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The Top 3 Lightest Travel Power Vehicles

The Top 3 Lightest Travel Power Vehicles

For people with disabilities, freedom, or lack thereof, can be life-changing. For disabilities that prevent the application of manual chairs, power or electric wheelchairs can provide a solution to get you back out and about. 

At this point, many lightweight, portable and power options can fit in the trunk of your car, be lifted by one hand or one person, fly on airplanes and be driven for miles on a charge. Below are the top 3 lightest travel models available on the market today. 

1. Pride Jazzy Passport


    This travel scooter has lots of amazing specs. However, it also comes in as one of the lightest and most reasonably priced models available. Aside from affordability, the manufacturer also puts an additional effort to make sure that this unit is as comfortable as possible considering its portable and foldable nature. This foldable electric unit has received superb ratings and reviews for its award-winning design.

    Weighing only 27.2, or 60 pounds with the battery, this product is considered one of the lightest available. You can lighten this chair a little bit by getting rid of the battery. However, weight isn’t an issue for some. If you aren’t able to lift 60 pounds safely, perhaps you can’t lift 50 pounds securely and safely. 

    If you’re 188 cm or 6’2 or shorter, you’ll fit easily in this model, but more than 6’2 and you may notice it getting a bit cramped. At 250 pounds capacity, the Jazzy Passport is not intended for large drivers or heavy loads. 

    One thing a lot of drivers love about this product is the steps they took to enhance their comfort. A lot of lightweight styles assume that you’ll just use it for short periods. Therefore they don’t emphasize comfort. The state-of-the-art Jazzy Passport comes with a nice captain’s seat. The company makes use of breathable material, so you don’t get that sweaty, sticky feeling from sitting for long hours. 

    Other amazing features integrated take account of the cupholder and the rotating joystick. Both are relatively exceptional amongst lightweight models and make using them for long periods easier. The integrated joystick can be left straight. However, it can also rotate it out of the way. This caters to personal choice. However, it can also help in addressing flexibility problems and joint deformities which make it hard to hold your hands in specific positions. 

    The integrated cup holder is a good addition as it functions like other cup holders. Also, you can swap the joystick and the cup holder to either arm; it all depends on your choice or preference. It is easy to use for people with limited mobility. This is easy to install and maintain. This unit locks both open and closed. Therefore it doesn’t pop open if you’re moving it or if you are trying to eat if you’re sitting in it. 

    At 9.6 miles, this product is on the lower end of the lightweight chair for mobility available. Most others that are foldable have a maximum distance of about 15 miles, or they provide the choice to upgrade the battery.


    2. Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

    Are you looking for a lightweight and easy to adjust unit? Look no further than the LiteRider Envy from Golden Technologies. The state-of-the-art LiteRider is a compact travel design that breaks into four lightweight, easy to handle pieces, with the heaviest component only weighing 37 pounds. Even if it doesn’t have the sleek fold and roll feature, it does provide more adjustability compared to a folding model. 

    The Golden Technologies LiteRider unit utilized a slightly dated system and design. On the other hand, it comes with advantages like easy to adjust armrests and a universal accessory hitch that you don’t find on a foldable design. The maker of this wheelchair is well-respected and renowned as the leading provider of mobility products. This assures you that this product is extremely reliable. 

    The Golden LiteRider Envy provides a very comfortable ride with many size adjustments. It is also integrated with a universal rear hitch to store stuff like an oxygen tank and a basket. You can easily breakdown this unit into four pieces for easy and fast transport. The captain’s seat can be set at two different heights while the integrated armrest widths are easy to adjust as well, according to your preference. This product is airplane ready. It comes with lead-acid batteries that are safe to take on airplanes and boats. It also comes with a universal rear hitch for a basket and other vital accessories. 


    3. Merits EZ Go Travel Unit

    Merits Health is happy to announce its lightest model is the EZ-GO. This chair is a perfect secondary portable unit when you want to be on the go, and while you are out and about. You can disassemble it easily into three pieces for fast and convenient transport into your van, car or storage area. It doesn’t matter if you are on a weekend tour or a cruise vacation, this light and portable EZ-GO unit will keep the rider independent. 

    It comes with a 9-mile drive range with a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. This is ideal for short tours around the area, resort or store. It comes with a tight, 30 inch radius which allows the rider to maneuver around tight and small places easily. It comes with adjustable height and width armrests that guarantee you stay comfortable while you are on the go. 


    A lot of riders love this power due to its simplicity, easy ability to disassemble, and its transportability. All these make this chair a great secondary unit when traveling around and needing a smaller frame. When disassembled, the heaviest piece only weighs 35lbs, which makes it easy to lift in and out of a storage or car.  Even if it features lightweight construction, the tough and hard-wearing steel frame makes sure that you keep supported, anywhere you go.  

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