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The Top 3 Mobility Units That Drive Like A 125CC Motorcycle

The Top 3 Mobility Units That Drive Like A 125CC Motorcycle

Imagine having a mobility vehicle and arriving at your destination on a stylish ride. Mobility units are available in different styles. Some are designed even to look like motorcycles.  Here are the top 3 products that you can choose from. 

E-Wheels: 36

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The E-Wheels: 36 has a maximum speed of 18 mph. It can travel for approximately 45 miles a single charge. It is equipped with a 500W electric brushless motor that allows you to ride quietly. The 48V battery is already installed. The E-Wheels: 36 has an anti-theft alarm. Its frame also features dual shock absorbers. It has a 45⁰ turning radius, allowing you to maneuver around public places with ease. The motor can handle an incline of 20⁰. 

The unit is also equipped with a special switch that can be switched between indoor and outdoor mode to give you the best experience on both road and floor surfaces. The indoor mode prevents children from abusing the mobility scooter or from accidentally speeding inside your home. The tires have a circumference of 16 inches. The 2 back tires are equipped with rear shock absorbers, allowing the unit to take on different terrains with ease. 

You can drive forward without any worries even if you’re on an uneven road or pavement. The model is ideal for neighborhood, city life and for crossing dirt-road type or less developed roads. The rear and front braking systems of the unit ensure your comfort and stability when driving. These features also give you complete control over the scooter. You can brake whenever you want. The E-Wheels: 36 is designed to be stable and reliable at all times. Electromagnetic brakes ensure that you can use it whenever you need it. 

The rear wheels have anti-tippers that can help prevent small accidents which can be avoided. The E-Wheels: 36 has a maximum speed of 18 mph. Since the scooter features variable speed control, you can travel at maximum speeds around 18 mph or enjoy laidback cruising speeds of 1 mile per hour. You only need to twist the throttle to control the speed. It features a large padded seat, anti-theft alarm, large storage basket installed behind the seat and comfy armrests. It is also equipped with a phone holder, key start remote and USB port. 

The rear basket can accommodate up to 20 pounds of baggage, making the E-Wheels: 36 a great travel companion when you are running errands or shopping. It can carry your shopping bags, belongings, and other personal items. If you need more storage space, lift the seat, and you will find extra storage room where you can keep your stuff.  

The model is available in different colors including lime green, red, blue, yellow, orange, gray, pink and white. The E-Wheels: 36 has a bright headlight that you can use when it’s dark. The unit is already assembled, so you don’t need to look for drills, instructions or screws. You can ride it from the get-go. It can accommodate up to 350 pounds. The scooter is a nice ideal product for teenagers, adults, seniors, and children. 

The E-Wheels: 36 is versatile. It can be used outside and indoors. Since it is perfect for all age groups, everyone can enjoy a comfortable ride on the scooter. You can use it for casual rides around the neighborhood or running errands. 

Drive Medical: Maverick Heavy Duty Model

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The Drive Medical: Maverick Heavy Duty model features 19.5" low-profile tires, 10⁰ climbing angle and 62” turning radius, making it ideal for traversing around town and outdoors. It can accommodate up to 400 pounds of weight. The mobility unit has a maximum speed of 9.5 mph. Its 5" ground clearance allows you to drive on different types of terrain without any problem. The Maverick Heavy Duty unit is equipped with a captain’s seat that swivels and has a height-adjustable headrest and reclining backrest. 

It has padded armrests that can be adjusted with ease to meet your needs. The mobility scooter’s digital LED display offers real-time feedback. The motorcycle-inspired rear and front suspensions allow you to enjoy a smooth ride. It has a 35-mile drive range, high-powered LED headlight, turn signals, and hazard lights to guarantee your safety while traveling. It features a rear-view mirror, stylish controls and ergonomic handlebars that add to its overall quality feel. 

Afikim: Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Model

Afikim Afiscooter S3 3 Wheel Scooter – BuyMobilityChairs

The Afikim: Afiscooter S 3-Wheel unit is ideal for all-day use in your community, parks and around towns. It features a LED lighting package that dims at a standstill to save energy. It has a rear locking box and front basket where you can store your items. It also comes with an adjustable comfort seat. The electronic control panel is fully lit, and displays miles traveled and speed. 

The Afiscooter S 3-Wheel model is also equipped with a panic sensor. If the accelerator is over squeezed, it will stop. You have to turn the unit back on to restart it. The Afiscooter’s drive range is 30 miles, making it perfect for all-day use. Its maximum speed is 9.3 mph. If you want a fast model, you should consider this option. 

It’s also available in blue or metallic silver. It can’t fit on any vehicle lift due to its large size. It can serve as a personal mobility vehicle. The Afiscooter is an excellent option for those who live in a retirement community or smaller town. The single-seat has a maximum speed of 9.3 mph, while the double seat has a maximum speed of 7.4 mph. 

Mobility vehicles offer a lot of conveniences. If you need to buy something from a grocery store, you can ride the unit to buy what you want. There is a mobility device for every age group. What’s your purpose for buying a mobility scooter and how much are you willing to spend for it? Whether you need a travel buddy to help you get around easily or vehicles that can help transport you from home to work, you will find a mobility scooter that fits your requirements and budget. 

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