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The Top 10 4-Wheel Mobility Units

Your Guide To The 4-Wheel Model

People who experience mobility issues are always looking for ways to add independence and freedom to their daily lives. If physical problems make it hard for you to do the stuff you love and go where you want, a 4-wheel mobility unit can help.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of 4-wheel mobility vehicles on the market. But these products are not all created equal. Choosing the best 4-wheel mobility vehicle for your needs can be confusing, especially if you don’t have any idea how to choose the right one.

To help, we’ve looked at many different models and compared them for you. In this post, you’ll see the best 4-wheel models currently available on the market.


1. Afikim Afiscooter C-4 Wheeled Model

Afikim is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to designing stylish, reliable, as well as safe products and one of which is the Afiscooter C4.

This 4-wheel unit sports a high-back seat with a comfy, 18 inch wide captain seat. It also comes with front and back suspension, turn signals, lighting design, and dual rearview mirrors.

Similar to other mobility units, and despite its size, the Afiscooter C features a delta tiller that you can adjust, meaning it will suit everybody.

This 4-wheel unit has a smartbrake light which helps in conserving energy by regenerating electricity. As a result, it can give you a driving range of 25 miles on a single charge.

This is a big model, designed specially for outdoor use. For this reason, the C-4 features advanced suspension, a very generous 4 inches of ground clearance, and pneumatic tires, all making this product a pleasure to ride.

For additional protection, this unit is equipped with front, as well as rear, bumpers.

The Afiscooter C has a top speed of 9.3 miles per hour, a turning radius of 67 inches and a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

This comfy, stylish and sturdy model is the perfect solution for daily  outdoor use.


2. Golden Technologies Patriot 4-Wheel Model

This rugged mobility product is a perfect choice if you go out on trails and rugged paths.

The Patriot mobility unit comes with a control panel display that is very easy to understand and operate. You can control your device, track the status of the battery and see other useful signals.

This one of the best 4-wheel mobility units that comes equipped with 13 inch low-profile tires. It has also a captain seat that keeps you comfortable throughout your ride and a rubber anti-slip floor deck for safe embarking and disembarking.

The Golden Technologies Patriot has four wheels, keeping it very stable and balanced, even at a top speed of 8 miles per hour with a driving range of 18 miles.

It is powered with 2 45AH batteries. What’s more, it features a 3.5 inch ground clearance.

The four wheels of this model have an independent suspension, whereas its tiller can be adjusted infinitely.

Either way, the Patriot 4-wheel unit is ideal for users weighing up to 400 pounds.


 3. Drive Medical Ventura Four-Wheel Model

Are you looking for a four-wheel mobility unit that you can use both indoors and outdoors? If so, then this model from Drive Medical is ideal for you.

The Ventura 4-Wheel has a seat position which slides backwards and forwards along with four other seat adjustment settings for a perfect position as you ride .

For optimum angle and height for taller adults, the Ventura 4-Wheel has adjustable as well as padded armrests. 

Furthermore, this product comes with a programmable controller, anti-tip wheels,  interchangeable blue and red panels, and it is powered using a 20AH battery.

In order to improve your safety and visibility in dark areas, Drive Medical equipped this model with a bright headlight too. This feature will increase safety especially when taken outdoors.

This unit also comes with a free big plastic basket, large enough for your various personal items you need to take along with you. Getting around with the Ventura is pretty easy, thanks to its adjustable tiller and the freewheel operation ensures that if you ever get stuck, your unit can always act as a manual chair.

The Ventura 4-wheel is equipped with a swivel seat and take note: you can adjust its height depending on your preference.

One of the factors that makes this the best 4-wheel model is that despite its size, weight and transport friendliness, it can accommodate up to 350 pounds safely and comfortably.


4. Pride Mobility Victory 10

When it comes to style and comfort, this four-wheel unit from Pride will not disappoint you. The Victory sports a sleek and sporty look even when compared with contemporary models.

Check out the four smart-looking and low-profile tires, they not only look great but are designed not to mar or scuff your indoor floors besides adding a sporty appearance and feel.

The Victory 10 is also ideal for traveling owing to the manufacturer’s feather-touch disassembly. As a matter of fact, with the aid of this innovative feature, disassembling and preparing it for transport is a lot easier and quicker than what you would expect from this mid-range unit. The seat is lightweight, so it also aids in easy disassembly and is filled with cozy foam inserts keeping you comfortable during your ride.

Despite this 4-wheel model being portable, it boasts of a 15.5 mile driving range and a max speed of 5.25 miles per hour. In addition to that, it has a turning radius of 54” and a 2 inch ground clearance.

Similar to the Golden Technologies Patriot, the Pride Mobility Victory 10 can accommodate up to a hefty 400 pounds in user weight.

For safety purposes, this product comes with a battery gauge ignited that has LEDs. When you buy this 4-wheel mobility product you will get batteries and a front basket, aside from the unit itself.


5. Drive Medical Phoenix 4-Wheel Model

Here's another great 4-wheel mobility product from Drive Medical that is worth investing in.

The Phoenix 4 comes with controls that are specially designed for people who have dexterity or strength issues.

On the other hand, for those who do have the capabilities, this portable mobility unit can be disassembled into several parts for easy transportation and storage.

The Phoenix 4-wheel has anti-slip wheels which increase the product’s stability and security on a variety of indoor surfaces.

