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The Top 2 Power Vehicles for Users Who Require a 500 Pound Weight Capacity Unit

The Top 2 Power Vehicles for Users Who Require a 500 Pound Weight Capacity Unit 

There are power units designed for overweight people. Choosing the right model will depend on the wheelchair’s planned purpose. Perhaps you need an outdoor unit or a model that will be used solely indoors. When looking for a power device for overweight individuals, you should first consider the person’s weight. Each unit has a specific weight capacity. If a person weighs 400 to 600 pounds, you need to find a heavy-duty or bariatric model to provide the sustainability and extra support he or she needs. 

This kind of product is usually compatible with both the outdoors and the indoors. If you are planning to use the wheelchair indoors most of the time, you have to look for a model that has a low turning radius. A low turning radius makes a power model easier to maneuver through tight or small spaces like through door spaces or hallways. Another essential factor to consider is the suspension. Those with suspension have the extra push required to support the size and weight of the rider and still provide the same power light users would feel. 

Seat width should be considered as well. Larger body sizees may feel uncomfortable or not fit correctly in a 16 or 18” seat. There are larger sized options for obese people, such as 24", 22" or 20". These sizes are usually recommended for overweight individuals. Various models say they can handle certain sustainability and weight capacities. Not all are the same, so you need to be careful when choosing one. Here are the top 2 products for users who require a 500 pound weight capacity unit.

  1. Merits: Atlantis


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The Merits: Atlantis has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and an extra-high, extra-wide back captain’s seat. It is equipped with heavy-duty motors that can successfully tackle tough inclines up to ten degrees. The unit boasts a 4-post seat construction that offers durable support to the frame. It has a driving range of 32 miles on a single charge, a 31.5" turning radius and a top speed of 5 miles per hour. This model is available in blue or red. It weighs 304 pounds, with the heaviest piece weighing 218 pounds.

The Atlantis has a heavy-duty design and construction. It has a high-powered motor and 12" drive wheels, so it will easily get you where you want to go. The unit's 4-post seat base gives more stability to its frame. The captain’s seat supports the user’s weight and keeps them comfortable throughout the ride. It keeps tall riders supported and gives them peace of mind.  

The armrests are also padded. It has a 3" ground clearance and 9" casters, allowing you to maneuver over small obstacles with ease. The high-powered motors provide enough power to help you climb an uphill sidewalk or driveway. It will let you go where you have to be without any problem. You don’t need to wait for someone to push you. With the Atlantis, you can gain more independence and freedom. 

2. Pride Mobility: Jazzy 1450 

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The Pride Mobility: Jazzy 1450 is a stylish model with a 600-pound weight capacity, custom seat offerings, and bright color options. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the unit offers a smooth ride. Its all-wheel-drive design lets you travel smoothly across different kinds of terrain safely and gently. The model is equipped with an indoor/outdoor motor that offers a driving range of 12 miles on a single charge. It can travel at speeds of 4.5 miles per hour. 

The front-wheel-drive makes this model an excellent option for traversing obstacles. This makes the Pride Mobility: Jazzy 1450 an ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor uses. It has a 26.5" turning radius, a 6⁰ maximum incline rating, flip-back armrests that are height adjustable. The seat is available in different sizes. The unit comes with two 12V batteries and 9" rear caster.

If you are looking for a power unit for a person with morbid obesity or an overweight individual, you may want to consider the options mentioned above. These models provide reliability and excellent performance for obese  users. Choose a power vehicle that will keep the user comfortable throughout the ride. 

Many people need a device that has a generous weight capacity, which can support themselves and handle the weight of other accessories such as weatherproof covers, amputee support, oxygen tank holders and cup holders. The cost of adding accessories varies by the model, so you may want to consider this factor. 

One of the best things about buying power models is that you can customize its color. If you want to create a strong first impression, you have to make sure that your unit reflects your preferences. The products mentioned above are available in a wide range of colors. Regardless of the color you choose, make sure that you or the person using it feels comfortable in the model.

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