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The Top 6 Mobility Units for Disney World & Theme Parks

The Top 6 Mobility Units for Disney World & Theme Parks

When the whole family plans to visit Disney World or another theme park during vacation, make sure nothing prevents you from enjoying it with the whole family— not even your mobility issues!

The good news?

Disney World and other theme parks allow the use of power scooters around the park. They even have them available for rent so patrons with limited mobility can still enjoy their fun and memorable events and amusements. 

Instead of renting one, you should bring your own unit so you can use it during your next theme park adventure with the whole family. Here are some of the best extended range and heavy-duty units you can take around Disney World and theme parks!

The Afikim Afiscooter S 3-Wheel


Afikim’s top notch vehicle, the Afiscooter S offers you a comfortable ride while you enjoy any theme park. This scooter features a standard orthopedic seat so there’s no risk of back pain or joint pain and it is also adjustable for your comfort; it easily swivels out of the way for an easy transfer. 

Featuring a 3 wheel design and a rear-wheel drive, this unit is super easy to maneuver across various surfaces, so it is suitable for crowded places and for use in tight spaces. Its pneumatic tires come fully equipped with full suspension and shock absorbers so you can have a smooth riding experience. 

The Afiscooter S is a heavy-duty, outdoor vehicle that will not fit indoors or on vehicle lifts; however, it is a great solution for getting around your living community, town or even theme parks. It has a top speed of 9.3 mph and can go at least 28 miles, so you can enjoy riding and roaming around any theme park all day long without running out of juice. 

In terms of convenience, this unit offers a front basket as well as a rear lock box to keep your belongings safe while you try out park rides or other amusements. In case you get caught in the dark, LED lights help illuminate your way for your safety as well as those around you, and it has a built-in energy preserving feature which automatically dims the lights if you are idling. For safety, Afikim also included a panic sensor that automatically turns off the equipment in case you over squeeze your accelerator. 


The Pride Mobility Go-Go Elite Traveler 4-Wheel 


Pride Mobility’s bestseller for portable and lightweight units is the Go-Go Elite Traveler, offering a secure and comfortable ride that is not a burden to carry. This mobility scooter was designed with your needs in mind, and can be assembled and disassembled in an instant, with the heaviest piece only weighing 32.5 pounds, making it a great choice for those who love traveling. 

Most users will love the standard 6 mile driving range; however, you can always upgrade to the affordable 18Ah battery pack with its 9.7 mile driving range so you can stay and enjoy the outdoors or any park. If stability and evenness is a primary concern, then you do not have to worry, as the 4-wheel design and anti-tip features are there for added security. 

Although lightweight, this unit is strong enough to accommodate at least 300 pounds of weight. Thanks to its compact size, this unit can maneuver through narrow hallways, tight spaces or even crowded places while still providing stable outdoor performance. It has a removable desk basket so your personal belongings are within reach and you get to have two interchangeable shroud panels to match your mood for the day. 

The Drive Medical Panther HD


A highly versatile machine from Drive Medical, the Panther HD boasts a 4 wheel, heavy duty design. Whatever configuration you need for ease of operation and comfort, this unit’s broad range of adjustability can accommodate your very specific needs. 

For instance, its delta tiller boasts an ergonomic throttle control for riders with limited dexterity and has a broad range of adjustments so you can set the tiller at the exact angle for your convenience. In terms of comfort, you get a captain’s seat for prolonged seating and it swivels in 45 degree increments so you can easily get on and off the scooter. Furthermore, its seat is also height adjustable and can be reclined so you can relax for a few minutes. 

Safety is also a primary concern with the Panther offering you advanced features. It has the convenient hand brake for added control in addition to the smooth and easy electromagnetic braking system. Ride with the utmost confidence and security, knowing that this unit has rear anti-tip wheels. In addition, the pneumatic tires featuring rear and front suspension allows you to ride in comfort and reduce bumpiness. You also get to see what’s going on at the back with the dual rearview mirror.

The drive range is a whopping 25 miles at a top speed of 8 mph, so you can enjoy riding all day. This heavy duty vehicle can also accommodate a weight capacity of 425 pounds with 53 inches of turning radius so you can get out of tight spots and maneuver, even in crowded parks. Lastly, the Panther HD will cause heads to turn with its classy and sophisticated look, allowing you to show off its glossy red finish.

