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The Top 2 Power Vehicles For People Who Require Higher Weight-Capacity Units

The Top 2 Power Vehicles For People Who Require Higher Weight-Capacity Units

A power wheelchair makes it easy for disabled, elderly, and obese patients to move from one place to another without other assistance. It helps them experience outdoor activities like others. It gives confidence, high maneuverability, comfort, a higher performance than a manual model, and a lot of other benefits to the user. Its purpose varies for different users based on their requirements and physical condition. Like others mentioned above, overweight people highly depend upon power vehicles. They provide relief from dependency. Most obese people struggle to walk and breathe freely, and if they underwent bariatric treatment, they may need a power model.

Specs to keep in mind while choosing for obese people

When choosing a electric unit, we should consider its specification based on the patient or the user's requirements. For the types of people we discussed above, we need to consider some features such as: weight capacity, it should bear the weight of the patient; size of the chair seat, it should big enough to fit; battery range, it should be high as it drains high power when carrying heavyweight passengers; and finally, turning radius and drive wheel, as it should make for easy turning and driving in tight spaces. 

An affordable power wheelchair list

Let’s take a look at the list of the most comfortable power models for people who require higher weight-capacity units.

1. Pride Jazzy Elite HD

Pride Jazzy Elite HD |

It is one of the best options for obese people as its weight capacity is 450lbs, the seat width is 24 inches, its turning radius is 4 inches which makes it easy to turn in tight spaces, and the front-wheel drive helps in easy-going outdoor terrain. The battery range is 9.8 miles per charge, which should be considered the most as it may cause easy power drain while carrying heavy weight. 14-inch tires provide more grip and the weight is more balanced on the move. It has a wider footrest and the seating is designed for comfort. It is available at an affordable rate of $3699. Warranties are included for motors and electronics up to 13 months and 5 years for frames.

2. Drive Trident Front-Wheel Drive

Trident HD | Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs | Power Wheelchairs ...

This is one of the heavy-duty models available at a lower cost than the Pride Jazzy Elite. Its weight capacity is 450lbs, the standard for heavy-duty. Its wide 14-inch wheels make it easy to maneuver both indoors and outdoors. The captain’s seat size is 24 inches, which is suitable for obese people. Its drive range is 15 miles per charge and it runs at a speed of 4 miles per hour. Its suspension system provides a smooth drive for bariatric patients. Its parts like the seat and armrests are adjustable. Its front-wheel-drive helps in easy driving around obstacles. It is a good one for obesity.



If you are looking for a power wheelchair for anyone close to you or even for yourself, a heavy-duty model is a great choice for the morbidly obese. It can give you the comfort you need. You need to consider a few basic things which we discussed in this article, like weight capacity, seat width, driving capacity, battery quality, frame quality, drive system, wheel width, the seat, armrests and footrests, and the turning radius. Now that you know what to look for, choose one that works best for you! 

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