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The Top 3 Power Vehicles for Dad on Father's Day

The Top 3 Power Vehicles for Dad on Father's Day

A power wheelchair is ideal for those who want to reduce the strain on their arms and shoulders so they can complete transfers safely. It’s also perfect for people who can’t propel a manual wheelchair. Those who have upper-body mobility issues will be able to reduce exertion and relax their arms by controlling their wheelchair with a joystick. They are also an excellent option for individuals who often go to crowded restaurants or traverse narrow hallways. It provides enhanced comfort and ease of use. 

Boarding a train or other types of public transportation in a power model is convenient too. It offers reliable and safe transportation in moving vehicles. Many  can be tilted, reclined, and adjusted for height, keeping the rider comfortable for long stretches. If you are looking for a model for your dad, consider the following options:  

Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus

The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is designed for outdoor and indoor use. The folding electric unit is easy to store and transport as it’s not as large and bulky as other motorized versions. It can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight, and its top speed is 5 mph. The speed can be affected by the rider’s weight. It rides high, allowing it to clear obstacles with ease. 

The Cirrus Plus is capable of traveling up to fifteen miles on a single battery charge. It is equipped with 12.5" flat-free drive wheels and 8" front caster wheels that help maintain the stability. The wheels also keep the chair from tipping when you are riding on uneven or rough ground or when you are getting on and off. It can climb hills at an incline of 6 degrees. The Cirrus Plus has a maximum ground clearance of 4" and a wide turning radius of 33".

It can be folded in half and weighs only 146 pounds. It also features swinging footrests, a padded backrest, 2" foam seat cushion, calf strap, and pouch. The armrests can be adjusted to meet your height requirements. The seat has plenty of padding to keep you comfortable throughout the ride. It also comes with a programmable joystick that you can mount on either side to accommodate your needs. The unit is equipped with electromagnetic braking. The carbon steel frame has a silver vein finish, which makes it attractive. 

A lifetime manufacturer warranty covers the frame. The drive train and electronic components are backed by a 14-month warranty, while the batteries are covered for 6 months. If you have questions about the product, you can contact the company’s support representative through email or phone. You can also check out the product manuals available on the manufacturer’s official website. 

Golden Technologies: Compass Sport 

The Golden Technologies Compass Sport features a sleek design built for optimum maneuverability and obstacle climbing. Since there are 6 wheels on the ground, you can make sure that your ride will be stable, safe, and smooth at all times. It has a 2-tone captain’s seat that can be adjusted to meet your height requirements. The seat is available in 2 different color combinations. You can get the frame in either blue or red. It can be customized as well. 

It’s available in 20", 16" and 18” standard seat widths. You can also choose a 22" wide seat. The standard seats are high-back and come with a headrest. The sleek design of the chair gives it a turning radius of 19.5". It can travel up to 15 miles per hour on a single charge. Active users will love the mobility convenience offered by the product. The Compass Sport is equipped with a Dynamic Linx controller, a load compensating technology that improves the chair’s terrain climbing ability and provides users with a better experience.  

It is designed to be reliable and efficient. The model has table-length flip-up armrests. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor terrains. It can also fold flat, so you can store or bring it with you anywhere without any problem. It has 25" of ground clearance, center-wheel drive system, 50" turning radius, electronic speed control, and electromechanical brakes. Both height and angle can be adjusted on the footrests. It has a maximum incline of 6⁰. 

The package includes batteries and charger. The footrests can be adjusted from 3 to 7" off the ground at a 0 to 35⁰ angle. The Compass Sport comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Merits: Folding Power Vehicle

The Merits Folding vehicle has a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour. When fully charged, it can travel up to 18 miles. It is equipped with durable foam-filled tires. It is available in 2 different seat widths. The Merits: Folding model features an adjustable back height. It can be adjusted from 15" to 19", so you will find the right fit. The foldable electric vehicle is lightweight for easy storage, transportation, and handling. This means that you can take it with you wherever you want. 

Its battery bracket is also foldable. You only need to remove the batteries, and the wheelchair will fold up to be only 13" wide. It also comes with detachable footrests so that it can fit into small spaces. It is available in 18" or 16" seat widths. The wheelchair can accommodate up to 300 pounds. The frame comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The Merits: Folding model is equipped with a programmable controller, so the settings can be adjusted to meet the demands and needs of different users. 

It can be used outdoors, indoors and in tight spaces due to its excellent maneuverability and compact size. The 23" turning radius makes it easy to use in confined spaces. The charging location is easily accessible because it’s under the controller. The Merits: Folding vehicle also features flip-up armrests that you can adjust according to your height. It comes with swing-away footrests as well. The auxiliary brakes provide extra safety. The product is excellent for transporting and traveling because it is portable. 

Consider your dad’s preferences and needs when choosing your model this Father’s Day!

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