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9 Ways Seniors Can Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Here Are 9 Ways Seniors Can Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Aging Shouldn't Mean Getting Less Sunlight - Here's How to Get Outdoors

Going outdoors is highly beneficial to your health, no matter your age. That’s why everyone should make a point to go outside on a daily basis at least for a few minutes.

Gardening is known to reduce anxiety and improve focus. Some studies have also suggested that it improves quality of life.

While many people don’t have a problem doing this, there’s a population that has a harder time - seniors. That’s why we decided to write this article identifying outdoor ideas for seniors. 

Outdoor Ideas for Senior Citizens

outdoor ideas for seniors

It will be easier for you to go outside if you enjoy it, so the best thing you can do is find something you like to do outdoors. The following ideas will help you find some activities you’ll enjoy. 





Taking a walk isn’t just good for exercise, but it allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature. Just be sure to look around and be in the present moment. Notice the birds, squirrels, trees, flowers, and everything else around you. This will help you connect with nature and enjoy it more than you probably have in the past. 

For seniors who have difficulty walking long distances, we provide a range of recreational mobility scooters to help you explore the great outdoors.


Gardening is a great outdoor idea. Plants and flowers need daily care in the summer months, so it will get you out of the house. They also depend on you, and sometimes, it’s nice to know that. 


Bird Watching and Feeding

Put up some bird feeders and watch all of the birds come into your yard. You can even go outside, sit on a porch or patio and they will come by to eat the food you’re offering. Consider getting a book that identifies different birds in your area. 

outdoor ideas for seniors


Taking beautiful photos can be a fun activity to do outside. Each day, head outside with your camera and give yourself a mission. For example, you may want to take pictures of animals one day, so you walk around looking for different animals in their natural habitat and take pictures of them.

If you have to travel a few miles from your home to get great scenery, having an outdoor model like the Pride Mobility power chair will be useful for storing your photography equipment and snacks

Outdoor Events

During the spring and summer months, there are usually many events that take place outdoors. Go ahead and participate in them. It may seem like you have to force yourself to do them at first, but once you see how they make you feel, you’ll want to do them more often. 

senior outdoor activities

Take Dogs for an Outing

If you don’t own a dog, ask neighbors if you can take theirs for a walk or volunteer at a local dog shelter. They will let you take many of their dogs for a walk and spend time with them. This is the perfect activity for someone who loves dogs. 

An extended range scooter could come in handy for days when your dogs are feeling a lot more energetic.

senior walking dog

Entertain in a Park

It’s always nice when someone plays an instrument in the park. If you play an instrument, consider going to the park and playing it. People will appreciate the beautiful music you play and you’ll enjoy entertaining people. 

Read a Book Outside

If you like reading, consider reading outside. There’s nothing like sitting in a chair on the front porch with a cold drink and a book. That time can be very relaxing for you, which is exactly what you need in your life. 

Do Something Creative

Research shows that creativity decreases negative emotions, reduces pain, and improves medical outcomes. Consider doing something creative so you can take advantage of the benefits of both. You could paint, draw, scrapbook, journal, make a family recipe book, or knit. Try different types of crafts and hobbies to see what you like the most. 

What to Do When You Have Limited Mobility

Limited mobility should NOT keep you indoors. You can improve your mobility with the help of mobility devices, such as scooters, wheelchairs, and walkers. These devices mean you can head outdoors and do whatever you would like without having to feel restricted by your physical capabilities. 

If you’re held back by your inability to walk, don’t let that stop you. Click here to see our wide range of scooters and wheelchairs that you can purchase. It will change your life - for the better.

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