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Powerful 4-wheel scooters are a very safe and dependable option for anyone who wants to easily move around with complete independence, rather than rely on the help of others. With age comes certain physical limitations, which is why you need to “future proof” your well being and freedom.

With sealed gel batteries that can help you cover distances well over 35 miles and modern onboard electronics that help you maneuver your scooter like a pro – 4-wheel scooters provide the ultimate outdoor performance while still retaining the indoor maneuverability of their 3-wheel medical scooter variants.

At Scooters 'N Chairs, we offer small and compact as well as large and heavy-duty 4-wheeled scooters to help you get around easily, be it indoors or outdoors. With four wheels under your command, you can enjoy maximum safety and stability over a variety of terrains, irrespective of the distances you need to cover or the weather conditions you’re riding in.

No matter what your requirements are – be it navigating around hallways or within your home or cruising on the road – we’ve got a model that will appeal to your needs and desires.

Why Buy a 4-wheel Power Scooter?

With age, most of us end up with certain mobility issues or, for lack of a better term, physical limitations. While limited mobility is something that just about everyone experiences with age, certain physical handicaps can also spur up due to an illness or accident.

If you do feel that your mobility level is not where it used to be – that your ability to zip from mall to mall or visit a friend at a moment’s notice is no longer there – then a 4-wheel mobility scooter is the answer to your woes. You can do everything that you used to love doing on your own terms.

A powerful 4-wheel scooter is a highly practical and cost-efficient way to reclaim your independence, and never have to wait for that embarrassing moment – uncomfortably waiting as someone comes tagging along just to help you get to your destination.

Some folks are rather lucky in the sense that they live within a few meters distance of all the places they visit regularly – local parks, friends’ places, stores and malls, etc. However, others must take a handicap scooter with them every time long distances are involved. At Scooters 'N Chairs, we also offer compact and foldable mobility scooters which you can easily disassemble yourself and take with you in the back of a car.

Of course, whether you buy a compact and portable travel scooter which can be easily carried around or a larger, more powerful one which can conquer all kinds of outdoor terrain, is something you’ll need to carefully weigh in when making your purchase. No matter what your requirements, we have you covered.

A perfectly fair question to ask yourself at this point is why should you invest in a 4-wheel scooter at all? To be perfectly frank, 4-wheelers are configured to perform a lot like a car with two drive wheels at the back and two at the front for steering. This makes them significantly more stable than 3-wheeled scooters, allowing you to effortlessly negotiate a variety of road and off-road terrain.

Ask anyone who’s ever ridden a quality 4-wheel scooter by top brands like EV Rider or Pride Mobility and they will tell you that the safety, performance and reliability of 4-wheelers are unmatched in every way imaginable.

In your quest to live life to the fullest and enjoy the great outdoors, you would always want to be at the helm of a reliable scooter that’s capable of easily negotiating all kinds of rough and uneven outdoor terrain – be it grass, gravel, dirt or tarmac. And thanks to the four wheel layout, you’ll never have to worry about tipping over or losing control, no matter what your speed.

Speaking of speed, 4-wheel scooters, due to the added stability, are easily capable of reaching an 11 mph or higher top speed, and even at higher speeds, they’ll remain stable as a rock. This makes them ideal for not only long-distance off-road use but also road and highway use, where you’re looking to cover distances of up to 55 miles on a single battery charge.

Just to quickly recap, here’s why it makes sense to choose a 4-wheel scooter over a 3-wheel one:

Uncompromising stability for outdoor travel

Owing to the broad configuration of a 4-wheeled senior scooter, users can enjoy maximum stability for driving outdoors, particularly over rough terrain – where the scooter will truly prove itself since extra balance and power is required.

Larger wheel base for better handling

The wider wheel base at the front and rear along with a broader chassis means that taller and/or heavier individuals can have their weight evenly distributed over the front and rear wheels. This provides for the best handling possible in a power scooter.

Adjustable seating options

This is not a key feature that is only present in 4-wheelers; however, due to the added width and length, users might find more comfortable seats to ride in and more seating options (adjustable tillers, armsrests, headrests, etc.) compared to 3-wheelers.

No tools required for disassembly

A number of 4-wheel handicap scooter models are built for easy storage and transport. While some are foldable, others can easily be disassembled without the need to use any additional parts or tools – and can be conveniently loaded into the back of a car or van.

So if your end goal is increased comfort, better stability and safety, topnotch performance over practically all urban terrain, portability and, of course, unmatched style – then we have an extensive lineup of 4-wheel scooters that offer just the right mix of features, performance and practicality.

Why put a cap on your mobility when you can ride some of the best 4-wheeled power scooters available in a variety of prices to suit all budgets and travel needs?

How to know a 4-wheel Scooter is Right for you

One of the most common deciding factors when it comes to 4-wheel handicap scooters is stability. If your end goal is riding over many different kinds of road and dirt surfaces and still enjoy a stable ride, then a 4-wheel scooter is an investment you can truly bank on for years to come.

