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The Best Mobility Vehicle Accessories

The Best Mobility Vehicle Accessories

For those with mobility issues having a scooter is a great solution. Going longer distances without getting tired while also keeping up with friends and loved ones, these powered devices are an excellent solution for many people.

While it is not a wheelchair in that the steering, seating, and wheels are different, it does serve a similar purpose. Getting from one place to the other with ease, these products are becoming increasingly popular.

The purpose of a scooter is to have more convenience getting from place to place. There are now many options available for handicap vehicle accessories. Personalizing and customizing your device can make it a more convenient solution that is customized just for you!

The Accessories


  • handicap scooter accessoriesBaskets – A great addition that will fit almost any model, a basket will add easy access to items that you’d like to care with you.
  • Saddle Bags – Attaching to the arm of your unit, these bags provide privacy and convenience. Keep your items closer with a saddle bag.


  • Cup Holders – Not only is this attachment convenient, but it also provides easier access to hydration. For those using a scooter, you won’t have to hold your drink while driving.
  • Oxygen Tank Holders – Another necessity if you’re on oxygen, there are different types of attachments to fit your oxygen tank.
  • Cane & Walker Holders – These attachments play a similar role to walker holders, but they are fitted just for your cane. Whether you have a horizontal handle or a curved handle, you can find one to fit your needs.
  • Phone Holders – Keep your phone at arm’s length with a cell phone holder. Allowing you to always keep up with your device, this attachment can fit most models.


  • safety handicap scooter accessoriesFlag attachments – If you want to cruise city streets or just a parking lot, a flag attachment will make it so that drivers can see you. Providing safety to your journeys, a bright red flag will make you more noticeable.
  • Seat Belts – Seat belts are used to keep you secure in your seat. Assuming you have issues with staying upright at all times or if you're traveling to a fair on gravel and over power cords, adding a seat belt will make sure that you are secure on your scooter.
  • Brake lights – Let others know behind you that you will be slowing or stopping. Accessories for brake lights are now available too.
  • Rearview Mirrors – Know what is happening behind you without having to shift in your seat. By attaching a rearview mirror, it is easier to see what is behind you.


  • Battery Packs – Keeping an extra battery pack means you won’t be stranded, and you can go further
  • USB Cord – Some scooters have USB ports. You can charge your phone while you explore!

The need for accessories is growing as they allow you more convenience, safety, and practicality. Be sure to get the right accessories for your scooter as some may attach differently.

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