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The Top 7 Three-Wheel Mobility Products

The Top 7 Three-Wheel Mobility Products

As we age, our bodies decline in performance and weaken. Your once energetic muscles turn sluggish and become tired after only a few physical activities. Your mobility gets limited as well, but that does not mean you should quit moving altogether. 

To continue enjoying fresh air or getting around your house with ease and comfort, the best three-wheel (3-wheel) mobility unit is a must. This innovative device makes it easier for you to travel on your own, giving you the independence and mobility you need. You can once again do your own grocery shopping or take a stroll in the park without getting tired quickly or injuring yourself. 

If you are thinking about getting your own mobility scooter, here are some recommendations on the best models out there!

The E-Wheels 36 3-Wheel


For those who want a product which looks as good as its performance, the 36 3-Wheel from E-Wheels has just about all the features that you could ever hope for. The handicap unit comes in five fun colors which makes it one of the most colorful mobility scooters on the market. 

It features a rearview mirror on its handlebars so you can see what’s behind you, a complete lighting system with brake and tail lights, turn signals, and a low/high beam headlight for illuminating your path when you travel at night, and a handy basket on the back to hold your stuff for you. And if the basket is not enough, this product also has locking storage under the seat for extra storage capacity. 

Just as important, the E-Wheels 36 has also a number of impressive performance features that you will surely love. This unit can reach a top speed of 18 mph, making it one of the fastest products available and can go up to 45 miles in a single charge. This makes it great for traveling and to use when you're in a hurry. 

In addition, the unit has this handy anti-theft alarm system as well as a seat belt in order to keep you safe and secure while riding. Its large 16 inches wheels can thread on various terrains and surfaces and it comes fully equipped with a rear and front braking system which enhances both your safety and the safety of pedestrians. 

The Drive Medical Scout DST 3-Wheel


Control, comfort, and lightweight maneuverability are all the trademarks of the Drive Medical Scout DST. Not like bulkier products, the Scout DST offers superior maneuverability that can get you through hallways, in and out of most standard doorways and around furniture with ease. 

Although designed for indoors, this unit also provides a comfy and excellent ride on any type of outdoor surface or terrain with its specially designed Dynamic Suspension Technology, short for DST. This tech features suspension coils in both the front and rear so you don’t have to feel all the bumps over a rough road and small ramps or inclines will never be a problem. Climbing is also a breeze with its 6 degree climbing angle. 

And if you are an avid traveler, then you will love that this 3-wheel product can be easily transported and stored in the trunk of any car after a quick and easy assembly. As a matter of fact, once disassembled, the heaviest piece only weighs 34 pounds so you won’t have a problem lifting it. 

Not only built for performance, this unit is also designed with your comfort in mind. It features a delta tiller which is ergonomically designed and is versatile enough to be operated with just one of your hands. Thickly cushioned for your own comfort, the seat also swivels to help in quick transfers. Not only that, but its armrests are also angle and width adjustable and are padded and contoured for your comfort as well. 

The Afikim AfiScooter S 3-Wheel


With the reputable Afikim Brand comes the AfiScooter S 3-Wheel, offering top-notch performance and safety features which improve the quality of your ride. This product comes with a standard orthopedic seat which is adjustable to your needs and can swivel for a quick and easy transfer.

Its 3-wheel design, along with the rear-wheel drive, gives this unit excellent maneuverability across various surfaces. In addition, it features pneumatic tires, full suspension and shock absorbers that all help in providing you with a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

And although the unit's size won’t be able to fit indoors or on vehicle lifts, this heavy duty unit is best for getting around your living community, parks, and towns. Fully equipped with a rear lock box and a front basket, this product gives you enough storage capacity to store your personal belongings or shopping bags. 

If you are traveling late, it offers you safe passage by illuminating your way and also comes with a built-in energy preserving feature which automatically dims the light if you are idling. Also, you will know just how far you have traveled or how fast you are traveling with its bright LCD electronic display panel. And in case you get nervous and accidentally over squeeze the accelerator, you will be glad to have the panic sensor which automatically shuts down the unit for your own safety. 

The Golden Technologies Companion II 3-Wheel

Another popular brand for mobility scooters is Golden Technologies, and they offer one of the best 3-wheel products. The Companion II is an upgraded model that is built to traverse rough outdoor terrains and offer longer battery range and a bigger weight capacity. 

For traveling, you will be glad to know that this product can be easily disassembled which makes storing and transporting a cinch. This unit has a maximum speed of 5.5 mph and can go up to 20.9 miles in a single charge. 

