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The Best Shower Wheelchairs For 2020

Aug 06, 2020 0 comments

The moment you turn on the shower, the risk of suddenly slipping or falling is something that is always there due to the wet floor – and this is especially true if you’re a senior or someone who needs help getting in/out of the shower, due to mobility issues or physical handicaps. 

It’s probably fair to say that most of us have had this experience and had it not been for our quick reflexes and nimble joints – or plain blind luck in some cases – we would have surely met with highly undesirable consequences. 

However, as a senior or someone with physical limitations, you certainly don’t want to take this risk. It is also not particularly encouraging to know that bathroom falls are among the leading causes of serious injuries, and even death in some cases, among seniors. 

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), more than 200,000 bathroom injuries occur in the US every year. These injury rates increase steadily with age – with senior citizens suffering from fatal injuries that can result in debilitating, lifelong physical handicaps. These numbers suggest that shower and bathroom related fatalities are frequent and with the passage of time, most of us are bound to experience them at some point. 

These falls and accidents can be greatly minimized and even eliminated completely, although many people tend to ride out their luck and don’t take the necessary steps to do so. With that said, it is also understandable that not everyone may want to have or can afford the latest walk-in tub – something which can cost anywhere between $1,500 to $20,000, depending on brand, type, size, features and other considerations. 

Luckily, it’s moments like these when shower and bathroom chairs for seniors become essential and can, in fact, prove to be highly reliable ‘fail-safe’ devices that can ensure you or your loved one stays completely safe and secure, while using the bathroom. 

If you have a walk-in shower, we would strongly recommend investing in a good quality elderly shower chair, which will not only provide the necessary support and safety, but also keep you comfortable while you’re in the shower or moving around in your bathroom. 

Why it’s Critical to Invest in a Senior Bathroom Chair Today

The statistics above suggest that bathroom mishaps are an inevitability that many of us will face, with a higher likelihood as we age. This is one of the key reasons as to why shower and bathroom chairs for seniors are a critical investment. 

Whether you live by yourself, or have a family member or caregiver assisting you with personal hygiene and everyday tasks, the fact of the matter is that you need to feel completely safe, secure and comfortable when using the bathroom – particularly when taking a shower. This is why it’s so important to invest in the right senior bathroom chair. 

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we have a wide and varied selection of bathroom chairs from leading US brands, to accommodate a range of user needs. 

One of our entry-level shower chairs is the $199 Nova Deluxe Shower Chair which also doubles up as a commode. With its 4” swivel-lock casters, waterfall armrests, swing-away footrests, padded seat and removable bucket as well as lid – it is a comfortable elderly shower chair that offers a fair amount of maneuverability and secure positioning for those on a budget. 

The Graham-Field Shower Transport Chair is another entry-level elderly shower chair priced at $249 that comes with 5” swivel casters with rear wheel safety locks, a comfortable and removable nylon backrest for easy cleaning and cushioned armrests which further enhance comfort. It allows for complete access to the body for easy cleaning while bathing and rolls almost effortlessly over most toilets. The iodized, non-corrosive aluminum frame construction ensures that it never rusts and looks pristine after years of daily use.

At $524, we have the Aluminum Shower Commode Chair by the signature brand Healthline Medical, an elderly shower chair that has the ability to be positioned over any standard toilet or used as a self-contained, portable commode. 

The commode and bathroom transport chair-in-one comes with four 5” locking casters for top-notch safety. The seat cut-out provides optimum comfort, also allowing the chair to be easily positioned over any standard toilet – although a bucket is supplied as well to be used anywhere else, should you require. The aluminum frame features an eye-pleasing white color and is also rust-resistant. Footrests are standard along with footplates that feature an adjustable height and angle. 

With maintenance-free tires, a super-soft seat, seat belt, molded hand rims, a removable insert cushion for showering and toileting, quick-release axles and much more – the EZee Life Aluminum Attendant Shower & Commode Chair is one of the best under $600 investments you can make for your bathroom and shower safety. 

When you’re ready to invest in higher quality and more features, kick your budget up a few notches and give the just under $1,000 Wheelable Commode and Shower Chair by Clarke Healthcare a go. 

With its ability to collapse and fold for easy traveling without using any tools, it is the perfect take-with-you shower chair that can fit easily through narrow passageways so that you can wheel it over to a shower stall or toilet – indeed, the perfect companion to accompany you on a much needed vacation. 

The optional commode bucket lets you transform your shower chair into a standalone toilet. The extending arms enable easy and straightforward side transfer from chair to chair. What sets the Clarke Healthcare Wheelable Commode & Shower Chair apart is the plastic and stainless steel construction made using injection molding. 

It features a carry-on weight of just 28 lbs. while 3.25” casters with step-on brakes, 20” molded rims and an adjustable footrest all come standard. Each component has the ability to tuck, fold, or slide into a compact unit which you can easily fit into your carry-on bag.    

