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The Top 6 Drive Medical Portable Travel Units

The Top 6 Drive Medical Portable Travel Units

Power units are a great solution for the elderly with reduced mobility or trouble walking long distances. It allows them to get from one place to another, outdoors or indoors, giving them an invaluable sense of independence and freedom. 

However, if you just love traveling, then portable travel scooters are a great option for you. Not only can you take it to shops, but it can also travel with you on holidays—on an airplane, train, or even onboard a cruise ship.

Foldable, portable, car boot, dismantling— whatever it is you want to call them, these small, lightweight, and compact mobility units can go where you want to go. If you want the best portable products out there, consider a reputable brand name like Drive Medical. 

About Drive Medical

The company was established 18 years ago, carrying the name Medical Depot, Inc. Being full of passion they decided that the name Drive is better suited to their company— reflecting their culture of unwavering momentum and motivation. They feature state-of-the-art and durable technological and medical equipment that has been satisfying an increasing number of customers. A Drive scooter has long been a premium option, like the Rolls Royce of mobility scooters. Here at Scooters N Chairs, we believe that you and your loved ones deserve the very best in mobility technology.

The Drive Medical ZooMe Auto Flex Folding

When portability is your priority, then the ZooMe Auto Flex is an option that is worth looking for. Appropriate for many uses, this unit is specifically designed with traveling in mind since it is transportable, collapsible and lightweight. 

This portable unit can automatically fold and unfold in just a few seconds with its easy to use wireless key fob which activates the electronic system. Featuring non-marking, flat-free tires, you will have a worry-free trip. You also have a manual system of toggles as well as a lever for quick folding and unfolding of the chair. 

What’s more, is that it is fully equipped with an airline-safe lithium battery, so you can take it with you on commercial flights. Though foldable, its seat comes padded with an adjustable armrest for your comfort. Its delta tiller makes it perfect for those who have limited dexterity. Safety features include 4 anti-tip wheels for added stability as well as rear and front reflectors. As far as portable mobility scooters go you can't go wrong with this model. 

The Drive Medical ZooMe Flex Folding Unit

Among the best portable mobility scooters, this product is a super transportable unit that is excellent to take on long and short trips. It has an ultra-lightweight design which makes it easy to transport, while its easy and quick flex system makes the process super simple and easy. As a matter of fact, without batteries, the entire unit weighs less than 54 pounds but it has a whopping weight capacity of 275 pounds, which makes it sturdy enough.

It features a delta tiller for people with limited dexterity which can also be adjusted to place the controls in the best position. Its auto-folding seat is padded for comfort and comes with adjustable armrests. Its 4-wheel design offers extra stability and prevents it from tipping over. 

Although lightweight and portable, this unit has a speed of 4 mph and comes with a riding range of 13 miles per charge. Its non-pneumatic tires will never go flat or even mark the surfaces. 

The Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4

One of Drive Medical's Extended Range mobility products, the Spitfire Scout 4 offers maneuverability and compactness in a single lightweight package. Featuring standard 20 AH batteries, it can run for up to 15 miles on a single charge. 

It is also big enough with an overall length of 42.5 inches for added stability as well as more leg room, but it is still compact enough to fit through doorways and hallways. It also features adjustable armrests. There is no upkeep for the flat-free tires and it has a good-sized front basket to carry your personal belongings. 

The unit also comes with interchangeable blue and red color shrouds that can match your mood for any day. In terms of portability, the foldable seat back makes it easy for storage. This is a dismantling type of portable unit, and it is super easy to disassemble, with the heaviest piece only weighing 39 pounds. 


The Drive Medical Ventura 4-Wheel

If you want a mobility unit that should perform well both indoors and outdoors, then the Ventura 4-Wheel is an excellent choice. Just like all Drive Medical Ventura models, this one comes with a seat position which slides backwards and forwards and has 4 different seat adjustment settings, maximizing the comfort of the rider. 

Its adjustable, padded armrests are specifically designed to fit the optimum angle and height for most adults. It also comes fully equipped with a headlight that illuminates your way in the dark. It also comes with interchangeable blue and red panels as well as a large basket in the front to keep your belongings. 

It has an adjustable tiller and a freewheel operation which makes it super easy to get around easily and comes with a top speed of 5 mph and a range of 22 miles per charge. In terms of portability, it can be disassembled but not folded with the heaviest piece weighing 99 pounds. 


The Drive Medical Phoenix 4-Wheel

The Phoenix 4-Wheel is one of Drive Medical’s Heavy Duty line of mobility products. And although it is a heavy duty scooter, this one is still super lightweight and portable which can be easily taken apart and folded flat for ease of transportation and storage. 