Comfort and safety is a priority and it has features such as the LiquiCell comfort seat that can be adjusted easily with the slide lever for your convenience. Its easy-to-use and ergonomic control panel features a wraparound delta tiller featuring an EZ Reach level for quick adjustments and an auto-locking mechanism suitable for people with dexterity problems. 

In addition, it comes fully equipped with a backlit battery gauge display to ensure that you can always keep an eye on the unit’s power level. It is also fully equipped with a bright, LED headlight that illuminates your path in the dark and a handy basket to hold all your personal belongings while traveling. Not only that, but you will also like the designated cellphone and cup holder. Lastly, it includes a handy troubleshooting guide that is conveniently hidden under the unit's floorboards that provides solutions for some of the most common fix-it-yourself problems.

The Pride Victory 10 3-Wheel


The Victory 10 3-Wheel from Pride Mobility has been designed and engineered to meet the demands and needs of those who are always on the go. The unit features the patented feather-touch disassembly that allows you to easily and quickly disassemble the product and take it apart into 7 different pieces. And since it can be quickly disassembled and because of the lightweight nature of each part, Pride Mobility has promised that you can do it with just one hand.

In addition, there are no bulky elements here, making the unit ready to go places and it offers a sleek and sporty look that you can boast of. But, don’t let its stylish and compact features fool you. This product can perform really well both indoors and over rough outdoor terrains with ease!

With a maximum speed of 5.25 mph and a driving range of 25 miles in a single charge, this product can go a long way and gets you where you need to go on time. It also has a whopping weight capacity of 400 pounds so you can add shopping bags without worrying. The unit also has a 20 inch ground clearance and is rated for a maximum incline of 8 degrees.

You don’t have to worry about using it around your house either! This unit is fully equipped with low-profile wheels that will not mark or scuff your flooring as others do. In terms of comfort, its seat is fully equipped with foam inserts that are constructed from viscoelastic so you can ride longer without any pain or discomfort. In addition, the seat includes pinchless hinges and an 8 position seat rotation so you can find the best one for your riding needs. 

If you tend to travel late at night, then its high-intensity LED headlight can give you optimal illumination so you won’t accidentally bump into anything. Its control panel comes with a wraparound delta tiller which features a backlit battery meter for increased visibility and power. You also get a front basket to keep all your belongings in one place. 

The EV Rider TranSport Easy Move S19M 3-Wheel


The TranSport Easy Move from EV Rider offers superior convenience like no other. This 3-wheel unit comes with a handheld remote and with just a single push of a button, it will automatically fold in seconds! And not only that, but this amazing product is also approved for airline travel with its 44 pounds of weight and its 8.7AH lithium battery that makes it perfect for traveling on cruise ships, trains, and planes. 

Featuring an ultra-tight turning radius of 31 inches, this highly compact unit offers superior maneuverability in even the narrowest of spaces. Although lightweight, it can still accommodate at least 250 pounds of weight without any problem. It has a top speed of 4 mph and a range of 10 miles on a single charge. Equipped for both indoors and outdoors, this unit has a fully functional suspension for your safety and comfort when riding. 

In addition, it comes with a height adjustable tiller for your convenience and a dual hand 2-way throttle control for your safety. When traveling at night, you will find its bright LED headlight handy in illuminating your path and preventing any accidental bumps along the road. Lightweight and extremely portable, this mobility scooter can be stored away virtually anywhere and can fit in the trunks of most standard vehicles. 

The Golden Technologies Buzzaround XLS HD 3-Wheel


This heavy duty product from Golden Technologies has a plethora of handy features that will make your riding experience more comfortable. First off, it features a wraparound delta tiller that removes the strain in your wrists and hands when maneuvering. Plus, there is enough foot room that does not compromise each tight turn you make. 

It has a comfy and ergonomic seat that operates in a comfort spring suspension system and can accommodate at least 325 pounds of weight. You also have a 3-inch ground clearance so that you can drive confidently and don’t have to worry about stalling on rough and bumpy terrains. And whether you are heading to the nearest grocery shop, or headed to a nature trail, this unit is fully equipped with sturdy wheels which can handle slippery surfaces, gravel or potholes with ease. 

For portability, this unit can be disassembled in just 4 steps, making transportation and traveling a breeze. Golden Technologies also thought about design and style and offers blue and red shroud panels for free so that you can customize the look of your mobility scooter to your liking. 

The Buzzaround XLS HD can reach up to 4 mph and go at least 14 miles in a single charge. It has extra strong and long frames and comes with 22 amp hour batteries. Featuring the New Comfort Spring Suspension, you get to have a smoother and less bumpy riding experience and its ultras bright LED headlight illuminates your way when traveling during the night. 

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