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A reduction in mobility should not hinder you from going to your happy place. The beach is therapeutic and just overall fun. Thankfully, there are mobility devices that can help you to enjoy the beach again.

A beach wheelchair allows you to have beach access while regardless of your specific medical limitations. Rolling beach wheelchairs are typically engineered to help their users to transition from hard surfaces like a parking lot onto the beach and then into the water.

This mobility device is ideal for people with special needs, disabled children and anybody with limited mobility and dexterity who requires a mobility aid to navigate on the soft surface of the sand. Another great fact of a beach wheelchair is that some of them can float.

There are several great beach wheelchairs on the market. This article will feature 4 great options that will get you back to the beach in no time.

ROLLEEZ Beach Wheelchair with Wheeleez Large Front, Small Rear Rolleez Pneumatic Sand Wheels

This beach wheelchair has four tires. These tires give great support to the user of the wheelchair. It is also so designed that it will not tip over on a sharp turn. This mobility device has swivel casters in the back that allows for easy forward steering. The ROLLEEZ Beach Wheelchair is made with furniture grade PVC that is maintenance-free. This material will neither rust, corrode, chip, peel nor fade. This incredible beach wheelchair can handle a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds (lbs.).

Beach/All Terrain Wheelchair, 12" Balloon Tires for Soft Sand, Easily Disassembles

This great unit is made with 12” balloon tires that roll effortlessly over soft sand and any other rough or uneven surface. This beach wheelchair is easy to disassemble and fit in the trunk of your car or SUV. When this unit is fully assembled it weighs 48 pounds (lbs.).

This beach wheelchair is of high quality. It is made from Healthcare Grade PVC that will not rust or corrode. This unit will not deteriorate even in a saltwater environment. All the hardware of this beach wheelchair is made with stainless steel and aluminum.

Comfort is assured with this beach and all-terrain wheelchair. It has an anti-bacterial mildew-resistant mesh seat. It also has a folding footrest that provides much comfort while you ride. This beach wheelchair has a weight capacity of 250 pounds (lbs.). This seat can handle people who are above the average size as the seat is 20” wide, 20” deep and 16” tall. 

DeBug All Terrain Chair Rolling Beach Stainless Steel Wheelchair

With the DeBug All Terrain Chair, you will no longer be stopped by the edges of ramps or beach mats. These beach wheelchairs give you the freedom to bask in the joy of the beach as well as any outdoor terrain that you desire. This unit was designed by people who have firsthand experience with the challenges of moving around in standard wheelchairs. This personal experience has been integrated into this product to provide customers with the optimum experience.

This is made from a stainless-steel frame to ensure the durability of the unit. It also features a telescopic leg rest. The DeBug All Terrain Chair can easily fit through a standard ADA doorway. It has low maintenance Delrin bushings. 

The reason this wheelchair is able to glide so easily on sand snow and even gravel is because it has polyurethane pneumatic wheels. It also has phifertex plus sling material that prevents stretching, mildew, bacteria, cold cracks, and ultraviolet damage. The fabric of this beach wheelchair is machine washable.

Aqua Creek Beach Access Wheelchair - 4 Large Tires - F-013BAC

The Aqua Creek Beach Access Wheelchair is a sturdy, lightweight, all-terrain, specialized beach wheelchair that allows users to gain access to areas that are sandy, overrun with snow and other terrain with soft soil. It has Four balloon flotation tires that give this beach wheelchair extra stability. They are also designed to prevent tipping and corners better than other wheelchairs with three wheels. This unit comes standard with single motion park brakes, a safety belt, an umbrella, a storage bag, and a comfortable cushion seat. This beach wheelchair is easy to disassemble. It can be broken down into three pieces for easy and convenient transport. The seat is 25” tall. The cushion of the wheelchair adds an extra 3 to 4 inches to its height.

Visit the Beach Again

Let’s be honest, going to the beach in a wheelchair can be a challenging and uncomfortable task. The slim tires of standard wheelchairs cause users to sink into the sand and make it hard to push yourself or to be pushed by a hired caregiver or loved one. 

If you do not want to part with your love for the beach, it makes sense to invest in a beach wheelchair. Using your standard wheelchair over bumpy terrain or getting sand everywhere will likely lead to costly repairs. 

Preserve your joy in visiting the beach frequently by purchasing a mobility device that is designed to withstand the impact of sand and saltwater. 

You Will be Able to Float in the Water

The large tires of beach wheelchairs allow you to cross the sand and keep the chair buoyant while in the water. Instead of roasting in the sun on the shore while watching everybody enjoy the water, these chairs enable you to join the fun.

While beach wheelchairs are typically designed to keep you afloat while you are in the water, it is wise for you to wear a lifejacket. Also, just to be on the safe side, you should unbuckle your seat belt. you will likely need the help of another person to safely enjoy the water. This person will hold the handlebars of your beach wheelchair so that it does not flip while you are in the water. Also, avoid going too deep and do not go into rough waters. 

All of the beach wheelchair options mentioned above are excellent picks. Regain the freedom to enjoy the beach again by investing in one that suits your preference.

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