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The Best Walkers To Buy For 2020

Aug 06, 2020 0 comments

A medical walker is also known as a walking frame. This tool is useful for disabled people, who require extra support to maintain their balance or stability while walking. This need mostly arises from an age-related physical restriction. 

The basic design of a medical walker consists of a frame that is lightweight and meets the user at bout the height of their waist. This is approximately 12 inches deep and is wider than the individual using the medical walker. There are different types of walkers for different purposes. There are walkers for children (pediatric) and walkers for individuals who are overweight.

To add to the support, they give to their users, modern medical walkers give users the opportunity to adjust the height to their preference. There are also some medical walkers that come with wheels attached to the front two legs. The appropriateness of this is dependent on the strength and abilities of the individual using it. You may also see some with caster wheels or what are called glides on the rear legs of a wheeled medical walker.

Things to consider when selecting the ideal medical walker:

  • Consider where you will be using the walker. If you will be using it at home, ensure that the width is appropriate. You don’t want to purchase a medical walker that cannot comfortably fit through your doorway.
  • Find a medical walker that is of an appropriate size. If you select a walker that is heavier than you can handle, it will be more of a problem than a mobility solution. 
  • Be sure to select a medical walker that is of a suitable height. The correct height of any individual is determined by observing where the handles line up with the wrists. The medical walker’s handles should line right up with the bend in the wrist of its user.
  • If you are purchasing a medical walker that has four wheels (rollator), they will typically come with a seat. Be sure to select a walker with a seat height that is compatible with the person who will be using the walker. 
  • Some medical walkers, particularly the wheeled ones, come with a brake. Based on the physical condition of the person who will use the mobility aid, certain brake types may not be appropriate. Select a medical walker that has a brake type that suits the person using it.
  • Check the weight capacity of the walker that you will purchase. Not all medical walkers are made equal. There are some walkers that can handle a lot of weight while some are less capable of dealing with higher weights. If you, your loved one or your patient is obese, you should consider purchasing a bariatric medical walker.
  • If the individual using the medical walker will be constantly travelling, you may need to consider how portable the equipment is. For easily transportable walkers, you should consider purchasing a walker that is easily foldable and can store away in the trunk of a car or SUV. 
  • Last, but not least, is the price of the walker that you will purchase. Be sure to purchase within your budget. The standard walker costs around $40 to $150. The insurance plan of the individual who will be using it can be helpful here. 

Here are some of the best medical walkers on the market:

Drive Medical Deluxe Two Button Folding Walker with 5-Inch Wheels

This medical walker by Drive Medical is fitted with wheels and a contoured handgrip that is vinyl. When you extend your arm down, the handle of this walker should be at the height of your wrist. When you place your hand on the handgrip, your elbow should be flexed 20-30 inches. 

Each side of Drive Medical’s walker operates on its own. This allows for easy movement as you navigate tight spaces and for increased stability while you stand. This unit features an easy push-button mechanism that is operated by your fingers, palms, or the side of your hand. It has a uniquely and innovatively designed rear glide cap that permits the walker to slide smoothly and conveniently over the majority of surfaces you will encounter. 

Maximum strength and support are ensured by the sturdy 1-inch diameter aluminum construction of this equipment. This also enables this medical walker to be lightweight and easy to handle for the physically challenged. This mobility aid is not designed to be used when climbing stairs or riding escalators. 

Front Wheeled Walker Folding Deluxe with 2 Button and 5" Wheels, Adjustable Height (Short, Standard, Tall People) by Healthline Trading

This medical walker by Healthline Trading is easy to use and maneuver. This is a walker with wheels on the two front legs. It features 2 push-button mechanism that makes it very easy to use. The handgrips of this mobility aid are rubberized and ribbed for the comfort and safety of the individual who will be using this to get around. 

This medical walker is sturdy and is high quality. Made for seniors, this two-wheeled walkers for seniors is made of a firm anodized, extruded aluminum that makes it easy to operate. This also ensures that the folding process is simple. 

It is clear that people are of different sizes and heights. This is why Healthline Trading’s medical walker is height adjustable. This will allow you to set up the medical walker in a way that is conducive to the height of the user. The maneuverability of this mobility aid is increased by the inclusion of two 5-inch front wheels and back glider caps.

Drive Medical Trigger Release Folding Walker, Brushed Steel

This medical walker by Drive Medical comes with 5” wheels. It also has a trigger release feature that allows the user to close up the medial walker without having to remove their hands from the handles. This makes this unit perfect for people with limited dexterity in their fingers. This well designed yet composite trigger release can be accessed with hands of various sizes. It is also crack-resistant and is designed to prevent breaking. This ensures the safety of this mobility device and makes it more long-lasting.

Taking into consideration the changing needs of the world for mobility, the makers of this medical walker has improved its handgrips. They are now softer, ribbed and contoured to relieve the pressure from the hands of the user. Its frame is made from aluminum which makes it light and strong. This unit is capable of handling most surfaces.

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