at least 5" are an excellent choice.

Afikim: Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter

   Price: $4224.00      Buy Now


The 3-wheel Afiscooter S and the Afikim: Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter are both options that have a 5" ground clearance. These scooters have a top speed of up to 9.3 miles an hour and a travel range of up to 31 miles per charge. The three-wheel option has a smaller turning radius of 56" compared to the 90" of the four-wheel option, but both of them have maximum climbing angles of 8 degrees at 15kph and 11 degrees at 12kph.


Afikim: SE Scooter

Afikim: SE Scooter

 Price: $4131.00        Buy Now

The Afikim SE Scooter is a great option if you're looking for something stylish. With its design inspired by classic motorcycles and its 5" of ground clearance, it's a rugged scooter that's perfect for adventurous people. It's very stable and can tackle lots of different obstacles and terrains, with good suspension and a three-wheel design for tighter turning (45" turning radius). It's also available with a dual passenger bench if you want to take someone along for the ride.


E-Wheels: EW-72 Scooter

E-Wheels: EW-72 Scooter

  Price: $2899.00        Buy Now


This four-wheel scooter from E-Wheels has an impressive 6" of ground clearance, as well as robust 16" pneumatic wheels at the rear and 14" wheels at the front. Its full suspension adds to its comfort and capability and it has a large weight capacity of 500lb. The 43-mile range is excellent, and you can adjust the speed from a low 0.5 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour for complete control.

Merits: Silverado Extreme 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter - S941L-SDMU

Merits: Silverado Extreme 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter - S941L-SDMU

 Price: $4698.00        Buy Now


When you're looking for all terrain mobility scooters, this heavy duty option from Merits will fit your requirements. It has full suspension with shock absorbers and a ground clearance of 5.1", and it also comes with electromagnetic brakes. It benefits from a sporty, streamlined design, as well as an LED lighting system, which helps to save battery. The base design allows for a 100ah battery to be fitted for a longer 55-mile drive range.


Drive Medical: Cobra GT4 4-Wheel Power Scooter - COBRAGT422CS

Drive Medical: Cobra GT4 4-Wheel Power Scooter - COBRAGT422CS

 Price: $3999.00        Buy Now


Get what you want from a heavy duty mobility scooter with this option from Drive Medical. It combines its modern design with up-to-date technologies, and it has an excellent 5.5" ground clearance. It features full suspension, combined with large, air-filled, low-profile tires to give you a smoother ride when you're adventuring outdoors. A choice of seat sizes makes this scooter extra comfortable, and the seat is also adjustable, with a fold-down, reclining backrest.


E-Wheels: EW-54 Scooter

E-Wheels: EW-54 Scooter

 Price: $3599.00        Buy Now


This little scooter is a fantastic outdoor option, not just for its high ground clearance but also because of its full canopy. The full canopy top matches the colour of the scooter, and it has a full windshield to protect you from bugs, fumes, rain, and more. On top of its 6" ground clearance and suspension, it comes with a great range of modern features. These include a foot brake system, a music system with dual stereo speakers, and a remote key fob with anti-theft system. It's also a stylish choice if you're looking for a good-looking mobility scooter.


Pride Mobility: Wrangler - MV600

Pride Mobility: Wrangler - MV600

 Price: $4999.00        Buy Now


The Pride Mobility Wrangler MV600 is a really tough and rugged mobility scooter option that also has some excellent modern features. It has 5.5" of ground clearance at its motor, with 14.5" tubeless pneumatic wheels. It doesn't have the top speed of some other options, but it does have some nice features, such as its user-friendly LED console. The USB charger that's built into the tiller is a handy extra, allowing you to charge your phone or other portable devices. The full LED package includes headlights, hazard lights, rear backup lights, and directional signals.


EWheels: EW-11

EWheels: EW-11

 Price: $1999.00        Buy Now


The sports EW-11 from EWheels offers a scooter that can handle off-roading, and has some excellent features. It speeds along with a top speed of up to 18 miles per hour, and can give you a range of up to 40 miles on one charge. It has a 5" ground clearance and both front and rear suspension, so you'll feel completely comfortable while riding along. Another bonus of this three-wheel scooter is the amount of storage space it has, which is also removable so you can take it with you when you get off your scooter too.


Find your perfect scooter with excellent suspension and ground clearance so that you can start your next adventure. You have a range of styles and options to choose from to help you find the right mobility scooter.


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