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The Top 5 Best Afikim Heavy-Duty Mobility Units

The Top 5 Best Afikim Heavy-Duty Mobility Units

Adult scooters for the elderly have long been a great solution for seniors and people with mobility problems. For indoor use, outdoor use, or heavy-duty use, mobility products are now giving a way for seniors to join outings and outdoor adventures with their family while maintaining their independence and mobility. 

Why Choose Afikim Scooters?

Since 1978, Afikim Electric Vehicles have been pushing the boundaries of what to expect from high-quality mobility scooters. This is not a company which stays satisfied with what they have and makes extensive research and development through design, technological and safety standards. 

All AfiScooter products are guaranteed to be produced in world-class manufacturing facilities and offer local sales and support for years of service and reliability. They have a range of heavy-duty products designed for range, speed, and outdoor adventures. 

The Top 5 Afikim Heavy-Duty Mobility Models

Afikim AfiScooter C 4-Wheel


Afikim offers the AfiScooter Breeze C4 featuring advanced technology, absolute reliability, and stylish design. It is the ultimate mobility scooter for urban and modern environments so you can comfortably maneuver in narrow passages, shopping stores, and both uneven and paved roads. 

The C 4-Wheel upholds its comfortable tradition with its comfy, 18 inch wide high-back captain’s seat that can swivel up to 360 degrees. It also has safety features including a full lighting design to illuminate your way when driving at night, dual rear mirrors, and turn signals. 

Its rear and front suspension reduce bumpiness, while its delta tiller is completely adjustable to your liking and there are several seat heights for your utmost comfort. It features smart brake lights that can help in conserving energy and offers at least 25 miles of traveling in a single charge. 

This large model is designed for heavy-duty and outdoor use with 4 inches of ground clearance, advanced suspensions and pneumatic tires for easy riding. In addition, it also has rear and front bumpers that create an extra layer of protection. Being a heavy-duty product, you just can’t disassemble it for portability, however, it does work with standard vehicle lifts. 

Afikim AfiScooter C 3-Wheel

A sibling of the previous AfiScooter C model, this one only comes with 3 wheels for supreme maneuverability. With advanced rear and front suspension, pneumatic tires, shock absorbers, and 4 inch ground clearance, these 3 wheel heavy-duty models make for a smooth ride even on bumpy and uneven ground. 

In order to make riding easier and more comfortable, this unit offers an orthopedic seat which rotates 360 degrees in order to help you get on and off without difficulty. It features a brilliant adjustable delta tiller for easy steering with right and left side finger touch controls in order to accommodate any driver. Also, it comes with armrests that flip up and offer multiple seat heights so you can set up the seat for your every need. 


It includes a basket for enough storage space, or you can also opt for a large rear basket for extra storage. A rear LED light and a headlight keeps you safe and illuminates your way across town at nightfall.

Afikim AfiScooter S 4-Wheel


Another great heavy-duty model from Afikim, the famous AfiScooter S 4-wheel has been improved with ergonomic emphasis for comfort, driving experience, and complete control even on the roughest terrain. 

In addition, the AfiScooter S 4-Wheel won the prestigious Red Spot Design Award for its comfort and durability. It is much larger than the C-Breeze model, so it does not really fit on vehicle lifts but is great for outdoor use. 

Its alloy wheels, pneumatic tires, and 5 inch ground clearance make an easy and comfortable riding. You get a comfy orthopedic seat, armrests, backrests, and tiller for your needs and liking. It also features a control panel that has a bright LCD screen so that you can monitor your distance and speed. 

For safety, the AfiScooter S features LED rear and front lights to illuminate your way in the dark, as well as a panic sensor that automatically turns off the device if you have over-squeezed its accelerator. With a nice mileage and drive speed, this heavy-duty model is suitable for exploring around town without any help. 

Afikim AfiScooter S 3-Wheel

If you like Afikim’s S-model, but want the maximum maneuverability, then you are better off with the 3 wheel model. Just like its 4-wheel sibling, this one features a redesigned and improved tiller that offers wider hand grips as well as improved arm positioning. It boasts an orthopedic seat that is completely adjustable and swivels in order to assist an easy transfer. 

With its 3 wheels and a rear wheel drive, this unit is super easy to maneuver across different spots. It has pneumatic tires, full suspension, and shock absorbers in order to create the smoothest riding conditions. 

Like the 4-wheel S model, this one also won’t fit vehicle lifts, however, it is great for exploring and getting around town. You can keep all of your belongings safe with its front basket or use the rear lock box. It has LED lights that can illuminate your way at night and comes equipped with an energy preserving feature that dims the light when you are idling. 


It also has an LCD electronic display panel, so you will always know how fast you are traveling.  It also has the handy panic sensor feature that automatically shuts down the unit in case you over-squeeze the accelerator. You can also opt for a canopy with an ergonomic design in order to ensure that you can ride in all weather conditions. 

