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Your Guide To Lightweight Electric Vehicles

The Lightweight Electric Vehicle - A Marvel Of Engineering

For seniors or those with disabilities, a lack of mobility or freedom can be life-changing. For certain situations that prevent the use of manual wheelchairs, power and electric versions offer a great solution to get you back out in the world. 

But not just any chair will do. These days, lightweight and portable ones are all the rage since they can fit in your car, fly on airplanes, and be easily lifted by a single person. 

Here are some of the best lightweight electric models on the market:

1. The Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport

    At 60 pounds with the battery, the Jazzy Passport from Pride Mobility is one of the lightest models available. In addition to being lightweight, it is also super easy to transport and store. It can be easily toted like common luggage by quickly folding in a few steps, so you can travel with it. 

    It has a total of 250 pounds weight capacity despite being light. In addition, its 25 inch turning radius can handle even the tightest or smallest spaces with ease so that you won’t get stuck in narrow hallways or small doorways and rooms. Also, its 12-inch pneumatic rear drive wheels make navigating super easy and its 3 inch ground clearance allows for a smooth ride. 

    The unit can also travel up to 9.6 miles in a single charge at 3.6 mph top speed. In terms of comfort, this product features a foam seat and backrest that are adjustable so you can find the perfect position. In addition, its backrest comes with a pocket for extra storage of personal belongings. The 5-inch foot platform provides extra mobility and comfort while the cup holder and mesh storage back offer you convenience so you can keep your drinks close at hand.

    For safety, the unit features a 40-inch safety belt and uses a dual regenerative and electromagnetic brake system. Also, it has an adjustable swing away joystick allowing for easy navigation. The Pride Mobility Jazzy Passport has a lot of great specs, but also comes with such an affordable price tag that you will surely love. 


    2. The Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy

    Golden Technologies is another reputable company that created one of the lightest and most transportable models available. The LiteRider Envy can disassemble in a matter of seconds and be transported easily in most vehicles with the heaviest piece only weighing 35 pounds, so you do not have to strain yourself in lifting it into your car trunk.

    This unit offers a lot of fun color options from standard paradise blue and cherry red to limited color options including solar flare orange, envy green, sunburst yellow and satin silver. The LiteRider Envy offers superior comfort all day long, thanks to its stadium-style seat or you can upgrade for a more comfortable seat height as well as a generous footplate. 

    In addition, a basket sits under the seat so you can store personal belongings or purchased items within arm’s reach. Meanwhile, its 4 wheels should keep you stable as you easily drive along sidewalks, down store aisles, and around corners. 

    Its black, non-scuffing tires are suitable for indoor use and boast shiny hubcaps on steel rims for a stylish and sporty look. With bigger 22 amp hour batteries, you can even go further than before with its 15.5 miles driving range in a single charge and it has a top speed of 3.5 mph.  

    3. The Drive Medical Titan LTE Portable Power Wheelchair


    The Titan LTE Portable unit from Drive Medical provides an array of features which appeal to many users. Firstly, it is an extremely portable unit that conveniently disassembles for storage and for transporting it from place to place quickly and easily. 

    Weighing only 92 pounds, its heaviest piece weighs just 39 pounds so you can easily transport and lift this unit without much trouble. In addition, its 12V by 20AH battery packs only weigh 22 pounds and offer a range of 8 miles per charge, going at a speed of 4.2 mph. 

    Its directional joystick and rear wheel drive allow a good turning radius of 27 inches so you can get out of tight spots without any problems. In terms of comfort, the product comes with a cushioned seat that can be height adjusted from 20–22 inches and a back height, width and seat depth of 18 inches. In addition, it has adjustable flip back armrests for your comfort and convenience. 

    The Drive Medical Titan LTE also offers bluetooth electronics for easy diagnosing and troubleshooting as well as an innovative freewheel mode. In order to set the mood for the day, this power wheelchair comes with interchangeable blue and red color panels which allow you to customize its appearance. 

