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The Top 2 Power Vehicles to Travel Around Town With

The Top 2 Power Vehicles to Travel Around Town With

One of the greatest innovations for the disabled in recent history has been the wheelchair, and it was taken a step further with power versions – a tool that can provide the disabled with a much wider range of movement than ever before, even if they still require the assistance of someone who has full control of their own body. There is a common misconception around electric models that they aren't capable of long-distance travel. People tend to think of them only as a medium for short distance usage and nothing more than that. In reality, the wheelchairs have grown to the extent that they cannot be ruled from any segment of transportation. Heavy-duty power models provide users with the capacity to travel like normal human beings would do using a vehicle of their choice.

If you’re a senior with an appetite for traveling around town, do not let being in a wheelchair hold you back. The reason for using a power version is to enable disabled people to have the same experience as an abled person. Whether you’re traveling to more rugged areas or to some of the most wheelchair-friendly destinations, we have you covered on the best electric products in which to travel around town. We’ve also compiled a list of the top five models that provide the best experience and satisfaction to users.

Our List of Travel Based Power Wheelchairs

Non-handicapped people no longer need to push their friends and family along thanks to these products, and with that being the case, most individuals with a physical disability will own one. Even if it is not affordable, most companies will offer financing to make sure these chairs are available to disabled individuals with limited income. Now with that being the case, there is, of course, one major downside that so many people overlook until the time comes: traveling. The chair is great for short-range, but it will never keep up with a car, or a plane, and it certainly doesn’t fit well in a suitcase. In addition to that, such chairs can be extremely heavy, and not something you want to manage on your own. The inability to handle a chair like this easily can put quite a damper on family vacations, and even make simple trips, like grocery runs, unbearably difficult.

There are however some companies that have taken this into account and those that have gone out of their way to make sure their chairs are not only functional but easy to disassemble into several pieces for an easy and pleasurable travel  experience.

Drive Cirrus Plus

First on the list is the Drive Cirrus Plus’ - this is a low profile motorized wheelchair, and it does a great job of looking more like a traditional chair than a motorized monstrosity. It easily folds, which means loading and unloading into a car is easier than ever. One thing to note about this chair is that while it is lightweight it still features a travel range of 25Kms. If you want to get in and out as quickly as possible, then this is one chair that you simply do not want to miss.

Pride Mobility Go Chair

Second-place goes to – ‘Pride Mobility Go Chair’ – this has a long-lasting mobility when compared to the previous one. It is extremely comfortable, and the best part is that it can be separated into four easy pieces. Even with two powerful motors, it is highly transportable and comes with a range of 28Kms on a single charge.

Known among customers for its durability, endurance, and heavy-duty performance, and with a top speed of 6Km per hour, this unit comes in six different colors. Secure storage is available under the seat and it also is portable for all our travel needs. The most interesting feature is that it can carry a weight of around 140Kgs.

Taking trips with an electric wheelchair can add an extra headache if you don’t plan. Travelling can be uncomfortable for anyone. Moreover, things like unstable roads or bumps over unexpected cobblestones can become more painful while in a wheelchair that doesn’t have the right accommodations. It only requires a little research and a bit of planning to figure out how to see the world with your unit. 

Having a small repair kit that can pass through security to fix any potential small problems is useful, and there are several great options here, so make sure you take a look at every one of them, determining which of these fits your lifestyle best. Choosing one of these products is most certainly not a light decision to make, and it is an investment that will affect your life, or the life of the one you purchase it for, for many years to come. Above all, make sure you can handle taking it on the go, or wherever life happens to lead you - this is an excellent idea. It’s also smart to have insurance on your chair, in case of any damage.

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