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Mobility Scooter Batteries For Sale

A mobility scooter is a modern invention that has changed and improved the lives of thousands to millions of Americans across the nation – people who have been suffering from mobility problems either due to old age, an illness or accident. They have helped folks regain almost complete freedom, and contributed positively to their wellbeing, allowing them to do what they love doing without having to constantly rely on someone.

Even though mobility scooters are designed to last a very long time, one of the key things that determines this longevity, and particularly travel range, are mobility scooter batteries. 

If you think about it, the battery is probably the single most important factor that you must carefully consider before purchasing your electric scooter. Good quality mobility scooter batteries can help you travel many miles, fraught with excitement, adventure and sheer joy. And knowing that your power scooter battery was built to last and came from manufacturers that strive to maintain the highest quality standards – gives you additional peace of mind, and at the end of the day, improves the overall “pleasure factor” of your mobility product.

What Kind of Batteries do Power Scooters Require?

If you have ever been curious about this, and by all means you should be, the majority of power scooters come with sealed lead acid batteries that not only last nearly a lifetime, but are also the main powerhouse that make these fine machines capable of traveling well over 40 miles, and at speeds as high as 15-18 mph. 

When you’re in the marketplace looking for mobility scooter batteries, a common question that you may have asked yourself is: “How long will batteries for my mobility scooter last?”

Well, as much we would like, the answer to this question is not a very straightforward one, because we need to take a few variables into account – starting with electric scooter battery type.

Before deciding on which power scooter battery to buy, it’s important to understand the two basic types of sealed lead acid batteries for power scooters: AGM (absorbent glass matt) and GEL (gel-like electrolyte). Each offer their own unique strengths, depending on what kind of use you’re looking to get out of your power scooter. This may seem like a somewhat complicated decision, but it isn’t, really – because it all comes down to your daily needs. Let’s elaborate:

AGM are capable of producing less cycles compared to GEL batteries. Therefore, they are ideal for the occasional power scooter user and are often noticeably cheaper than their GEL counterparts. So in a manner of speaking, you’re getting really great value for money while also enjoying reasonably good performance. 

GEL batteries are capable of producing more cycles, which means that they will last a lot longer, making them ideal for everyday mobility scooter use.  These are actually considered to be the best type of power scooter battery you can buy, owing to their unmatched performance, which will perfectly complement your heavy-duty electric scooter that you might want to use all day long, and just about every day of the week. 

With that said, it’s important to know that all mobility scooter batteries are rated 12V and typically installed in pairs, so you’re getting a maximum of 24V of power. Keep in mind though that when it’s time to change your electric scooter battery, you need to change them in a pair and not just one of the batteries.

The battery capacity of a power scooter is designed according to its size, the maximum weight it can carry, as well as the kind of technology that goes into the motor. The unit for battery capacity measurement is Ah or Amp. Technical mumbo jumbo aside, this information doesn’t really serve much of a purpose to the average buyer, unless the battery’s size is mentioned in Watt-hour or Amp-hour, because then you will know how long your electric scooter battery will last before requiring a charge again. 

Everything You Need to Know about Mobility Scooter Batteries

The mobility scooter batteries that we offer here at Scooters ’N Chairs all come with a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 12 months or more. We house only the most reliable US brands known for their unparalleled performance and long shelf life. In fact, just about every product we offer in our electric scooter battery range is capable of lasting up to two years or more – although this may vary depending on your daily use. 

Just to give you an example, if your power scooter application is somewhat ‘light’ – such as using your scooter perhaps 2 to 3 times a week – your batteries for your mobility scooter may last up to three years or more – depending on the kind of model that you purchase. On the other hand, a ‘heavier’ application like taking your scooter out every day on long trips where you’re covering several miles at a stretch, your power scooter battery may last anywhere between a year to almost two years. 

If you charge and store your electric scooter battery properly, your battery can easily last you anywhere between 10 and 40+ miles – although, to some extent this depends on the type of battery you buy, the kind of mobility scooter you use as well as average speeds, along with any extra power use – lights, mobile device charging, sound system etc. 

Some of our mobility products can actually travel nearly 50 miles on a single battery charge, so it’s probably fair to say that your mobility scooter is only as good as the battery that powers it up.

Therefore, before picking up your mobility scooter battery, we would advise you to check the maximum travel range of your mobility scooter model as well as the batteries that came with it – and then buy a power scooter battery that is either just as powerful, or larger and more powerful, if you’re looking to get extra use out of your fine mobility machine. 

