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The Best Senior Mobility Products On The Market Today

The Best Senior Mobility Products On The Market Today

Mobility is something we take for granted when we’re young. The ability to go anywhere and do anything is so natural to us that we don’t think about what we’re going to do if we lose that mobility.

Unfortunately, as we age, many of us come to understand that we are no longer physically capable of traveling like we once were. From issues with our bones to our muscles, and even just having the energy to go, many of us need assistance to walk or even just to move from place to place. Here are many options for getting mobility back. The options have advanced over the years so it may be difficult to decide which one is best for you or your loved one. Much more convenient than older models, mobility products are making breakthroughs for users.

Your options are still fairly traditional and, depending on your abilities, will vary. Choosing the perfect mobility products will rely on what you can do and what is most comfortable.

The Products


Canes are great for those who need only a little assistance walking and wish to maintain their independence. This type of mobility assistant means the user must have upper body strength and lower body strength to stay supported. Ideally, canes are great for short-term use.

There are two grip options depending on your needs. The “hook” grip is the most common. There are also “horizontal” grip options for people who have weakness in their hands.

When sizing a cane, it is important to understand what each person needs. The cane should come up to the crease of the inside of the user’s wrist while allowing the elbow to bend a little. When purchasing a cane, you can choose a variety of styles and sizes. Be sure to pick one that suits your needs.

Manual Mobility Aids

Depending on your situation, a cane may not work. For moving from area to area with more support; walkers and rollators are going to be a better option for you. Fitting the right walker or rollator is very similar to that of a cane in that it must be comfortable to use.

Manual mobility aids are designed with more light-weight materials and wheels; these devices provide a simpler range of motion and are best for those who need minimal support without being winded.

Walkers provide more stability than rollators but are often heavier and more difficult to manage. For those suffering from balance issues, these are the better option.

Power Scooters

For those who are unable to hold their own weight and move properly, mobility and power devices are the best option. Allowing you to travel without tiring, these scooters are now more compact and easier to use.

They’ll also allow you to keep up with others as they go much faster than wheelchairs. For seniors who are unable to sit upright for longer periods, power scooters may not be the best option.

If you are in the market to get some mobility and independence back, there are great options on the market. Finding the perfect one depends on your specific needs.

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