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Not all wheelchairs are made equal. If you or someone you care for has limited mobility and must get around with the help of a mobility device such as a wheelchair, you may want to consider securing them a reclining wheelchair. Reclining wheelchairs makes it possible for the user to get great relaxation and comfort by using their freedom-enabling wheelchair. 

You may be interested in purchasing a reclining wheelchair, but you are not sure what options are available. If that is you, then you are reading the right article. This article will take a close look at five (5) of the best reclining wheelchairs that are currently on the market.

Drive Medical Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair with Detachable Desk, Length Arms and Elevating Leg Rest, Silver Vein, 20 Inch

Drive Medical’s Silver Sport 20-inch reclining wheelchair features an innovative hydraulic reclining mechanism that permits users to experience infinite adjustments up to 18- degrees. The arms of this wheelchair are so developed that they can provide the support you while you are in the reclining position. It also has a headrest extension that has a cushioned head immobilizer. This provides a high level of stability and comfort.

Made from a carbon steel frame complemented by a silver vein finish and long-lasting nylon upholstery, this chair is stylish. This reclining wheelchair durable, easy to maintain and lightweight. This unit comes equipped with padded armrests, swing-away elevating leg rests, plastic footplates. 8-inch front caster wheels ensure a smooth ride over most regular surfaces.  It also has anti-tippers on its mag-style wheels. The wheels are set back on the frame in a way that prevents tipping and enhances safety.  

ProBasics Standard Reclining Wheelchair - Padded Detachable Desk Length Arms - 300 Pound Weight Capacity - Elevating Leg Rest, 18 x 16-inch Seat

The Standard Reclining Wheelchair by ProBasics is strong and durable. It has a slide tube steel frame design with a sleek silver vein finish. This reclining wheelchair features a setback axle position that prevents tipping when the user is in the fully reclined position. This unit is easy to clean. Cleanliness and hygiene are maintained because its vinyl upholstery is capable of resisting mildew and bacteria. 

This reclining wheelchair features padded removable desk-length armrests. It also has composite hand rims with mag-style wheels. It also has a chart pocket on the backrest. Your safety is increased by the easy push-to-lock wheel locks on this unit. 

The seat of this reclining wheelchair is available from in sizes of 16 inches to 22 inches. This width and variety make this wheelchair capable of handling almost any user. The leg rests of this reclining wheelchair can be elevated without tools. The leg rests are padded and has pneumatic piston and composite footplates. This reclining wheelchair can support individuals who weigh up to 300 pounds (lbs.).

McKesson Reclining Wheelchair & Detachable Desk Arms - 18" Seat Width, 300 Lbs. Capacity 

This McKesson reclining wheelchair also comes with detachable padded desk arms.  It features a seat that is 18 inches in width. It can also be ordered with a seat that is 20 inches wide. This reclining wheelchair can handle a weight capacity of 300 pounds. it also features swing away elevating footrests with metal footplates. It has a carbon steel frame with a silver vein finish. The depth of this wheelchair’s seat is 16 inches with a seat height of 20 ½ inches. The seat’s material is nylon and it is very breathable allowing for proper ventilation during use. This unit is latex-free so that individuals who are allergic to latex will not have an issue. It has a hydraulic reclining mechanism that allows for infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees. It has composite mag-style wheels. The urethane tires are mounted on composite wheels to provide users with a durable and smooth ride over the typical surfaces. 

Karman Healthcare VIP-515-TP-18 Foldable Tilt in Space Reclining Transport Wheelchair

This great reclining wheelchair by Karman Healthcare is also referred to as a tilt-in-space wheelchair. It uses intelligent 0-35 center-of-gravity weight shifting technology to safely shift pressure and reduce the risk of its user experiencing bedsores. It comes with a uniquely designed swing in and away footrests. It also has flip-back armrests that can be adjusted to the height that you need. As you adjust these to your preferences, you will experience optimum comfort. This chair also comes equipped with AEGIS permanently bonded anti-microbial barrier upholstery that will give added protection from unwanted odor, stains and deterioration from bacteria, fungus, and other micro-organisms. This reclining wheelchair is excellent for individuals who need both comfort and versatility.

Invacare Tracer SX5 Recliner Wheelchair

Invacare’s Tracer SX5 recliner wheelchair has a carbon steel frame. It also has a heavy-duty inner liner that keeps the seat and back of the wheelchair from stretching. It features urethane rear tires that are mounted on “no flex” wheels. This reclining wheelchair is designed to last you a long time. it is also capable of converting to a hemi-height wheelchair. 

The 14-gauge cross braces of this reclining wheelchair increase the unit’s durability and strength. It features dual-embossed upholstery that provides added reinforcement. This wheelchair can recline from 90 to 110 degrees. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds (lbs.).

Add more comfort to your loved one or patient’s life by adding this chair to their mobility devices. Having a wheelchair that has the capability of reclining can offer a host of benefits. There may be health emergencies that make reclining necessary. Outside of emergencies, the relaxation and comfort that a reclining wheelchair brings to its user make it a great investment.

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