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The Top 5 Pride Mobility 4-Wheel Mobility Units

The Top 5 Pride Mobility 4-Wheel Mobility Units

Whether running or walking, most of us take the ability to move freely for granted. If you lose such an ability due to illness, injury, or old age, it can be devastating. In some cases, it can even force an individual to move into a nursing home.

Fortunately, developments in electric mobility scooter technology have improved your choices. In most cases, seniors and injured individuals can continue to live independently with the help of one. 

You will see a variety of brands and models with numerous functions and accessories available on the market. One of the best brands you can look for is Pride Mobility. Here are our top picks of their best 4-wheel designs.

Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler


This Elite model was designed with your many needs in mind. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds and comes with 3 changeable shroud panels for a variety of colors that match your mood for the day. Its compact size allows you to move through narrow hallways, tight spaces and is super easy to assemble and transport. 

It includes a removable desk basket and standard front tiller basket for all the storage you need. And if a stable and even ride is your main concern then you will be happy to know that the 4 wheels come with anti-tip features.  

Pride Mobility Go-Go Folding Scooter


If you need a unit which is both portable and lightweight but still gets you wherever you need to go, then consider this folding mobility scooter. It includes a removable seat, a simple one-piece frame, and 2 speed settings so you can take this classy model with you anywhere you go. 

It also comes with your choice of one 24V Lithium-Ion battery for 2.5 miles of drive and 2 12 V Standard Lead batteries with up to 9.3 miles of drive. It also comes with an oversized front basket to put your belongings in and comes with a nice price tag for the budget-minded people. 

Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Plus Traveler


The Elite Plus Traveler was designed to appeal to a bigger range of individuals than ever. It has an increased width and length and a weight capacity of 300 lbs, offering a real outdoor power. It comes with 3 inches of ground clearance and long-lasting battery. It also features blue and red panels that you can change with your mood.

Featuring extra leg room and a cozy seat, you get to ride it for hours without feeling discomfort. It is 2 inches wider than standard choices, offering more space for taller and larger riders. It also comes with a wraparound delta-style tiller that offers the least dexterous of users with proper grip and steering with one-handed operation possible with this model.  

Pride Mobility Victory 10 4-Wheel


Boasting a sleek and sporty look that is not usually seen, the Pride Victory 10 will get you around in both style and comfort. It features smart-looking, low-profile tires that help it to wheel over both outdoor and indoor terrains. Since comfort is important, this model features a lightweight seat which is filled with comfy foam inserts crafted from viscoelastic for a comfy and cushy ride.

It also features a high-intensity LED headlight for pathway illumination when riding in the dark. Feather touch disassembly makes it great for traveling while the control panel combined with the wraparound delta tiller comes with a back-lit battery meter for improved visibility. 

Pride Mobility Victory Sport 4-Wheel


For a product that is stylish and reliable, nothing beats the Victory Sport. It has a maximum speed of 8 mph and is the fastest of any product in the Victory series, certainly a great choice for those who don’t want slow traveling. 

The back and seat height can be adjusted to your liking for a relaxed and comfy sitting position. Full suspension on each wheel makes it easy to use on rough and uneven surfaces without the bumpy feeling. Furthermore, it comes with a  wraparound delta tiller as well as high-visibility LED lighting for illuminating your way in the dark. 

Shopping Guide: How To Choose The Best 4-Wheel Design?

Determining a medical scooter that is perfect for you or your loved ones can be quite difficult due to the different models and functions they offer. So, to make it easier for you, here are some of the main considerations that you must take when choosing the best 4-wheel design to meet your needs. 

Weight And Size Of Rider

They will have varying weight capabilities— generally with the smaller ones being lighter and easier to navigate, but they won’t be able to endure as much weight. Thus, it is important that you make a note of the maximum weight allowance of the unit.

In addition, you should also consider the height of the user. There are models that are particularly designed for riders with really long legs and tall build. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting with your legs cramped, so make sure that you check that out before purchasing.

Seat Comfort

The whole point of mobility vehicles is to be able to ride around while you sit comfortably. And this would become nonsensical if the seat provided is not appropriate or suitable. 

The main part of the mobility rider that you are likely to use is the seat so it needs not only to be adjustable but should also be long-lasting and durable. The best seats are made from memory foam which is perfect for offering extra support. 

