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The Best Commode Chairs For 2020

Aug 06, 2020 0 comments


Growing older is a privilege and should be rejoiced. However, with old age comes a deterioration or a reduction in overall mobility. Thankfully, innovators have labored for years to develop quite useful devices to help with this challenge. Accidents are sometimes the reason behind the loss of mobility and dexterity. Along with mobility, going to the bathroom can also be a difficult task. This is where commode chairs come in.

What is a commode chair?

A commode chair is simply a mobile toilet that can be placed in your home to minimize the distance that a physically challenged person would need to travel to the bathroom. It has a waste vessel attached that can be removed and emptied with much ease. 

Benefits of Commode Chairs

Commode chairs offer a number of great benefits. They are very functional and adaptable. Here is a list of the great benefits of Commode Chairs:

  1. Increased independence for those with mobility difficulties 

Losing your ability to move around can sometimes mean you have lost a large amount of independence. Hygienic practices can also be made difficult when you have lost a great portion of your mobility. 

Commode chairs empower you to go to the toilet without the assistance of others. It is a trend among people with caregivers that they do not like to ask for assistance during the night. This is because they do not want to disturb the caregiver.

Instead of seeking assistance, they wait until the caregiver is awake to get the help that they need. This is not healthy and thankfully commode chairs can ease this challenge. These chairs help you to regain your independence in going to the toilet when you want to. It can be placed just next to your bed so that you can relive yourself independently.

  1. More safety for caregivers and those with mobility challenges

Falling and experiencing unfortunate injuries is among the greatest t of concerns that people with reduced mobility have.

Commode chairs help to ease these fears. They typically come with support bars that enable users to be balanced when going on or coming off of it. This greatly reduces the risk of having an accident while trying to use the toilet. 

Given that the individual with reduced mobility will no longer have to travel to the bathroom, the commode chair greatly reduces the risk of having an accident while trying to get to the bathroom. 

  1. Preservation of Privacy 

An unfortunate reality that the physically challenged often face is the expose of portions of their body that they would prefer to keep private. Though the help is necessary, you won’t find a physically limited individual who enjoys being helped to use the toilet. This is because this task is among the most privacy destroying activities that you can think of.

By utilizing a commode chair, individuals with limited mobility and dexterity can regain and preserve their privacy. This is so because you will not need the help of a caregiver to use your commode chair. This will ultimately increase a sense of independence, self-worth, and dignity.

There are some models of commode chairs that can be installed over your toilet which would completely remove the need for a fixed toilet booster.

  1. The equipment can reduce other expenditure

With a reduction in mobility, access to certain areas of the home often becomes difficult to physically limited persons. This usually means that major renovations would be needed for them to live comfortably in the home. Unfortunately, in some instances, a complete change of residents becomes necessary.

The use of the commode chair means that renovation work becomes less necessary. This is particularly so when it comes to the bathroom in the home. Therefore, you will not need to spend wads of money to change up your home to make it convenient to your physically challenged loved one. 

  1. Convenience and portability

There are some commode chairs that can be conveniently folded for easy transportation. Commode chairs are normally lightweight equipment that can easily be moved from one space in the home to another. This can be quite beneficial to individuals who rather not spread abroad the news about the assistance they need in doing something as simple and fundamental as using the toilet. To maximize this benefit, you will need to diligently search for a commode chair that is both sturdy and light.

  1. Commode chairs are typically optimized for wheelchair users

The basic design of most wheelchairs and even mobility scooters are of such that it can be a challenge to gain access to toilets. By owning and using a commode chair, it becomes much more convenient to access toilets.

Commode chairs have features that grant wheelchair users and mobility scooter users stability so that they can access them without assistance. This again increases the safety of moving from a wheelchair or mobility scooter to the toilet. 

  1. The height of a commode chair is adjustable

A commode chair typically grants you the option of adjusting the height of the chair. In cases where you have certain bodily impairments that make accessing the toilet difficult, this can be particularly helpful. you will be able to go to the toilet without provoking aching joint or pained hips.

By granting you a higher position, you will experience much greater ease when attempting to use the toilet. This also reduces the work that your limbs will have to use in the process of relieving yourself.

Based on these seven benefits, owning a commode chair, or buying one for a loved one who has experienced a reduction in mobility simply makes sense. being able to use the toilet conveniently, safely and without the help of a caregiver is something that physically limited persons treasure. Find a commode chair that fits your preferences and make the investment today in independence, comfort, and safety. The great part is that this investment will in the long term also save you money.

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