A ‘brief’ look at our range

If you’re the proud owner of an “Afiscooter”, then the twin-battery Afikim Battery Pack might serve you nicely – each battery is rated at 75 amp-hour, premium quality AGM type, and covered under a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The UPG Universal Battery 12100-S AGM mobility scooter battery works specifically with the Merits Roadster S740. It happens to be among our best-selling 12V, 10Ah batteries – this is also covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty and is appropriate for replacing your current battery with a more reliable and powerful one. 

Our MK Battery Pack (set of two) U1, 35 Ah, AGM Scooter Batteries come with two 12V, 35 amp-hour premium quality SLA batteries, offering compatibility with a long line-up of Merits scooters. 

We also offer complete battery box assemblies such as the Amigo 24V 12Ah SLA mobility scooter batteries for the Amigo Classic FD and Viva scooters. Battery boxes really come handy when you want to transport your scooter – in fact, some folks like to keep two complete sets – one for their scooter while the other one recharges. 

In addition, we offer the highest quality battery chargers such as those by UPG and Drive Medical, along with other power scooter battery accessories. As our batteries for mobility scooter range is rather expansive, there are far too many to list here. Please visit our mobility scooter batteries page and pick something you like. If you need any information at all about the power scooter battery you’d like to buy or any add-ons such as chargers and power cables, go ahead and contact our friendly team, who would be more than happy to recommend the right mobility scooter batteries along with any add-ons, according to your individual application and power scooter type. 

Before you pick up your power scooter battery

As you may already know, the power rating of your scooter battery is marked in “Ah” (amp hours) on the side of the battery model, so it may look something like this: 12V 35A/h. The amp-hour rate or watt-hour rate can vary a little between different manufacturers, even if the battery sizes are similar. Therefore, it’s very important to understand that you get the right physical-sized battery for your power scooter.  

On our mobility scooter batteries page, if you look at the specifications sheet for any battery, you should be able to instantly identify if it has the same power rating as your current battery. Furthermore, we have also listed all the scooter models that are able to utilize or benefit from the electric scooter battery in question. 

The next thing you want to decide before buying your power scooter battery is whether you need an SLA/AGM battery or a GEL battery. Both are non-spillable, sealed and maintenance-free. And as we mentioned earlier, it is only the longevity and performance that makes them distinct. Therefore, depending on your daily application, pick the most appropriate one.

In addition, there are other things you need to keep in mind – and one of them is the battery “break-in” period. Active mobility scooter users ‘deep cycle’ their batteries – something which may initially compromise capacity by a small margin, but in return you’re going to get a longer battery life. However, this applies to gel batteries only.

Gel battery performance can actually improve once you have cycled it – that is, discharge and recharge it – say, 20-25 times. This is what we call the break-in period, something which ‘activates’ the battery for better longevity and higher performance. So in a way, the range of your power scooter could increase as you continue to use it daily.

Another thing to consider carefully is when to charge, and the answer to this is “daily”. The charger that was supplied with your power scooter will fully charge the batteries overnight. There’s nothing to worry about because overcharging is something that is pretty much a non-issue, owing to today’s smart charger design – the built in voltage limiter or ‘cut-off switch’ will automatically disconnect the battery once it reaches full charge.

When not in use, you should charge your battery overnight at least once a week, because keeping your battery topped up is critical to keeping your mobility scooter running smoothly. 

It also goes without saying that you need to use the right charger – if you did not get one with your mobility scooter, then you’ll need to buy one. Picking the right power scooter charger means that you must match it up with the size of your power unit – because if you don’t, it may pose a health and safety risk. Even after viewing the specifications sheet and product overview of your desire charger, if you’re unable to find the right one, simply contact our team and they will guide you through it.

Other note-worthy mobility scooter battery care tips

In order to ensure that your mobility scooter battery performs optimally throughout its intended shelf life, you should always store it in a cool and dry place. Despite the fact that power scooter batteries are built in a very robust way, it’s important to store them properly as this will indefinitely make them last a lot longer. 

So for instance, if your batteries are exposed to a generally damp environment where there’s hardly any sunlight, damage to the internal cells might cause it to stop working unexpectedly, or conk out a lot earlier than its intended lifespan. 

Once the winter season hits, you will need to employ a slightly different strategy in terms of battery care.  Naturally, you might drive your scooter a little slower in the colder months which means less mileage. So again, if you’re not going to be using your scooter for, say, several days or up to a week or more, just remember to top up the battery at least once a week.

On a final note, when you go for your mobility scooters service visits, you should also get a battery test done. If you require any further assistance in choosing the right battery for your mobility scooter, please contact us.  


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