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Reclaim your freedom in enjoying the pool with a pool wheelchair. These mobility devices help you to get back into the water to get a chance to enjoy what you love. Having a mobility challenge should not mean a loss of one of your favorite pass times. This article will explain the difference between standard wheelchairs and pool wheelchairs. You will also get three great pool wheelchair recommendations from which to select from. Let’s get right into it.

What Makes Pool Wheelchairs Different from Regular Wheelchairs?

Wheelchairs developed to allow pool access are designed with specific materials that are non-corrosive. This makes them much easier to maintain when they are being constantly exposed to water, high humidity and direct sunlight. Some pool wheelchairs are designed with specially-coated stainless steel; however, most pool wheelchairs are made with PVC piping.

Pool wheelchairs are built to be strong, sturdy and durable. They are so developed that they may stand up to heavy and consistent use in public facilities. Pool wheelchairs typically came equipped with mesh seating for speedy drying between uses. They also tend to have anti-tip features that allow for safer transportation in water-saturated environments.  Heavy-duty pool wheelchairs are capable of handling bariatric users’ weight. Some pool wheelchairs offer safety restraints, footrests, swing-out armrests and brakes. This enhances the safety and comfort of pool wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are designed to make transfers easy and safe for users.

On the other hand, regular wheelchairs typically not allowed in public pool areas. This is because they normally feature black rubber tires that leave unwanted black marks all over the pool area. As a result of this, more and more beach hotels and public swimming facilities have begun to provide guests with appropriate wheelchairs. Pool wheelchairs assist individuals to navigate down pool ramps and beach entry points. At this point, they can use a pool lift to enter the water or they can remain in their pool wheelchair in the shallow section of the water. 

Pool access chairs grant users an easy and inexpensive means of accessing public facilities in compliance with ADA policies. These unique wheelchairs are the perfect solution to handicapped access not only for pools and beaches but for all areas where there is a high amount of water. Some pool wheelchairs can also be used for water therapy and water exercise. 

Hippocampe Pool Access Wheelchair

The Hippocampe Pool Access Wheelchair is perfect if you want to reclaim your independence in using pools. This unit is fully waterproof, and it can be used as a floating device so that you can easily gain access to the pool. 

The Hippocampe Pool Wheelchair is a  pool wheelchair that has been designed to make pool access much more convenient for people with limited mobility. Especially in the warmer months, it is a common desire to get to a pool and cool of. This pool wheelchair makes this a reality despite your limited mobility. This wheelchair has a low seat that gives stability for you to descend pool ramps and stairs. 

AquaTrek Pool Wheelchair

The AquaTrek Pool Wheelchair is perfect for chlorinated water or saltwater. It is designed sot that it can be absolutely submerged in water. This makes it very reliable for accessing water. This device is built with high-quality material that makes it possible for this pool wheelchair to have an average lifespan of over 10 years. 

The AquaTrek Pool Wheelchair is lightweight and is an ideal choice for use in and around pools, spas, and showers. The arms of this unit are able to sing out to facilitate easy patient transfer. It also has a retractable footrest that provides lower body support and prevents foot drag that can result in unfortunate accidents. The AquaTrek Pool Wheelchair is made from medical-grade PVC along with stainless steel fasteners. This unit is covered with innovative waterproof phifertex fabric. It also includes graphite hand rims on the back wheels for heightened maneuverability.

Aquatic Pool Wheelchair | ADA Compliant

This pool wheelchair is excellent for swimming pools, showers, spas, waterparks and any environment that will expose your wheelchair to consistent water. This wheelchair is ADA compliant and can assist in making any facility compliant to the latest ADA swimming pool guidelines. 

With the Aquatic Wheelchair, you will be able to cool off again in the pool of your choice. This unit is very flexible in that it can be used in an aquatic environment or as a manual street wheelchair. This mobility device is not like the other cheap wheelchairs that you have seen. It is made of high-quality material that is highly durable and long-lasting. It has a #316L stainless steel frame.

When you order the Aquatic Wheelchair, it’s seat size will be designed to perfectly fit the size of the user. This wheelchair has all stainless steel and rust-proof axle and fasteners. It is made from a material that prevents stretching, mildew, bacteria, cold crack and ultraviolet damage.

As a lover of all types of water bodies, your reduced mobility should not kill that joy in your life. When you purchase and use a pool wheelchair, you will be able to experience the kind of fun that you love. You will be able to play in the pool, beach or at the water park with family and friends. Invest in a pool wheelchair today and resume the water fun with your beautiful grandchildren. All of the above options are excellent; however, be sure to purchase a pool wheelchair that suits your size and intended use.

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