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The Top 3 Afikim Three-Wheel Mobility Units

Mobility scooters are not only great for getting from one place to another, but also for people who can no longer walk long distances and stand for a long time. These vehicles are a lifesaver. Purchasing a mobility vehicle for your mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa with weak knees and bones is a great gift idea.

However, do not just buy any one you find on the market. First consider its features, as well as its long-term performance. The weight capacity, maneuverability, portability, ability to travel long distances, and speed are just a few of the things to look for, as these cover all your mobility needs. If you need assistance in choosing the best vehicle, continue reading.

  1. The Afikim SE

If you are looking for a classic but stylish product, then you might love this SE scooter from Afikim. As you are seeing on the picture, it has features like a motorcycle that your grandpa or dad would surely love using. If you are looking for a highly convenient scooter, then this would be the best product that you are looking for.

The unit features a large 10-inch pneumatic front tire and 14-inch pneumatic rear tires for a smooth, safe ride. It also comes with shock absorbers and adjustable suspension to make rides on bumpy surfaces more comfortable. In fact, it is great for all types of terrains thanks to its 5-inch high ground clearance, tight turning radius, and multi-surface tires.

  1. Afikim Afiscooter S

If comfort is something that you consider when choosing a mobility scooter, then this would be the perfect option for you. But this product is more than just a seat, with the Afikim S Scooter, you would get its top-notch safety and high-performance features, which could help improve your ride’s quality.

It comes with a seat that is orthopedic and can be swiveled and adjusted, so that you can easily get on and off the scooter anytime you wanted. With a rear-wheel and three-wheel drive, you can easily maneuver this vehicle even in small spaces. To help create smooth-riding conditions, the model comes with pneumatic tires, shock absorbers, and full suspension for your overall comfort during a bumpy ride.

  1. The Afkim Afiscooter C

Now, this Afikim model is another version of the Afiscooter. This model is called the Afiscooter C. Like the S model, this unit also has an advanced front and rear suspension, a comfortable orthopedic seat, and shock absorbers to bring you a comfortable ride while being transported around town. However, since the scooter is about 26 inches wide, it might be too large to be used indoors. But it is great to be used outdoors and when running some errands.

The seat can be rotated 360 degrees allowing you to get and off the device easily. It also comes with a delta tiller that can be fully adjusted, various seat heights, and armrests that can be flipped up to easily get off the scooter. If you ever need some storage spaces to hold your personal items and shopping bags, the scooter also comes with a front basket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they Allowed on Pavements?

Yes, class 2 scooters are allowed to ride on pavements, but there is a speed limit of 4 mph. But for class 3 units that have a speed of 8 mph and above are suitable to be used on the roads.

However, despite having a speed of over 12 mph, you can still use it on pavements as long as you stick to the speed limit. As a reminder, mobility scooters are designed to be used by seniors and adults who can no longer walk, so they should mostly be used on sidewalks and not on busy streets.

Are they Classified as a Motor Vehicle?

There was a case where an old man was charged as “drunk-driving” when he was breathalyzed while driving his scooter. This was wrong as these products are essentially “legs” for those who can longer walk, or have trouble walking and standing for a long time, so they aren’t considered as a motor vehicle.

How Much do they Cost?

Prices could range from $500 to $6000, depending on their features, styles, and performances. Therefore, you should always do research about the product you are about to buy to avoid having regrets in the future. Also, consider their pros and cons to know if the scooter would suit all your needs or not.

Am I Required to Get a License?

Since they are made for people with disabilities, you are not required to get a license like motorists do. But you might need to register it for safety purposes. If you ever drive on the road, your maximum speed should only be around 8 mph and 4 mph on pavements to avoid any accidents.

Should I Get One?

If you don’t want to use a motorized wheelchair where you’ll have to manually push yourself around when you don’t have a caretaker, or any of your family members to push you, then you might want to consider using a mobility scooter, where you’ll have more freedom to move around without assistance.


If you are not sure about what kind of mobility scooter you should get despite reading the recommendations above, then you might want to get some tailored advice from your health doctor or from a registered health professional, such as an OT or Occupational Therapist. But if you did find a product that you like, you should take it for a test drive to see if it has enough stability when you’re driving on bumpy roads.

We hope this article has helped you choose your own model to aid you with your mobility issues & showcase the top 3 Afikim 3-wheel handicap scooters on the market.

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