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The Top 3 Mobility Units For Your Grandfather On Veterans Day

The Top 3 Mobility Units For Your Grandfather On Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a certified public holiday in the US observed yearly on the 11th of November. This is to honor military veterans, individuals who have served the country’s armed forces. If you have a loved one who is a military veteran, what is the best way to commemorate this holiday? This is through showing him or her love by giving a mobility vehicle to make daily living easier and stress-free. Below are the top 3 recommended products you must consider. 

Best Options for Veterans Day

1) Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller 4 

Pride Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter | 4 Wheel Portable

Pride Mobility is considered one of the premier manufacturers of superior models. They provide a wide array of products to suit diverse people who have difficulty getting around. 

Go-Go Elite Traveller is one of the best models offered by Pride Mobility for Veterans Day. This power scooter can be broken down into five parts. These take into account the front-mounted tiller basket, seat, motor and transaxle assembly with rear wheels, battery pack with handle and the front section that has the delta tiller. When broken into five pieces, this can be stored in a medium car. Putting it together is so easy as well, due to the latching mechanism that needs minimal effort to lock the whole thing back together. 

Padded with molded foam, this unit is integrated with a captain’s seat covered by vinyl materials for utmost comfort. The seat is integrated with an adjustable armrest to suit your height. It also swivels so getting on and off is fast and easy. It also comes with a release lever that goes in the seat stem and the mounting bracket that locks the captain’s seat in the right place when driving. The tiller turns at the bottom, which allows the rider to tilt it further away from the seat. It all depends on the reach of the rider’s arm. This can be done by turning the oversized wheel at the base of the steering column to lock the delta tiller.

State-of-the-art Go-Go Elite Traveller is ideal in conditions wherein stability is essential. This is a class II product that has a top speed of four miles per hour. Therefore, it’s ideal to use in many types of terrains. The 4 wheels with anti-tip times make it the best unit for disabled people for getting around the park. It can be packed into a compact size when broken down and reassemble fast. This makes it easier for you to bring this vehicle anywhere you want to go. 

In general, the state-of-the-art Go-Go Elite Traveller from Pride Mobility is well made, user-friendly and doesn’t skimp on security and safety. It comes with a limited warranty on the body frame and two years on parts and electronics and the drive train. This is one of the many reasons why this unit stands apart from the rest. 

2) Drive Medical Spitfire

Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter on ...

Another one of the best products for Veterans Day is the Scout Spitfire by Drive Medical. This is ideal for everyday use and daily travel as well. It is a 4-wheeled design that provides smooth and comfortable rides on a rugged, rough and rocky terrain. Do you need to go shopping for groceries? Worry no more, because as super lightweight as it is, the Scout Spitfire can accommodate riders weighing 300 pounds or more. 

What is more, you’ll find that this product provides extreme comfort. It is integrated with a cushioned and easy to adjust seat, backrest and an armrest. Driving is effortless due to the integrated delta-shaped steering handling and spacious floor to seat with a height of 17-19 inches. 

There are many good reasons why you need to consider this unit for Veterans Day such as compact. You can disassemble this unit into five pieces. This is super lightweight yet able to accommodate riders weighing 300 pounds; this comes with interchangeable blue and red color panels. This is perfect for everyday use and daily travel as well. It comes with a double protective layer to avoid dents and scuffs. 


3) Drive Medical King Cobra 

Drive Medical King Cobra Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter | King cobra ...

Looking for a durable and reliable model to give to your loved ones this coming Veterans Day? Look no further than King Cobra from Drive Medical. This is easy to use and packed with amazing essential features. It has the utmost speed of 11mph. This also offers sleek and modern styling. Charge the mobile device on the go with the onboard USB port. Some other features are extra-bright LED Lighting, top of the line control panel and the dual rearview mirrors. 

Aside from remarkable style and design, this state-of-the-art product also provides astounding comfort. The armrest is integrated for fast transitions. It can be flipped back so you can get in and out of the seat fast.  The seat turns from one side to another. The backrest can be reclined and folded forward. To make sure of the ideal driving position, you can adjust the tiller in just one press of the key for easy positioning. 

You’ll get a smooth ride from the rear and front suspension. The battery 2-pack enables you to travel 35 miles before the next charge. 

It comes with air-filled tires, the overall length is 67 inches, and the width is 28.8 inches and weighs 363lbs. It has 83 inches turning radius and has a weight capacity of 450lbs. This unit is made with comfort in mind. What is more, to the best features, is the state-of-the-art technology which comes standard on this product. It also comes with a sleek modern style and blade style alloy rims which are certain to turn heads. Despite its amazing features, you can have this unit at a reasonable price. 


Consider these products for Veterans Day because they provide the best comfort to your disabled loved ones without spending a lot. 

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