The ShowerBuddy Roll-in Shower Chair with Tilt priced at $1,865.75 is a midrange senior shower chair that boasts all the same fantastic features as the regular Roll-in-Buddy line – with the addition of one more: the revolutionary tilt option allows for adequate pressure release and provides for a more thorough bathing experience for patients, while also making the experience easier for caregivers. 

When patients don’t need to use the commode, the closable toilet aperture comes into play. The ShowerBuddy Roll-in Chair is ideal for walk-in showers and features a tool-free assembly. The frame is mold-resistant and will remain corrosion free after years and decades of use. This senior bathroom chair offers all the same great safety features and corrosion-resistant materials that the ShowerBuddy line of products are known for. 

With removable and adjustable footrests as well as armrests and a neck rest, lap and chest belts, and 5” locking castors – this bathroom chair is packed with features and offers unbelievable value, as it comes to under $2,000. 

Another fantastic shower chair for the elderly is the Boris Shower Commode Chair by Clarke Healthcare. The $3,999 price tag is well justified as the Boris bathroom mobility chair offers an unprecedented level of safety and comfort for both adults as well as children – who demand complex and more nuanced than usual support requirements while toileting and showering. 

The tilt-in-space is just one of the many innovative features that allows the seat to be adjusted at different angles, to allow for easier access while showering. The seat is anatomically shaped and offers uncompromising comfort and support, with the optional supports providing additional safety and comfort. The robust quality finish is a direct result of the stainless steel construction. The ergonomic polyethylene seat and optional cushions can be easily removed for cleaning. 

This senior shower chair also features 4” lockable castors with a height adjustable seat pan which is anatomically molded into the frame. 

Nuprodx is another household brand name that we offer in our lineup of elderly shower and bathroom chairs. The Multichair Deluxe 50” Transfer Shower/Commode Chair priced at $2,500 was specifically designed with independent wheelchair users in mind, who cannot access a bathtub due to a toilet or other obstacle. 

The system cleverly integrates a tub section, removable connector bridge and a toilet section, all held together by the rust and corrosion-resistance, aircraft-grade aluminum frame. We believe this senior chair is perfect for bathroom use where a toilet is getting in the way of your tub. With its water-proof nylon cloth back, this three piece system works great for able-bodied individuals who can walk but do not feel comfortable with the hip rotating movement that’s required on a transfer bench. The connector bridge can be conveniently removed to act as a shower curtain closure.   

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer a comprehensive range of shower and bathroom chairs for seniors – far too many to list on a single page, frankly speaking! We have senior shower chairs as well as other bathroom mobility aids priced anywhere between just under $100 and $4,000 – covering a broad range of user needs – including tilt’n’recline shower chairs, bathing and toilet transfer systems, portable shower benches, fold-up shower seats, and much more.

Check out our collection now, pick something you like, and let us know if you have any questions at all. 

Who can benefit the most from Senior Shower and Bathroom Chairs?

Senior shower chairs – also referred to as shower and bath benches, shower seats, shower stools and bath chairs – have proven to be extremely useful bathroom mobility aids for the elderly or those with physical handicaps. They provide the necessary support and assistance to anyone who cannot safely use the shower and bathroom on their own. With the elderly being the obvious users, shower seats are also ideal for folks who are:

  • Recovering from broken bones or joints
  • Getting back on track after a serious back injury
  • Using crutches or in casts
  • Living with long-term or lifelong disabilities

The only alternative to a highly cost-effective and high value shower chair is a complete home modification – this means that you might need to completely re-construct your entire bathroom in order to accommodate your needs or the needs of a loved one. As you might imagine, this can be a very time-consuming and costly affair, often running into the thousands, and to be completely frank, also something that is rather unnecessary. 

If you can pick the right shower chair from our expansive lineup which caters to nearly every user need, you can avoid all this – while still enjoying the utmost security, safety and comfort as you take a shower and use the bathroom each day. 

A Few Things to Consider before Choosing Your Bathroom Chair 

With so many different products to choose from in our range of shower and bathroom chairs for seniors, it’s important to weigh in a few factors that will definitely help you pick a product that faithfully meets your needs:


Many folks tend to pick a bathroom chair only to come to the realization that it’s either too small to sit on properly or too big to properly fit inside their tub. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the product specifications and overview we have listed for each item, to understand whether your shower chair is something that will easily fit inside your bathtub or shower area. 

Drainage Holes

A shower chair that does not have sufficient drainage holes will most likely let water flow freely, which might make showering uncomfortable and potentially unsafe for you. Ensure that your bathing seat has enough drainage holes to keep water pooling to a minimum, thus, reducing the risk of slipping as much as possible. 

Weight Capacity and Construction

While a sturdy frame that is rust and corrosion resistant is important, it’s also important to know that your shower seat can withstand a certain amount of weight, without feeling too heavy to carry around. 

These, along with other factors, will help you choose the right shower and bathroom chair. For any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and accommodating support staff. 

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