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Thanks to advancing technology in folding manual & electric wheelchairs, people are easily able to do things that were thought impractical or impossible in the past. 

Everyone wants to be free to go anywhere and do anything. 

For many people who require mobility solutions, the technological advances in mobility scooters and power wheelchairs mean a great deal. 

New motorized wheelchair designs mean that it is now possible to travel from one place to another in previously unimagined ways – in comfort and luxury.


In this collection, we show you our power-assisted wheelchairs, also known as electric wheelchairs, that are foldable. Before we discuss specific kinds of adult wheelchairs, we need to understand what these devices are.

Folding Power Assisted Wheelchairs

As the name suggests, folding power wheelchairs have the added capability of folding to a compact shape. The main purpose of the collapsing design is to allow for uncomplicated storage and travel.

Other names for these kinds of electricity-assisted wheelchairs include collapsible motorized wheelchairs, compact electric, easy fold, foldaway, fold 'n' go and foldable electric wheelchairs. 

They all have the same aim in mind – to allow the chair to fold into a far smaller, more compact shape than that of an open wheelchair in use. This significantly simplifies traveling with the wheelchair or packing it away.

What Are The Advantages Of Folding Electric Wheelchairs?

There are many benefits in utilizing a powered wheelchair, and even more, if you purchase one with a foldable design. 

The advantages of a folding wheelchair compared to conventional wheelchairs are obvious: there's no need to use your body power to propel the chair, which minimizes exertion altogether. Just use the mounted joystick on the chair's arm to steer the chair in the desired direction by activating its drive wheels to operate at the desired speed.

We will focus on some of the advantages of collapsing motorized wheelchairs versus power chairs that do not fold at all.

Traveling With Your Fold 'N Go Electric Wheelchair

Because your wheelchair is foldable, you will need significantly less storage space compared to those that cannot fold. 

This means you can easily fit your wheelchair inside the trunk of your car when you need to take it to places farther than the chair's capabilities allow. 

The types of foldable electric wheelchairs for sale can easily fit in very small car trunks, so there is no need for an SUV or minivan! 

Planning on traveling on vacation with your family? You can quickly and practically bring your fold-up wheelchair with you on your trip.

It should be noted, though, that folding a collapsible electrically assisted wheelchair might not be quite as easy as folding a conventional wheelchair. For example, you may need to remove the batteries from a power wheelchair before folding. Nevertheless, most models can be folded very quickly and with little hassle. 

Storing Your Fold-Up Motorized Chair

Being able to collapse/fold your wheelchair is very handy even when you are not traveling. People who live in compact spaces, such as in retirement-home rooms and in apartments, greatly value the ability to move a bulky wheelchair out of the way by folding it and storing it under a bed or between a closet and wall.

Furthermore, many users only need their wheelchair for specific occasions, and they would rather use the space a chair occupies for more frequently used items. 

Sometimes a bulky wheelchair is a tripping hazard, so the ability to fold a wheelchair and put it aside can be critical.

Here are some essential questions you may wish to ask yourself to determine whether fold-up power wheelchairs are worth considering, for you specifically:

• Is space conservation vital to me in my living area?
• If yes, a foldable wheelchair could be the answer.
• Is space conservation vital to me on a daily/weekly basis, at work, while traveling, or anywhere I frequently go?
• If I get a non-foldable model, would it cause inconvenience, such as a tripping hazard, when the chair is not in use?
• If yes, you should avoid models that cannot be folded and stowed away.
• Will the fact that the wheelchair is foldable actually help me in a practical way?
• Are the dimensions of the folded chair small enough for where I plan to store it?
• Think of your car trunk, under your bed or other available spaces.
• If your situation is one where storing or traveling with the chair would necessarily involve raising it, are you capable of lifting its weight?
• In some models, removing the batteries reduces the chair's weight significantly, making it easier to lift, but this is a challenge for some patients.

• If you think the weight of the chair is unsuitable for your capabilities, will you have assistance at hand when you need it?
• This help could come from a loved one, co-worker or member of staff to help you lift the chair when necessary.
• Is comfort an essential factor for you?
• Although designed to be as comfortable as possible, a wheelchair that is foldable tends to be less comfy than a non-foldable model.
• If yes, are the advantages of a collapsing wheelchair sufficient to outweigh any reduction in comfort compared with a luxury non-foldable chair?
• Note: You can also purchase easy-to-remove wheelchair pillows to make your foldable chair more comfortable. These are widely available at mobility stores and on websites and can make a world of difference to how you feel after several hours in your chair.

Should I Get a Foldable Power Chair?

To answer that question, you need to carefully consider your situation and the circumstances in which you would use your mobility device.

      The Best Folding Motorized Wheelchair Collection

      Our collection above shows some of the best folding power wheelchairs available. All are from USA brands, and they are designed by companies and manufacturers with years of experience in making the lives of disabled people better, more practical, and more independent.


      Drive Medical: Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair 

      For many dealers and patients alike, when you say "fold-up electric wheelchair", the first thought that comes to mind is a Drive brand chair, specifically the Cirrus Plus Wheelchair. It is sturdy, very sensibly designed, super easy to control and is often the first choice for people who are considering collapsible electricity-assisted wheelchairs.

