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The Top 3 Power Vehicles with the Best Turning Radius

The Top 3 Power Vehicles with the Best Turning Radius

Turning radius is an essential factor to consider when buying a power wheelchair. The tighter the turning radius, the easier it will be for the rider to turn around and to maneuver in tight or small spaces. The turning radius is how much space it takes to do a 180⁰ turn in the wheelchair. The space required for a smooth U-turn is at least 78" x 60". They have a tight radius and are capable of turning in a 40" space. 

Wheelchair accessibility requires ground space, a clear floor, and turning space so that those who are in mobility devices like wheelchairs can use, approach and reach them. Ample ground space and a clear floor is required at electrical outlets, drinking fountains, fare machines, toilets, and more. Depending on the fixture or element, the ground space must be positioned for either a sideways or forward approach with the mobility device.

Sufficient turning space is required for fitting, locker, and dressing rooms, bathing and toilet facilities, dwelling units, steam rooms and saunas, housing and holding cells, and recreation spaces like shooting facilities and fishing piers. If you find that the places you have to turn don’t satisfy the turning radius requirements for a mobility scooter, you should consider getting a power model.The right model can safely navigate indoors and outdoors with its powerful wheels, brakes, anti-tip bars, independent suspension, and other features. 

If you are looking for products with the most significant turning radius, here are your best options: 

1. Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus 

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Electric Wheelchair Review and Ratings 2019

The Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus has electromagnetic brakes and rear-wheel drive. It is equipped with tension-adjustable back upholstery, heel loops, swing-away footrests, a seat belt, and a calf strap. The armrests can be adjusted according to your desired height. The Cirrus Plus has a 35" turning radius and 4" ground clearance. Its top speed is 5 miles per hour. The unit has a driving range of 15 miles on a full charge and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It has a silver vein finish, which makes it aesthetically pleasing. The Cirrus Plus also comes with a 2" seat cushion. 

The rear-wheel drive makes it easy to maneuver. The Cirrus Plus features a folding-frame. After removing the batteries, you can fold and store the frame. It has a padded backrest with upholstery that can be adjusted. You can also purchase optional leg rests. 

One of the best things about Cirrus Plus is the level of comfort and support it offers. The seat is available in 16” or 18” width, but you can also order one in a 20" width. The model is also equipped with a programmable joystick controller that can be mounted on either the right or left armrest. Cirrus Plus is an excellent option for those who love to travel. The base weighs 90 pounds, without the battery. Since it’s quite heavy, you may want to consider buying a vehicle lift to transport the wheelchair. 

2. Golden Technologies: LiteRider Envy

CLICK HERE: Our Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy Portable ...

The Golden Technologies: LiteRider Envy boasts a sharp new styling, bigger foot platform, improved battery range, full-size stadium seat, and under-seat storage basket. Its tubular design allows it to be disassembled into four lightweight pieces. The heaviest piece weighs 37 pounds. The LiteRider Envy has a top speed of 3.5 miles per hour and a turning radius of 28.5". It can travel up to 15.5 miles on a single battery charge. The product can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight. 

The LiteRider Envy has a small footprint and compact size, which is perfect for travel. It’s easy and convenient to handle, making it a good choice for maneuvering tight spaces. It is available in different colors such as Emerald, Grass, Graphite, and Grape. Since it disassembles into four pieces, you don’t need to hire or buy a vehicle lift to transport it. It has a large foot platform that makes seating more comfortable. Even taller riders will stay comfortable throughout the ride. The basket under the seat allows you to store your personal belongings and small bags. 

The battery pack is also easy to remove. The LiteRider Envy comes with 22 AH batteries. It requires some assembly upon arrival. You have to install the armrests and the seat on the seat post, mount the joystick controller and connect the batteries.  A few basic tools are required for assembling the unit. It will arrive in one heavy box, so you may want to ask someone to help you take the unit out of the box. 

3. Drive Medical: Trident Front Wheel Drive

Trident Standard Power Wheelchair Front-Wheel Drive – Drive ...

The Drive Medical: Trident Front Wheel Drive has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It comes with armrests, headrest and seat position that can be adjusted according to your needs. This model also features quick-release pins for easy removal of seat. It has a high-back and a comfortable seat that is available in 2 sizes. The Trident Front Wheel Drive has a 24" turning radius and a top speed of 4 miles per hour. It can travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. 

It is made to last. It has a shroud-free frame that will not easily crack or have scratches. It can be disassembled into 4 pieces. The frame base is the heaviest part, weighing 65 pounds. You can put the controller on either the right or left arm. The width, angle, and height of the armrests can be adjusted. The Trident Front Wheel Drive has 14" drive wheels, so it easily deals with outdoor and indoor conditions. The back is semi-reclining. 

The Trident Front Wheel Drive is available in an 18" seat. You can upgrade to a 20" wide seat later on. The model has a spring-coil suspension that you can adjust. It’s a great choice for outdoor use. Disassembly is fast and tool-free. It will be shipped through a freight company in a large box.

Each power wheelchair has its pros and cons, so you must pick one that is best for your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. If you need one with the best turning radius, consider the options mentioned above. Take your needs into account when choosing your ideal product.

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