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The Top 3 Drive Medical Three-Wheel Mobility Units

The Top 3 Drive Medical Three-Wheel Mobility Units

If physical challenges are making it difficult for you to get around and do the things you love, getting a mobility vehicle might be an ideal solution. With a three-wheel unit, you can do all kinds of activities without constantly needing the support of a helper. Let’s see which Drive Medical three-wheel product is best for your needs.

    1.   The Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy-Duty

If you are looking for a medical scooter that is both sturdy and portable, then the heavy-duty Phoenix may be the best option for you. It can support large riders that weigh up to 350 pounds, while the seat can be adjusted up to 20 inches so that users with bigger bodies can seat comfortably.

The great thing about this drive scooter is that it can be easily reassembled into four pieces, which allows you to travel with it anytime you want. This way, no matter which place or country you go to, you can easily pack up your scooter and stack it inside your car’s trunk without any problems at all

     2.  The Drive Medical Ventura


This is a versatile unit that has a good-looking design and is rich in features that users will love. It has a 10 inch tire that is ideal for outdoor traveling. Its turning radius is only just about 53 inches, but it has good maneuverability even in small spaces. It also comes with an interchangeable panel, so that you can change the color of it anytime you want.

The Ventura DLX offers you with various features such as a sliding captain’s seat which can be moved back and forwards. You can also upgrade the seat’s width with an additional charge and, to make it easier for you to get on and off the unit, the seat can be swiveled from side to side. The armrests can also be flipped up or removed for easy access.

     3.  The Drive Medical Spitfire Travel

If you are looking for a product that is lightweight and easy to disassemble, but is still roomy enough to be used by tall riders with long legs, then this may the product you've been looking for. Even the tallest rider can use this as it has a length of 42 inches with an extended wheelbase, which could provide the comfort you need when driving the vehicle.

Its other comfort features include a padded swivel chair, adjustable padded armrests, and an angle-adjustable delta tiller. But its main feature that can attract a lot of attention from the customers is its tool-free disassembly, thanks to its quick-disconnect system. This way, it allows you to easily disassemble the parts for storage or transportation.

FAQs about Mobility Scooters

Should I Buy One?

If you often walk around with weak knees or have mobility issues, then you should definitely purchase one. Not only can it help you move around easily, but it can also help you carry your shopping bags without getting tired. In fact, you won’t even need to use a car, especially if the grocery store or park is just near you.

Can I Transport it Easily?

Yes, in fact, they can even be folded into a few pieces so that you can easily carry it as a handbag. Most lightweight models weigh as little as 50 pounds, making it very easy to take with you everywhere you go. So, when combined with it’s assemble and disassemble feature along with being light, you can easily store it in your car’s trunk or take it with you on a plane.

Are they Expensive?

When compared to electric versions, they a bit cheaper, sometimes starting in a price range of $500 to $3000, which is more affordable. In addition, they are more portable making it worth the purchase. So, if you ever purchase a Drive Medical product for yourself or someone you know, you should consider buying a scooter rather than an e-wheelchair.

What Benefits do they Offer?

Aside from mobility, they can provide you with more freedom as you can move independently without constantly needing the support of a helper or family member. And if you have chosen the right product that is suitable for your needs, it can provide you with the speed you need to go from one place to another.

What Kind of Unit Should I Purchase?

This would depend on your everyday need. If you live in a place where it’s a bit far from the city, we suggest that you get one that has a longer driving range and a higher speed level. But if you already live in a city where the grocery store and shops are at a walking distance from where you live, then using a low-speed level product should be enough.

Can I Use it in the Rain?

Yes, you can, as they can handle rain well. However, you’ll have to consider driving with caution and at a slow speed to prevent slipping on the road. But if the rain is pouring down heavily, it would be better if you get under the cover and wait for the rain to stop. This way, you can prevent any raindrops from hitting any electrical wires.

But if it’s only just a light to moderate rain shower, you can slowly drive your vehicle without causing damage to the wirings. If you want to make sure the wires are protected, you can also purchase a protective cover that is specifically made for mobility scooters only. Therefore, not only can you protect it from getting damaged, but you can also keep yourself dry when driving in rainy weather.


Mobility scooters are practically intended for people who are having trouble walking or standing for a long time, but adults with no issues at all can also use one if they wanted to. Anyone is able to use one, with or without mobility issues. So, if you ever thought of getting a vehicle, think about all your possible needs before purchasing a Drive Medical three-wheel product.

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