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Pride Mobility's Victory 10 4-wheel scooter: Where sleek, sporty and convenience meet comfort

Pride Mobility's Victory 10 4-wheel scooter: Where sleek, sporty and convenience meet comfort

What’s style and comfort without the Pride Victory 10 4-wheel model? Customers happily express there’s no competition. The Pride Victory 10 4-wheel unit is truly incomparable for those who want the rare combination of sporty and sleek in a mobility scooter. It is available in two vibrant colors: blue and red. The low profile, non-scuffing, smartly designed tires sure create a competitive advantage as it’s able to glide easily over indoor and outdoor terrains without discomfort. For added comfort this scooter sports a cushioned lightweight seat with foam inserts crafted of viscoelastic.


An added benefit of the Victory 10 is its long-lasting, high-intensity LED headlight for optimal pathway illumination. The control panel with the wrap-around delta tiller has a back-lit battery meter for increased visibility. There's also a front basket, sliding seat, and adjustable tiller.

With a scooter so sophisticated you never want to leave it behind, even if you have to travel to another country. Well the truth is you don’t have to! Thanks to Pride's own feather-touch disassembly, it’s quick, easy and convenient to prepare for travel and transport with only one hand.


Features That You Cannot Beat

The features that customers of the Pride Victory 10 4-wheel model speak confidently about are: a maximum speed of 5.25 miles per hour, maximum driving range of 15.5 miles, 54 inch turning radius, 2 inches of ground clearance, maximum incline of six degrees, 4 wheels, a charger and batteries, weight capacity of 400 pounds, front basket, headlight powered by high-intensity LEDs, a battery gauge lit with LEDs, a seat which can rotate through eight positions, and an auto-connecting front-to-rear harness. Warranty guaranteed.

Hear What Our Customers Say About The Pride Victory 10 4-wheel model

The features eliminate the need for any other. Purchasing one of these is the best gift you could give yourself. Here’s what our customers are saying about the sleek, sporty and conveniently comfortable Pride Victory 10 4-wheel unit:

  1. Bailyn was quite ecstatic and used three simple, known, to the point words, “I love it!”

Yg was truly amazed about the pride victory 10 4-wheel scooter. Yg boldly expressed that, “if I could I would of given it 10 stars. This scooter is great! Very comfortable and made with high quality materials. You can't go wrong buying this thing”.

John being disabled has gotten his independence back, now being mobile with the Pride Victory 10 4-wheel model. He happily said, “I absolutely love my scooter! I don't go anywhere without it”

Nb proudly stated, “I’m very excited to get my new scooter, met all expectations. Comfortable & sturdy”

Greg thought it was “ fantastic beyond his expectations”.

Krystal termed it as “my little red corvette”.

Rg exclaimed, “this is a great electric scooter!”

Are you still wondering which scooter is a cut above the rest? I doubt it! This is quality, style, speed, comfort and convenience powered all in one. The Pride Victory 10 4-wheel model is your sporty pick!

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