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The Best Grab Bars To Buy For 2020

Aug 06, 2020 0 comments


Grab bars refer to handicap accessible bars and handrails that help to make a safe environment for those who suffer from disabilities, those who are elderly and people who for some reason or another are experiencing limited mobility. Handicap grab bars are typically used to maintain balance. They are also helpful in the process of transferring from one place to another. These grab bars also prevent falls.

Unfortunately, falls are a frequent accident around the dwellings of individuals who have physical disabilities. As a result of this, the ADA has placed emphasis on handicap grab bar and safety rail installation. Grab bars are ideal in creating a barrier-free solution. The ADA stipulates that new and current buildings have a higher level of safety when they have grab bars and handrails installed.

Here are some of the best grab bars on the market that can help to make your home safer:

Moen 8724 Home 24-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar, Stainless

With this Moen 8724-bathroom grab bar, you or your loved one will enjoy greater peace of mind while using the bathroom. Moen’s grab var is a reliable handhold in while showering, bathing or simply using the toilet. It also has a secure mount design that facilitates easy, secure installation at any angle. 

This grab bar is made with durable stainless steel. It provides durable performance and mixes seamlessly with almost any interior decoration. This grab bar has slightly brushed warm great metallic look. It is not only ADA compliant but is also likely to last you a lifetime. This grab bar has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. 

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bathtub Safety Rail Shower Grab Bar Handle

This shower grab bar by Vaunn provides users with great support while they enter and exit the bathtub. It does this while ensuring the safety of the user and prevents possible injuries and falls. This is critical to note because most falls take place when elderly individuals are attempting to enter or exit their bathtub. 

This grab bar is developed with a padded rubber clam that has a strong locking mechanism. This enables the rail to securely clamp on to the side of the bathtub. It is heavy-duty and has a one-piece steel frame that guarantees a firm and shake-free grip. It has a durable construction that enables it to support individuals who weigh up to 300 pounds (lbs.).

This device has a width adjustable clamp that allows the bathtub rail to fit securely on any tub wall. It is easy to install and the installation can be done with no tools. This safety rail will not leave any unwanted marks or dents on your bathtub. Please bear in mind that this grab bar is not designed for use on fiberglass surfaces. 

This product weighs less than 6 pounds (lbs.). it can be easily transported and installed in a different bathroom if you desire. Its ambidextrous design is appropriate for both right and left-handed users. It has a smooth-white, powder-coated stainless-steel frame that is compatible with any bathroom design or style. 

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip 16" Bath & Shower Handle

This bath and shower safety handle bar is ideal for improving the safety of your loved one or patient. This 16.5” safe-er-grip balance assist bar for bathtubs and showers from MHI permits its users to enter a wet and slippery bathtub or shower in a highly safe manner. This product grants great balance while you are entering or exiting the shower or tub area. This product is very simple to install and it provides children and adults balanced confidence when they are using the tub.

Bear in mind that this device works with a suction cup. This suction cup must be applied to smooth, flat, porous-free surfaces. do not allow it to cover front lines and it will not work properly on textured surfaces. this device must be reattached before each use and it cannot handle full body weight. To install, you simply squeeze the tab levers to securely attach the bar. It Is also great for shower walls. It is easy to install and remove. This is done by simply flipping the tabs. 

Franklin Brass 5612 1-1/2-Inch x 12-Inch Concealed Mount Safety Bath and Shower Grab Bar, Stainless Steel

This device is heavy duty and can handle weight of up to 500 pounds. this device exceeds ADA standards while adding beautification to your bathroom. This device only needs 2 to 3 screws for a safe mount. The five-screw flange grants you installation versatility to facilitate your individual grab bar mounting preferences.

Its decorative flange cover fits safely over the grab bar flange. This conceals the screws, making it more aesthetically pleasing. This device is developed from stainless steel. This makes it a long-lasting, high quality product. Its metallic smooth and shiny stainless-steel finish coordinates with most standard bathroom finishes. This product will help to prevent you, your patient or your loved one from the accidents that you never expect.

Moen R8960FD 30-Inch Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar with Textured Grip, Stainless

Meon’s Flip-up Screw-in Bathroom grab bar features a textured grip for increased safety. This grab bar is ADA approved and can handle a weight of up to 300 pounds. it provides a reliable handhold that can be used while you are in the shower, in the bathtub or using the toilet. The bar flips up and out of your path, helping to keep your bathroom from clutter and hindrances. Its durable stainless-steel build makes it durable and sturdy.

Accidents don’t give warnings. This is why it makes sense to take preventative measures to ensure the safety of the one’s you love. A grab bar is a neat and safe addition to your home. When you buy a grab bar, you are enhancing the look of your bathroom while making it a much safer environment.

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