      In the pictures above, you can see the ultra-strong metalwork – a common feature of a Drive electric wheelchair – that allows it to carry up to 300 lbs. The Cirrus Plus has the advantages of other Drive Medical wheelchairs and transport chairs, both motorized and manual. You can see the attention to keeping things orderly, straightforward and user-friendly. 

      The Cirrus Plus frame is made of a carbon-based material build, which provides maximum durability for low weight. It also folds to a beautifully compact shape, as illustrated above, so it also qualifies as a portable power wheelchair.

      To fold the Cirrus Plus, simply remove its batteries beneath its seat, and you are good to fold. This wheelchair comes with many must-have features aside from its portability. If comfort is your priority, it has a well-cushioned backrest, fully adjustable armrests, and handy footrests. 

      In addition to these features, the Cirrus Plus has considerable top speed, up to 5 mph, and it can do an impressive fifteen miles on a single battery charge. 

      Bear in mind, however, that this wheelchair weighs 90 lbs., excluding the batteries. For patients in search of the best portable wheelchairs, or those who need a light wheelchair, the Cirrus Plus might not be the best choice. Still, many users see the weight of the Cirrus Power Wheelchair as reasonable, considering the extra stability and comfort that the additional weight provides.

      To sum up, due to the advantages mentioned above, many users regard this Drive brand wheelchair as their perfect portable electric chair. They fold it up and put in their car trunk, on trains, and even on airplanes as checked-in luggage.

      If you think you need a lighter model, we have a collection page for those products here:

      Merits Wheelchair: Folding Power Chair

      The Folding Power Chair by Merits is another excellent choice if you want a conventional-style foldable powered wheelchair. 

      Despite its conservative look, this particular model can offer you many cool and practical things. 

      A folded width of only 13" is an excellent place to start. This foldable electric wheelchair can easily fit under a bed or in the narrow unused spaces around your home. 

      You will also have little difficulty to fit this device in most car trunks: click, fold, and off you go!

      An impressive feature of this Merits collapsing electric wheelchair that isn't seen in other foldable power chairs is its foldable battery brackets. The folding battery brackets allow for a smoother and simpler fold, meaning a more portable solution overall.

      The battery life is exceptional, too – eighteen miles per charge! So off you go to your destination and back, maybe even twice a day on one charge.

      With a 23" turning radius, this wheelchair is also an excellent choice if you often find yourself in confined and tight spaces. You might have a small apartment, use an elevator or have a narrow hallway, and the ability to turn sharp corners in these areas is paramount. 

      The pictures of this product show a relatively bare seat and back, but Merits Wheelchairs have optional extras. If extra comfort is more important to you than a slightly slimmer folded wheelchair size, we suggest that you consider these handy extras.

      This model also boasts well-cushioned armrests and fully adjustable footrests, which have optional leg rests. 

      Pride Mobility Jazzy Motorized Wheelchair: Jazzy Passport

      No collection of foldable wheelchairs is complete without the Jazzy Passport. This revolutionary wheelchair, by Pride Mobility, has an excellent folded size and measures only 31 inches tall, 16 inches deep and 23.5 inches wide when folded. It also stars in its exceptionally lightweight frame that allows it to weigh only 53 lbs. excluding batteries. 

      The Pride Jazzy Passport is the perfect device for providing daily mobility where space may be an issue. But it is even more suited to traveling, where space always seems to be an issue.

      The folding procedure for the Jazzy Passport wheelchair is also effortlessly simple. You remove the battery, squeeze two levers together, and with a little push, the chair folds into its well-known compact shape.

      It is important to remember that the Jazzy Passport can carry up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty pounds, which is perfect for most, though some people need a higher capacity. Pride Mobility has made the Jazzy wheelchair a super compact folding wheelchair model, so the weight capacity is somewhat on the lower end of the scale. 

      If the weight capacity of your chair needs to be higher than 250 lbs., consider our other models in this foldable wheelchair collection.

      Heavy-Duty Electric (Merits Wheelchairs USA)

      The Heavy-Duty Power Wheelchair by Merits brand is an exceptional folding power product. If you want an above-average quality powered wheelchair, the Heavy-Duty Power is a perfect choice. 

      When it says its folding chair is "heavy-duty", Merits USA means business! This chair can hold up to six hundred pounds of weight, has a top speed of 4 mph, and comes in several available seat widths – up to a generous 24 inches! 

      It has been perfectly engineered to provide optimal indoor and outdoor performance, including use on uneven terrain. 

      Another amazing feature is the exceptional range per battery charge – 25 miles of range. Compared with similar products on the market, this is absolute tops for a collapsible wheelchair. So, whether you are in transit, enjoying a long trip, or generally do a lot of daily moving about, this product won't let you down.

      Despite all these heavy-duty features, the Merits USA stands up to the test of being a transportable, foldable chair. In its folded state, it measures a slim 14 inches wide, regardless of the seat width when unfolded. 

      Also, consider the weight of this chair – only 117 lbs., including the batteries. This Merits wheelchair is truly a jewel of a folding mobility product.

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