Afikim SE


The Afikim SE has all the conveniences of a standard mobility scooter but with the added features and style of a motorcycle. This scooter boasts a large 10 inch front pneumatic tire and 14 inches rear pneumatic tires with shock absorbers and adjustable suspension for the smoothest ride. 

This model is great for all terrains with its 5 inches high ground clearance, tight turning radius, and multi-surface tires. It has a maximum speed of 9.3 mph and a driving range of 28 miles so you can get where you want to on time. 

It has a rotating, comfy seat for easy getting on and off the device, or you can upgrade it to a 33 inch wide seat for the utmost comfort. Being a heavy-duty model, this 3-wheel unit has a weight capacity of 500 pounds. It features headlights to illuminate your way when driving at night and comes with a basket to store all your personal belongings while traveling. 

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Heavy-Duty Model

Heavy-duty units are suitable for seniors who usually travel a lot, particularly on unpaved surfaces. Here are some considerations to make the process of choosing the best heavy-duty unit faster and easier.

  • Wheels
  • If you want to ride on different types of terrain, then it is best to get one with larger wheels which can also absorb shock. Pneumatic wheels are best for shock absorption, however, some offer rubber wheels with a good suspension system in order to reduce bumpiness as you drive. 

    You should also decide, whether you should get a 4 wheel or 3 wheel mobility scooter. A 3 wheel design offers you maximum maneuverability both outdoors and indoors. Meanwhile, 4-wheel design gives you utmost stability with the wider wheelbase and are specifically designed for outdoor use on rocky and rugged terrain.

  • Weight Capacity
  • Heavy-duty makes usually have a higher weight capacity than portable and indoor-use only models. They usually offer up to 500 pounds of weight capacity, making them a great option for bariatric seniors. It is a great idea to weigh yourself first before getting one in order to ensure that what you get can accommodate your weight. 

  • Operating Range
  • The operating range determines how far it can go on a single charge. In general, the usual range for heavy-duty models is up to 25 miles per charge. You need to consider how often you will use your scooter as well as the environment that you will use it in. 

    In addition, it is also crucial that you get the proper range for your usual activities or you might end up stuck in a certain place. Some models offer a backup battery which might be a good choice if you frequently use your model for long distances. 

  • Comfortable Seating
  • With mobility scooters, it is important that your seat is always comfortable. In general, heavy duty models offers ergonomic captain’s seat types that can swivel for easy transitioning on and off the device. 

    The seat needs to completely accommodate you and the size should prevent uneven pressure on your legs and behind. If you intend to use your mobility scooter regularly, then consider getting a seat with more padding to keep you comfortable.

  • Turning Radius
  • If you want to use a mobility scooter in small spaces, then you will need one with a tight turning radius. Being bulky, heavy-duty models need to have a tight turning radius in order to ensure that you can maneuver without getting stuck somewhere. 

  • Easy Assembly
  • Consider getting a unit that needs minimal to no tools in assembling in order to make the process a lot simpler. Seniors need to make sure that they can do this process alone if they do not usually have other people around to help. 

  • Available Upgrades and Accessories
  • Most units have different accessories and various upgrades you can choose from in order to further personalize and customize your purchase. For instance, you might want to upgrade the battery for an extended drive range. There are some scooters that even allow you to upgrade the size of its seat or even replace a plastic seat with a padded one. 


    Other accessories include:

    • Cup holders
    • Oxygen tank holders
    • Cane holders
    • Sidearm bags
    • Crutch holders
    • Front and rear basket

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why should I get one?

    A: They are for those who cannot walk long distances or have some trouble standing for a long period of time. These models are a convenient and easy way to get around and are often used for traveling, shopping and getting around the house. 

    Q: What’s the difference between an power wheelchair and a mobility scooter?

    A: The main difference between these two is that a mobility scooter is navigated with tillers which steer the front wheels, like a motorcycle, while power wheelchairs use joysticks for steering. 

    Mobility units offer seats which can rotate from side to side with baseboards, while power wheelchairs only have stationary seats and footrests. Lastly, mobility scooters can typically travel further distances on a single charge. 

    Q: How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?

    A: On average, battery charging takes up to 6–8 hours. For a full charge, it needs at least 12 hours. Most models include chargers with auto shut-off which allows the user to plug in the charger at night and have fully charged batteries in the morning without overcharging.

    Q: How should I transport it?

    A: There are particular models which can be disassembled or folded for easy transportation. These models are usually lightweight. However, for heavy-duty and bulkier models which can’t be disassembled or folded, most manufacturers offer lifts in order to make them transportable. 

    Q: Why is my scooter going really slowy?

    A: You can always try adjusting its setting or learn how to correctly use its controls. However, if you’ve had the unit for a while, then it might be an indication that the batteries need replacing. 

    Also, the scooter has a weight capacity limit. If your weight combined with shopping materials or any item you have exceeds the limit, you might not get the optimal performance from your mobility scooter. 

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