Four wheels means that the weight is distributed evenly along with an improved center of gravity, which improves overall handling. Plus, you’re investing in a more comfortable and secure ride, at the end of the day.

Many seniors struggle to maneuver their scooters over rough or generally difficult to navigate terrain like grass, gravel and dirt. If you love using your scooter in your backyard, the local park or your favorite trail, then a 4-wheel scooter is undeniably the best option. And we’re not just talking grass, dirt or gravel but also rocky surfaces or other uneven ones where it just isn’t feasible to ride a 3-wheel scooter.

However, there are a few caveats to consider. For instance, large and heavy 4-wheel elderly scooters are not the easiest to navigate in narrow spaces such as tight hallways, alleyways or, say, a small apartment. The wide wheel base is certainly ideal for driving outdoors over all kinds of terrain, but not the most practical option for tight and confined indoor spaces. For that, a small, compact and foldable 4-wheel senior scooter might be your best bet.

With that out of the way, 4-wheel power scooters offer superior top speeds, travel distances and overall durability. They are built to withstand rough and tough terrains, with the majority of models designed to take you distances in excess of 35-45 miles at a time.

Let’s take a few examples here and practically put it all into perspective:

The Patriot 4-wheel Heavy Duty scooter by Golden Technologies features beefy tires for optimal grip on a variety of road and dirt surfaces as well as independent suspension on all four wheels for the best traction and performance, no matter how uneven or slippery the surface may be. Its 8 mph top speed is sufficient for most riders looking to venture outdoors while the 18 mile range is just as impressive. It can also carry a maximum weight of 400 lbs. With the 6.75” ground clearance, you never have to worry about losing control while riding over rough urban terrain. Can you get all this on a 3-wheeler? In most cases, no.

If you’re somewhat constrained by budget limits, then the Go-Go Sport 4 by Pride Mobility offers serious bang for your buck. The lightweight 4-wheeler can be disassembled and taken with you, no matter how you’re traveling: by car, train or plane. The 3x9” non-scuffing tires make for a pleasantly comfortable ride. Despite its compactness, it can carry a weight of up to 325 lbs. and can reach speeds of up to 4.7 mph, with a maximum travel distance of 12 miles.

Another economical option to consider is the BuzzAround EX Extreme 4, offering a reasonably high ground clearance, a higher turning radius that’s almost comparable to 3-wheel scooters and a 20” seat to accommodate larger individuals.

Make a larger upfront investment and the King Cobra by Drive Medical offers an impressive 83” turning radius, air-filled high-grip tires, a 22” ‘captain’s seat’, the ability to withstand 450 lbs., and a top speed of 11 mph. Dual rearview mirrors are standard as is the independent front and rear suspension for the most comfortable ride over different kinds of outdoor terrain.

Some Considerations while Choosing the Right 4-wheel Mobility Scooter

Before moving any further, we have established a few noteworthy considerations already as far as 4-wheeled mobility scooters go:

  •         They are highly durable and stable
  •         They offer added security and safety
  •         The wider wheelbase means better traction and grip over multiple outdoor surfaces
  •         While they may not be the most optimal choice for swift indoor maneuvering, they are perfect for traveling long distances outdoors
  •         They are powerful and robust and have the ability to withstand a fair amount of wear and tear when used outdoors
  •         They offer added comfort to accommodate larger, taller and heavier individuals and offer roomier, more comfortable seats
  •         Independent 4-wheel suspension for maximum comfort and optimal handling over all road and non-tarmac surfaces

In addition, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a 4-wheel scooter that fits your requirements is size.

Small & Portable Scooters

These are ideal if you don’t do too much long-distance outdoor traveling and need to disassemble your scooter, and take it with you on your travels, be it by plane, car, ship or train.

However, given the light weight, they are generally not suitable for heavyset individuals such as those weighing over 300 lbs.

If you’re okay with a top speed of between 3.5 and 5 mph and require portability, then these are the way to go.

Medium-sized Scooters

This happens to be the most popular scooter size for general outdoor use and limited indoor use (as long as spaces are not too confined).

Medium-sized scooters typically have 10” or higher pneumatic tires, independent suspension on all wheels, large LED lights on the front and back for added safety on the road and adjustable seating, just to name a few. Although some can be dismantled, majority have fixed frames but can still be loaded into the back of a large van for easy transport.

Top speeds range between 5-11 mph with travel distances between 18 and 30 miles.

Large Heavy Duty Scooters

The cream of the crop! Large and heavy-duty 4-wheelers are perfect for taller and heavier users. In fact, the frames on these models are built to withstand a maximum weight of 400-500 lbs.

Large power scooters are the crème de la crème of mobility scooters, with the best quality suspension for the ultimate riding comfort over all terrains. In addition, they also feature legroom, better quality seats and noticeably more power than medium-sized scooters.

Expect a top speed of anywhere between 8-15 mph with travel distances of up to 45 miles.

If you need help in choosing a 4-wheel scooter that matches your criteria, please get in touch with us.

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