It comes with interchangeable panels in blue and red and has an ergonomic “finger-pull” throttle control which makes operating it easier, even if you are experiencing limited dexterity and strength in your hands. It also comes fully equipped with a headlight for illuminating your way through the dark and flat-free tires for worry-free usage. 

Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the comfortable stadium-style seat that comes with an attractive 2-tone upholstery as well as an adjustable armrest for utmost comfort. It provides top performance with a 4 mph top speed as well as a 15 mile cruising range in a single charge. 


The Drive Medical Scout DST 3-Wheel

The Scout DST 3-Wheel offers control, comfort and lightweight maneuverability in one. Unlike most bulky mobility units, this model can easily maneuver around furniture, through hallways and in and out of most doorways with its overall width of only 21.25 inches.

But, it is not limited to indoor use, featuring Dynamic Suspension Technology, the Scout DST can offer a comfortable outdoor ride over any type of terrain. This tech includes suspension coils in both rear and front and features a climbing angle of 6 degrees, meaning small ramps or inclines are no problem.

If you are looking for portability, you’ll be glad to know that this unit can easily be stored in the trunk of most cars after a quick disassembly with the heaviest piece only weighing 34 pounds. In terms of comfort, you have a delta tiller that is versatile enough to be operated with a single hand. Not only does it have a swiveling seat for easy transfer and adjusting height, but it is also cushioned thickly for utmost comfort. The angle and width adjustable armrests are also padded and contoured for comfortable cruising. 

Folding Boot Mobility Units VS. Dismantling Mobility Units

Portable units come in two types: either folding or dismantling. 

Folding products are small mobility units that can be folded for transporting and are sometimes called “boot” scooters. Folding products allow you to “fold” them to a compact shape and wheel them, just like a wheelie case, which makes them convenient for air travels. 

If you have a car and can drive and you are looking for something to take you cruising for short distances, perhaps a day out with your family or shopping in a town center, then a boot design is a great choice. 

Dismantling products, on the other hand, are usually made up of 4–5 sections or parts that need to be taken apart for transporting and traveling. Unlike the folding design, dismantling units can help save more space by coming apart as well as making it easier for you to leave each component in the car trunk. However, since you disassembled the product, you will also need to put it together again before it can be used. This might be a challenge, particularly for seniors with reduced physical strength and flexibility. 

Getting Around and Safe Traveling

Mobility products are created in order for you to have a comfortable ride on a footpath or anywhere else that walkers can go. And since it’s not considered as a motor vehicle, then it is not permitted for traveling on roads, except when there is no footpath or when crossing. 

Usually, it is not necessary to register a mobility scooter, since it is not considered a motor vehicle. But it’s always best to check with the regulations in your state before you purchase one. 

Also, make sure that you are fully aware of where it can and can’t be taken and are knowledgeable of the road rules for pedestrians. Extra care needs to be taken if you plan to travel through shopping malls or when crossing the roads. 

It is highly recommended to check that everything is properly secured and the battery is fully charged before you head out on a trip. Don’t use it if you ever feel sick, tired or have been drinking anything that is intoxicating.

For you to be seen by other pedestrians and traffic while traveling outside, you will need to switch the lights on. You can also add an orange safety flag for better vision. Make sure that you do not overload it with bags or accessories or whatever you need to carry in order not to obstruct your ability to use the controls or your view.

Also, plan where you are going, and try to avoid busy roads, narrow pavements, and make sure to cross the road at a market traffic light or pedestrian crossing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a license to ride one?

A: Presently, you don’t need a license in order to ride your unit. However, we advise that you check with local authorities as the regulations and rules vary from state to state.  

Q: How safe are they?

A: A mobility scooter is a motorized vehicle which runs on a power supplied by batteries. In general, they are indeed a safe and more practical mode of transport. But, it is crucial that you choose a model which suits your height and weight. You also need to make sure that before you start riding it, you know and understand the safety features such as indicators, lights, brakes and how you can use them.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A: Depending on the model and make of the unit you choose, it should have a warranty between 1–3 years. It is crucial that you read warranty terms and conditions before you make a purchase.

Q: What is the difference between a 3 and 4-wheeled design?

A: Well, the main difference would be on the number of wheels present. Four-wheel units usually provide extra stability and are more highly recommended for people who have problems in maintaining balance. However, if you are confident with your balance and driving, then a 3-wheel unit should be a good choice and is excellent for maneuvering in narrow spaces. 

Q: How long do batteries last?

A: If you care and maintain them properly, batteries should last for at least 2 years. There are certain factors which can affect the life of a battery. In order to extend the life of the battery, you need to use an original manufacturer supplied battery charger since it provides a cyclic charge that a generic charger doesn’t provide and it ends up damaging the battery. Also, you should not leave a battery in a discharged state and should charge it regularly, since that can permanently damage a battery.

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