The arms also need to be movable and adjustable since it can be difficult to get in and out with the arms in the way. Remember that a well-adjusted seat may mean the difference between a sore back and a comfortable ride. 


Some individuals want a unit that is portable— where they can fold it down and easily take it from one place to another. There are some portable scooters which can be taken apart to multiple parts and should be able to fit in your average sized cars. 

Others might not be so portable, but can be folded down easily for storage in the garage or in hallways. While some will not be portable at all and are perfect for people who move around a lot and use their unit every day. 

Power Source

There are 2 main methods of powering your device — either by charging an external battery or plugging them into a power outlet. There are no legitimate models that are powered using petrol, so be extremely wary when you see them advertised as such. 

Attachment and Accessories Available

Available attachments and accessories depend purely on the model that you purchased. And not all will have the capabilities to use all possible attachments. 

Weather Shields

One of the most useful accessories, a weather shield comes in varying styles; however, they are essentially a roof and sometimes have sides which allow you to ride in bad weather, like rain, without getting wet. It is removable and generally available only with more expensive models. 


The most common accessory, baskets are usually found on all products regardless of the size. Larger models come with two or more baskets while some may have removable liners or lids. 

Baskets are basically used to hold personal belongings— a handbag, shopping bag, or wallet— and can be removed when in storage or if the rider needs more room. 

Walking Stick Holder

If you are using a walking stick, then consider getting a unit with a special holder for walking sticks. And unless you have a foldable walking stick that you can put in the basket, a walking stick holder should keep it safe for you.


You might have noticed someone riding a mobility scooter on footpaths with a flag-waving happily from the back. The flag may not add any functionality but it is a way to personalize it as well as making you easier to spot in a crowd. 

Safety Features

Pay attention to reviews from real customers in order to learn about the safety features of different models. The design should be stable enough in order to protect you from tipping. 

Other safety features that you should look out for include:

Emergency Brake

Some models include a hand-operated emergency brake on its steering mechanism. The brake works like a bicycle hand brake and offers an immediate stop. 

All-Surface Tires

If you are planning to use it outdoors, then you will need tires with excellent tread. You do not want to lose traction on wet sidewalks because of poor tire tread, or from losing control of the scooter. 

Four Wheels

Although there are 3-wheel designs available, one with 4-wheels feels sturdier and more stable and less likely to tip. Remember though that what you gain in sturdiness, you lose in portability.

Rearview Mirrors

A mirror should allow the rider to view the area from behind before backing up. This is an important safety feature for riders who have a hard time looking back and twisting their torso and neck. 


If you plan to use your unit outdoors at night, then you will need headlights. Surely, you don’t want to crash the scooter into objects in the dark. Headlights, together with reflectors, can help motorists see you and prevent a crash.

Speed Limiter

If the individual operating the unit is frail, then you might want to consider a speed limiter. Even if a mobility scooter can operate, let’s say at 10 mph, the limiter can cap the speed at only 5 mph, preventing the rider from driving at a faster speed than they can safely handle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a “turning radius” mean?

A: Turning radius is the measurement of the minimum amount of space required to turn the scooter 180 degrees. Units with a small turning radius offer good maneuverability. You will see such measurements listed in the specs. However, the number may be a bit confusing since some turning radius measurements may need you to backup during the process. There are even some that allow you to perform a complete U-turn within the measurement number. 

Q: How do I use one on the stairs?

A: Most companies selling mobility scooters also sell stair lifts. There are some stair lifts that only have a single chair which means that you will not be able to take your unit upstairs. There are some that involve a platform lift where you drive your vehicle onto the platform so it can be moved upstairs. 

Q: What are the traffic rules surrounding mobility scooter use?

A: When using your device, you are legally considered a pedestrian as opposed to the rider of a vehicle. The law states that any motored device which travels at 6mph and below is not considered a “motor vehicle”.

This is also why they are not registered. Thus, units should follow the road rules as a pedestrian. You are not allowed to take the scooter anywhere that you would not walk as a pedestrian, including major roads, drive-thru restaurants, and motorways. 


They are not only for seniors with weakening limbs and joints— anyone who needs a helping hand in moving and getting around can actually benefit from this luxury motorized wheelchair. Regardless of the reason— going out for fresh air or getting around the house, independently— a mobility scooter will definitely improve the quality of life of seniors and those with injuries. 

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