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Pride Mobility’s Wrangler Highlights: Strong Enough for Your Adventure

Pride Mobility’s Wrangler Highlights: Adventure Defined

Have you been longing for a way to feel the crisp, fresh air, smell the blossoms on the trees and enjoy the peaceful serenity of the outdoors? That opportunity is now available to you with the Pride Mobility Wrangler. An exhilarating adventure awaits you and nothing will be able to get between you and your desire to travel when you have a Wrangler. You can forge a new path with this handicap scooter. It is an aggressive, outdoor unit designed for extreme and rugged conditions. With the powerful suspension, bright lighting, and dual hydraulic brakes, this beast is a powerful force.

 The Wrangler Has Incredible Features

The heavy-duty and rugged Wrangler boasts a weight capacity of 350 pounds. The Wrangler can give you amazing speed; its top speed is a whopping 11.4 mph with 200 pounds on board. It also has a 94.75” turning radius. That is utterly impressive. You don’t have to cut your expeditions short when you are riding a Wrangler. At 200 pounds, this scooter can go up to 29.4 miles on a single charge. Even at its maximum capacity, 350 pounds, you can travel up to 24.2 miles on one full charge. Power is at your fingertips with the Wrangler’s 7.7 peak HP dual motors. The Wrangler is equipped with a limited recline, black vinyl, high-back seat. This ensures that you are comfortable and well supported.

While you are on your adventure or simply running an errand, you will need storage space. The Wrangler was designed with this in mind and provides a storage compartment. The Wrangler provides a smooth ride with its CTS suspension which includes adjustable shocks for greater comfort. This awesome scooter also comes with a user-friendly LED console that displays the time, the temperature, the miles driven and the number of trips you have taken. It has an adjustable delta tiller with ergonomic, wraparound handles.

Your portable devices and smartphones will be kept going as long as your trip. This is made possible because the Wrangler has a USB charger built into the tiller for convenient charging. It has a durable and stylish rear bumper. It also features easily accessible tie-down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter). You will also see clearly ahead of you, especially when you purchase the full LED lighting package. It includes headlights, hazard lights, rear backup sensor LED lights and directional signals.

All these breath-taking features makes the Wrangler a difficult scooter to beat. Customers have been extremely pleased by this lovely scooter. Improve your mobility today by purchasing Pride Mobility’s Wrangler.

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