Much like other 4-wheel mobility units on the market today, it also comes with a big front basket where you can store your personal stuff, and the tiller of this scooter provides an infinite positioning feature, helping you set your preferred driving position with ease.

It has a swivel chair can be locked in 45 degrees increments so you can easily get on and off your chair, while its height can be adjusted to lessen unnecessary knee as well as leg stress.

The Phoenix 4-wheel comes equipped with flat-free solid tires so you have that peace of mind when traversing gravel or rough patches of terrain.

This one of the best four-wheel products that can hold up to 350 pounds,  has a driving range of 14 miles and a top speed of 4 miles per hour. Nevertheless, assembling and disassembling it is pretty easy and quick. When disassembled, the heaviest part of this model weighs 45 pounds with an overall total weight of 129 pounds.


6. Golden Technologies Companion II Four Wheeled Model

A superb 4-wheeled model from Golden, the Companion II gives you spacious foot and leg room and sports a rugged as well as modern design. This product can climb up to a top speed of 5.4 miles per hour and has a driving range of up to 18.6 miles!

This four-wheel model is here to provide maximum comfort even with a humble stadium seat - the padding uses an innovative technology known as  LiquiCell so no matter what your everyday activities are, you'll feel great. 

The Companion II can be used for outdoor and indoor purposes. For an additional layer of safety, it comes equipped with an LED headlamp that can be adjusted with ease.

You'll always know where your battery charge stands with the backlit display that shows you remaining charge levels. Aside from that, Companion II has a ground clearance of 4 inches and a turning radius of 53.5”.

As additional features, it comes with an optional cup and bag holder, phone holder, and even a basket.

 7. Pride Mobility Pursuit Rugged Outdoor 4-Wheel Model

As the name implies, this product was designed to handle bumpy and uneven terrains, giving disabled people the opportunity to reach the areas that you just can’t reach when you’re using regular models.

This 4-wheel unit has a full suspension and big, 13 inch wheels, lessening any jarring jolts and bumps to make riding on rough surfaces fun.

The handles of this product can be adjusted with ease, and so can the seat which reclines to the position your body finds best. What’s more, it is equipped with a headlight and directional blinkers so that you’ll be able to see your way clearly even though you’re in dark or low visibility areas.

On a single charge, the Pursuit can offer you a maximum driving range of 14 miles. It has a top speed of 8 miles per hour and can comfortably accommodate up to 400 pounds - which is truly in the higher end.

This scooter makes use of non-scuffing tires as well as a DC motor, offering optimum driving force, and for more precise steering, it comes with detachable delta tiller handlebars.

The Pride Mobility Pursuit is best-suited for people who love spending their free time outdoors and want the stability of a 4-wheel device.


8. Drive Medical 4 Wheel ZooMe Flex 

The ZooMe Flex is a foldable 4-wheel model that you can easily take on long and short travel trips. It is extremely portable, thanks to its very lightweight design.

In actual fact, this product only weighs around 54 pounds, excluding its batteries that weigh only five pounds. However, its strong aluminum frame can accommodate up to 275 pounds, meaning it can accomodate people weighing for more than the weight of the ZooMe Flex itself.

This collapsible and portable model has 13 miles of driving range and a top speed of 4 miles per hour. Its compact tires, on the other hand, will not mark or damage any surface. Furthermore, the ZooMe Flex comes with a intuitive delta tiller that can be adjusted, and an electromagnetic slowdown system for direction-finding control.

The ZooMe comes equipped with a 16 inch wide seat, which is wide enough to accommodate you comfortably. Lastly, its high gloss coverings offer a protective finish.


9. Golden Technologies Avenger Four-Wheel Model

If you are looking for a four-wheel unit that sports a stick-out design and has rugged outside maneuverability, then the Avenger from Golden Technologies is for you. 

This product will offer you a comfortable and smooth ride, whether you are heading to nature trails or grocery stores.

The Avenger 4-wheel unit has a lighting package that will light your path after dark and signal lights to alert other road users or pedestrian traffic to your intentions, keeping you safer.

This model comes with a  front basket in which you can keep your important things while riding.

With an ultra-padded and comfortable seat as well as a headrest that you can adjust based on your needs, the Avenger takes care of your comfort, and isn't limited to the raw performance figures.

When it comes to the battery, the Avenger is powered with 2 NF-22 batteries that can offer you a driving range of 18 miles. Plus, the bumper guard is fully protected to protect it from scratches and bumps.

Another outstanding feature: this sturdy product can accommodate 500 pounds of user weight - it doesn't really get higher than that with mobility scooters!

10. Golden Technologies LiteRider Four-Wheel Model

This wonderful, stylish 4-wheel unit from Golden Technologies will surely bring your time with friends and family, shopping trips, and vacations to a higher level.

The LiteRider is very reasonably priced, perfect for light to mid-range usage with a long-lasting battery that allows you to travel 9.5 miles at a top speed of 5 miles per hour.

With its delta tiller and easy-to-read control panel, controlling the LiteRider is easy as pie! This 4-wheel product comes with Golden's famous plush and comfortable chair as well as adjustable armrests.

The LiteRider by Golden Technologies can carry up to 300 pounds and similar to other products in this list, comes with a basket.


Buying the best 4-wheel model doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you know your needs. Hopefully, with the help of this top 10 list, you will be able to find the right product that can offer you a safe, reliable, and comfortable ride.

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