The EV Rider RiderXpress 4-Wheel


This vehicle, from popular brand EV Rider, is a simple and folding medical scooter that weighs a mere 101 pounds. This makes it super easy for you to lift and store it in the car trunk or one of the theme park’s trolleys. Easily folded, the RiderXpress empowers riders with less disassembly and more time to take part in different activities at theme parks. 

This unit is designed to travel at least 12 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 5 mph so you can keep up when exploring a theme park. With a set of large 9.5 inch front tires and a tight turning radius of 38.6 inches, your purchase will offer you superb maneuverability and excellent control so you can get out of tight spots without a problem. 

It also has an anti-tip feature so you can ride with peace of mind and it has a convenient basket that holds your personal belongings. You will also love the comfortable seat as well as the extra leg room for a comfortable and smooth ride. 

The E-Wheels 54


The E-Wheels 54 is a really speedy unit with its 15 mph top speed and a whopping 40 miles of drive range. This means that you can ride it all day, exploring a whole theme park like Disney World without running out of juice or being left behind. 

In addition to that, this sleek vehicle can carry at least 500 pounds of weight, so even if you have a lot of souvenirs to carry with you, be rest assured that it can hold them without a decrease in performance and speed. You will also like its amazing 164 inch turning radius, allowing you to easily drive in even the tightest spots in a theme park or even maneuver in a super crowded place. 

For comfort and convenience, this unit is fully equipped with an executive seat which can be adjusted, a foot brake like those in a golf cart, making it suitable for those with limited hand dexterity, a folding steering column, two stereo speakers and a music system.

In addition, it also has a cargo box to store all your personal belongings as well as a cup holder so that you can keep your drinks within reach. Unlike other units, the E-Wheel 54 comes fully equipped with a full cover top to protect you from the harsh weather— rain, snow or sun— and even has a full front windshield. 


The Drive Medical Maverick


If you want something luxurious and rugged to show around theme parks, then the Drive Medical Maverick is the one you are looking for. Its unique design and look mimics a motorcycle - not only in aesthetics but in other functionalities as well. 

As a matter of fact, this unit has automative-inspired suspension, in addition to high ground clearance and air-filled tires, in order to provide you with the smoothest ride over almost any terrain. For safety, the anti-tip wheels and 4-wheel design ensures stability along with a positioning belt to keep you securely in place. 

And although its muscle-y look offers a strong impression of a bad boy, this motorcycle impersonation is not just for show but also serves amazing functions. For instance, it has a smoked windshield which not only makes it look cool but also helps in reducing glare on its real-time digital LED display. For ease of use, its controls are conveniently located on the handlebars.  

This vehicle allows you to cruise at a top speed of 9.5 mph and can go up to 35 miles before the battery needs recharging, so you can ride all day and explore every part of the theme park. It has a complete lighting system with turn signals, a hazard light and even a reflector for super visibility. Plus, you get a rearview mirror so you have a better view at the back without turning. 

In terms of comfort, this bad boy features a captain’s seat that swivels for easy transfers and even reclines so you can take moments to relax. In addition, the seat is available in widths of 20 – 22 inches and can accommodate a whopping 400 pounds of weight. In addition, its padded armrests have easy to turn cylinders for perfect angle adjustment as well as a height-adjustable headrest. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does using a mobility scooter affect access to rides and shows?

A: Each ride is different and even theme parks have different policies in how someone using a vehicle can access them. So, it is always a good idea to ask the staff or inquire at an Information Center kiosk. 

For shows, they also have different policies. However, for the most part, if you try to arrive early, then staff usually allow people with mobility issues to get seated and settled in designated areas first before allowing other guests. Depending on the situation, you can take your unit to the seat, transfer and have staff park it or park it outside yourself and walk to your seat. 

Q: How hard is it to transfer?

A: This really depends on the ride and the rider. However, a staff member is usually patient and kind with people transferring from their vehicles onto a ride. There are some rides that have separate loading and unloading areas while some offer tools like transfer devices to assist you when transferring.

Q: Is it safe to leave my vehicle while I ride?

A: Yes. However, you need to take extra steps to secure your personal belongings and your equipment by removing the key or locking it in place and taking your valuables with you. You can also fold your unit if you want to so that the seat won’t be too hot left in the sun. Also, remember to park only in designated areas or have staff move your unit for you. 

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