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The Best 2 Power Vehicles To Take On Vacation

The Best 2 Power Vehicles To Take On Vacation

In this world, more than 10% - that is more than 650 million people - have disabilities. Many of those need wheelchairs to aid their lives. Even though they have them, they can’t achieve all their dreams, because many only have manual ones.

By using these manual models, they can move only a short distance. If they want to move very long distances, they need help. Manual chairs are too taxing to operate. Even though they are cheap and efficient, they have many disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the manual wheelchair is that you have to use your upper body to move the wheelchair. Doing this again and again can cause severe injury. With manual products, they can’t even spend time with their families during vacations because they cannot use their chairs for a long time before they get tired.  

So nowadays, many people prefer power versions. If you have been using a manual one from a young age, you may get some injuries and difficulties. The main reason to switch to power is independence. We don’t need someone’s help to move; we can move these vehicles easily by just using the joysticks. Power wheelchairs are nothing but wheelchairs with a motor.

They vary based on modifications including size, style, weight capacity, portability, and additional special features. While they are heavier than traditional ones, it is more helpful for people who have weak arms. It allows you to move without effort and it is more reliable than the manual one. If you find yourself exhausted using a manual vehicle, you should consider going for a power one. There are many varieties of power wheelchairs, so let’s look at the top power wheelchairs. 

Top Power Vehicles

They are classified based on their size, shape, portability, capacity, etc. Each of the wheelchairs below will be used for people with specific disabilities.      

1) Drive Medical Cirrus Plus EC        


The Cirrus offers many conveniences and safety features found in higher budget chairs. It is lightweight, portable, highly adjustable, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. This chair rides well on the gravel and other rough outdoorsy surfaces. The locking brakes can be used with or without power. Users can transport themselves pretty much anywhere in this chair and are not limited to smooth, paved sidewalks. This chair has many features and benefits like we can adjust the seat height, it has the weight capacity of 300 pounds, a cushioned seat, folds easily, and they have many more features. 



2) Golden Technologies Literider Envy 


This chair is one of the most stylish, functional and convenient among the five chairs. You will love this portable unit that will always be ready to go without a lot of work or heavy lifting. This chair can be separated into four lightweight parts which can easily fit into a car or a small truck. Its battery life is 15 miles carrying a single person. This chair is available in six different colors and it has lots of features and benefits.

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