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The Top 3 Sporty Mobility Units

The Top 3 Sporty Mobility Units

Popularly known as assistive scooters, power scooters, travel scooters, and electric scooters, mobility scooters are battery operated and made to help disabled people. This device offers transportation for those who have varying levels of mobility challenges so they can lead active and productive lives. 

Often defined as the counterpart of a wheelchair, a mobility unit is much more than a power version. Unlike a motorized wheelchair, a power scooter has 3 or 4 wheels, increasing the safety and stability. Mobility scooters are available in various styles and designs. Some have classic or simple designs while others have unique styles. If you are a sporty individual, consider a sporty design like those mentioned below. 

      1. Golden Technologies Companion 

Companion 4 Wheel Scooters | Golden

One of the best sporty designs is the Companion from Golden Technologies. This is a 3-wheel unit that provides legroom and a broader front deck. It is 3 inches longer than the mid-sized scooter from GT and has a higher weight capacity of 350 pounds. Also, it has an operating range of 16.5 miles. 

This 3-wheel mobility unit has amazing features like the easy-to-adjust headlights, under-carpet troubleshooting guide, and the EZ-reach adjustable delta tiller. It is also accommodating to people that need a bit more space. If you want some assistance reaching upwards or want a higher point of view, this provides the option to add a power elevating seat. The seat elevates up to four inches. It also comes with a one-year in-home service for free. So if you experience an issue with the unit during the first 12 months, you can call the company to repair it. 

In general, this sporty design is ideal for taller users. The fact that it can be disassembled easily for transportation means this is the best option amongst sporty people. If you want comfort and reliability, then you need to consider this model from Golden Technologies. 

         2. Victory 10LX w/ CTS Suspension Pride Victory 10 LX with CTS Suspension 4-wheel - Red ...

Another remarkable sporty unit available on the market today is the Victory 10LX. This product has a CTS suspension that provides the rider with a smooth, comfortable, and stress-free ride. The comfort trac suspension, or CTS, is considered the next generation when it comes to riding in comfort. This industry’s very first advanced technology incorporates advanced suspension for more improved absorption on rough surfaces and a more comfortable riding experience over different terrain. 

The state-of-the-art unit from Pride Mobility is also renowned as the fastest unit available. Considering the performance features and the innovative comfort of this mobility scooter, the money spent to buy this is worthwhile. You can ride securely and comfortably since this can hold up to 400 lbs. The amazing reclining high-back seat features adjustable armrests, sliders, and a headrest with foam inserts provides added comfort, especially during long rides.  

It comes with one hand feather-touch features, making this unit easy to assemble. It also fits conveniently into the trunk of a small car or truck. This is a very popular model that assures the safety and security of its rider. It comes with high-intensity LED lighting and directional signals. The LED lighting is responsible for illuminating the way when traveling at night. The two 40-Ah batteries included provide about 20 miles of travel range for every charge. It also features a backlit battery gauge. This notifies you when it is already time to charge.  

Choose this model from Pride Mobility to experience a smooth, enjoyable and comfortable ride. This is also renowned and highly preferred by many shoppers from all over the world not only because of reliability but also due to its low price. It is extremely recommended for your active lifestyle. Aside from all the features mentioned, you can also take advantage of more such as auto-connection, a storage filter positioned underneath the tiller, enhanced and flush-mounted horn buttons, and many more features waiting to be discovered. 

        3. EW 72

E-Wheels EW-72 Mobility Scooter - 2018 Model! - Full Size Mobility ...

Another remarkable sporty product available on the market today is the EW 72.  This is not only sporty, but it is also one of the hottest-selling units, and this is because of the remarkable features integrated. This mobility scooter can reach a speed of 15 miles per hour. It also has a maximum drive range of 43 miles on one charge only. This can take you to the place you want to go fast.

The state-of-the-art EW 72 is a pleasure to use. You can travel in the best comfort due to its full suspension. There is also a plush nineteen-inch high back seat with a headrest that is easy to adjust. The integrated twist throttle allows for different speeds, which makes acceleration intuitive and fast. If you want to alter the setting, you can do so by just altering the speed control dial. This allows you to limit the speed. 

When it comes to luxury, nothing beats this power vehicle. It has a remote key fob and an anti-theft alarm. So, you can park it with peace of mind. It has remarkable aluminum alloy tires. There is an LED package lighting that takes account of brake lights, headlight and turn signals that boost your safety. There is also lots of storage for your belongings. This unit comes with a rear wire basket and a locking storage compartment under the seat. 


These products are not just sporty, but they are also reliable and provide the utmost comfort and safety to the riders. Consider buying any of the products mentioned if you want to save money and experience the utmost comfort. 

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