    4. The Merits EZ-GO Travel

    The EZ-GO Travel from Merits is a super light unit which can be easily disassembled for quick and easy storage and transportation. The compact size allows you to easily fit it into virtually any car trunk. 

    With a base weight of 67 pounds, its heaviest piece only weighs 35 pounds, so you can easily lift it and take it anywhere you go. Being lightweight does not mean that it isn’t durable. This product features ultra-strong steel frames that can accommodate at least 250 pounds of weight. 

    Its 2 12V and 15AH batteries can go at least 9 miles in a single charge and at a  maximum speed of 4 mph. For safety, the unit is fully equipped with smart, regenerative, electromagnetic brakes as well as a wireless electronic connector. 

    For your convenience and comfort, this product has a superior seat cushion and armrests which can be adjusted to your needs. In addition, its directional joystick can be placed on either the left or right for your convenience. Also, with a 23 inch turning radius, this unit is perfect for narrow hallways and sharp corners so you can turn without any problems and navigate through the tightest spaces. 

    5. The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus

    The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus offers motorized operation and excellent maneuverability in a conveniently foldable and lightweight design. So, if you ever need a power wheelchair which can easily fold up for transport or storage, this one is one of the best buys. You only need to remove the batteries from under the seat and it easily folds to a compact size. 

    In addition to its lightness and portability, the Cirrus Plus also features desirable standards from head to toe, including the durable and adjustable upholstery on its comfortable backrest, armrests that can be height adjusted, the 2-inch comfy foam seat cushion which offers support while driving and the swing-away footrests complete with a calf strap and heel loops. In addition, you can choose from standard seat widths of 18 or 16 inches, or go with 20 inches, but with an additional charge. 

    Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, the directional joystick can be placed on either side for your convenience. Thanks to its electromagnetic braking, rear wheel drive and 4-inch ground clearance, this unit is suitable for outdoor use and can easily maneuver any terrain. 

    Stylish and good-looking, this product features carbon steel frames with a silvery vein finish for elegance and it is durable enough to accommodate at least 300 pounds of weight capacity. Its battery can go up to 15 miles in a single charge and comes with a top speed of 5 mph. 

    6. The Pride Mobility Go Chair

    Pride Mobility did some re-thinking and re-engineered their popular Go Chair for better performance and comfort. This sleek new design comes in 10 fun colors including pearl white, amber orange, citrine yellow, rose quartz, and sapphire blue to provide you a product that has some personality. 

    It enhances comfort and performance, along with the reliable feather-touch disassembly, allowing you to enjoy lightweight travel on the go. Weighing 97 pounds, this unit can be disassembled into 6 lightweight and compact pieces, with its heaviest piece only weighing 36 pounds for light traveling and preventing strain when transporting it into your car trunk. 

    Now, you can drive around for longer with 2 included 18AH batteries and go up to 8.7 miles at 3.7 mph top speed. Meanwhile, the stadium-style seat offers great comfort while driving and adjustable armrests can be lifted out of the way for easy transitions. In addition, the footplate can be moved up and down to adjust to the desired angle. 

    This unit also has a small turning radius that allows for god maneuverability so you can navigate anywhere, even around narrow and tight spaces. It also has an increased weight capacity of 300 pounds and offers 2 under the seat storage compartments to hold your personal belongings. For more convenience, the Go Chair also offers additional options for batteries as well as a cup holder. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Are these products legal on streets?

    A: Electric wheelchairs are intended to offer pedestrian mobility. In the United States, they should not be used on main roads. You need to keep it on pedestrian pathways such as walking paths, crosswalks and sidewalks. And if there are not any paths or sidewalks available, then you may be able to use the roadway, as any pedestrian would. 

    Q: How much do they cost?

    A: In general, they cost between $1,500 and $5,000. Though, it depends on the level of quality and features that you are looking for. 

    Q: How heavy are they?

    A: The lightweight models can weigh as little as 50 pounds, with batteries usually weighing an additional 10 pounds. For the more luxurious and heavy duty products, they can weigh from 200 – 300 pounds.

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