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The Top 3 Power Vehicles for Trains, Planes, & Buses

The Top 3 Power Vehicles for Trains, Planes, & Buses

Power devices help maximize independence for people who have limited mobility. Users who need a positioning device for stability and trunk control can customize their power unit with back and seat cushions. A power model also offers options for recline and tilt, which can be beneficial for those who have limited ability to change their position in the wheelchair. These features provide pressure relief and comfort from sitting for an extended period. 

A unit allows users to travel over different kinds of terrain through various wheel positions and tire types. The rear-wheel drive is the most common position for wheels wherein the smaller casters are placed in the front, and the large wheels are in the back. This position provides stability in driving outdoors and indoors. The front-wheel drive or center wheel drive wherein the large wheels are placed in the front or the center can change the wheelchair’s center of gravity and help in maneuvering over curbs and obstacles. 

Power vehicles also allow them to travel for long distances, so people who have limited mobility can travel farther than they might in a standard wheelchair. It is more maneuverable in tight spaces than a mobility scooter thanks to its smaller turning radius. A power model also offers various options for front-wheel drives and center wheel drives. This allows users to choose a wheel drive that suits their needs. 

Using a power model can also help conserve energy. This is particularly beneficial for those with disabilities like post-polio syndrome or multiple sclerosis. Power vehicles allow them to be mobile in their community or home without using a lot of energy and muscle work. This allows them to conserve their energy for more important activities. If you need one for trains and buses, here are your top 3 options. 

1) Drive Medical: Titan LTE

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The Drive Medical: Titan LTE is a lightweight unit that allows you to get around small spaces with ease. The wheelchair can be taken apart to keep up with your active or on-the-go lifestyle. It has a maximum speed of 4.2 miles per hour. The Titan LTE is equipped with 12 volt 20 amp batteries that allow it to travel up to 8 miles on a single charge. 

The power model is equipped with two 6-inch front caster wheels and two 9-inch rear drive wheels to give it a ground clearance of 2.5 inches. This helps you clear uneven surfaces and thresholds on paved surfaces and around your home with ease. You can attach an oxygen tank holder or a can holder or a rear basket thanks to the rear receiver behind the seat. Titan LTE also features premium Bluetooth electronics.  The Bluetooth diagnostics make it easy to determine and troubleshoot any problem that may arise. 

The Drive Medical: Titan LTE can be taken apart in 3 pieces. The heaviest piece weighs only 39 pounds, so it is convenient for storage and transport. You can choose from 2 seat height options – 22 inches and 20 inches. This allows you to adjust the seat to your desired comfort level. The model is also equipped with interchangeable blue and red color panels that allow you to change its look for some fun and variety. 

The Titan LTE has flat-free tires that won’t leave a mark or scratch on any surface. It also has an 18-inch (width) x 19-inch (depth) seat that swivels side to side. The seat is padded and equipped with flip-up armrests, which allows the user to transfer in and out of the wheelchair with ease. 

2) Pride Mobility: Jazzy Passport

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The Pride Mobility: Jazzy Passport is a folding model that is convenient and easy to transport. It is perfect for those who want a convenient unit for daily usage. Pride Mobility: Jazzy is also a great option for people who love to travel, but have mobility issues. The model is designed to be dependable and high quality. It weighs 60 pounds, making it the lightest unit from Pride Mobility. It folds into a 31-inch tall, 16-inch deep and 23-inch wide wheelchair. You can carry the Jazzy Passport when folded just like you would normal luggage. 

One of the best things about the model is that it has a turning radius of only 25.25 inches. This turning radius is smaller compared to other folding units. The Jazzy Passport has a 24V lithium-ion battery and 12-inch pneumatic rear drive wheels that allow you to navigate different kinds of surfaces with ease. It comes with a backrest and foam seat cushion for the best positioning and comfort. The pocket on the backrest offers an additional surface. 

You can purchase a spare battery charger for air travel. The default battery of the Jazzy Passport isn’t approved for air travel, but a lot of people like to get the spare battery as a choice when traveling. You should check the airline’s specific regulations before flying with them. 

 3) Drive Medical: Cobalt X23

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The Drive Medical: Cobalt X23 is a lightweight unit that is easily transportable. It can be disassembled easily and quickly by simply removing one bolt. The product offers full-size performance thanks to its features. It is equipped with a programmable controller that has common connectors. The controller is easy to set up and service. Moreover, it can be personalized for those who have special needs. 

The Cobalt X23 has a length controller mount that can be attached to either the right or left armrest. The controller mount is adjustable. The model also features flat-free tires that ensure worry-free trips. These tires won’t scratch any surface. Motor assemblies also offer easy clutch operation. This allows you to place the Cobalt X23 in freewheel mode, which makes it easy to transport it. 

The seat swivels and has a fold-down backrest. You can also adjust its height from 20 inches to 23 inches. The flip-up armrests can be adjusted and detached as well. Your comfort is guaranteed because the armrests are padded. The Cobalt X23 is also equipped with rear anti-tip wheels. You can flip the footplate up and adjust its angle and height. The unit also comes with an armrest storage pouch and armrest-mounted reflectors that improve its visibility. 

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