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The Top 3 Mid-Size Mobility Units

The Top 3 Mid-Size Mobility Units

Mid-size mobility scooters are ideal for people who like to ride to their local store, go into the store, and ride home later. Midsize medical units come with pneumatic tires that allow them to handle potholes much better than a mini-scooter. A mid-sized mobility unit can be disassembled as well, however they’re not as easy as the lightweight ones because the components are much bigger and heavier. However, they are durable and provide amazing comfort. 

1. AfiScooter C 3-Wheel 

    This is one of the best medium-sized mobility products. This is made using state-of-the-art technology and is also regarded as the fastest, most long-lasting, and most comfortable mid-size mobility scooter. 

    This product is integrated with a fully adjustable orthopedic seat, so you will experience maximum comfort while driving. The deluxe cushioned seat swivels, making it easy to move around and dine out with family and friends. 

    This can also be utilized as a primary vehicle. With features such as wide pneumatic tires, full suspension, shock absorbers, and 4 inch ground clearance, you will drive comfortably on sidewalks, varied terrain, and parking lots. The integrated 3 wheel turn radius maneuvers exceptionally well on tight pathways and sidewalks. 

    The integrated automatic brakes allow the driver to stop securely in any setting. On the other hand, the integrated full light package that includes turn signals and bright headlights improve your safety. You can drive this unit even at night. It is integrated with rearview mirrors that allow you to safely see what is behind you without straining your neck. It is also integrated with a horn that alerts others to your presence. It comes with a big front basket that holds essential items like your wallet, smartphone, keys, and bottled water. 

    The state-of-the-art Afiscooter C 3-wheel has an extended driving range. It is one of the many reasons why it stands apart from the rest. This allows you to drive up to twenty-five miles on just one charge. A groundbreaking full suspension system ensures a smooth ride anywhere you go, regardless of the terrain. It doesn’t matter if you are enjoying a long stroll in your neighborhood or running errands, this mid-size product from Afikim will get you to your destination comfortably, safely, and smoothly. 


    Other renowned features of this model include the following:

    • 330 pounds weight capacity 
    • Wraparound tiller with an ergonomic design 
    • Easy to use control panel
    • Shock absorbers, full suspension, and rear bumpers ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.
    • The orthopedic seat is fully adjustable and swivels 360 degrees for utmost comfort 
    • Easy to maintain and easy to drive 
    • Oversized seatback pocket that provides extra storage
    • The delta tiller is fully adjustable for individual positioning 
    • Extremely reliable in any driving conditions 

    2. Pride Jazzy Zero Turn

    With Jazzy Zero Turn, you will get a mid-sized model with a 4 wheel and 3 wheel turning radius. The patent Zero-Turn technology is what sets it apart from the rest. This unit can navigate small spaces and tight corners effortlessly with a 38 inch turning radius. Illuminate your ride with the integrated LED lighting. The integrated CTS suspension and dual motors make sure of a comfortable and smooth drive. 

    There is a charging port integrated into the delta tiller for fast and easy charging. A modern rim style makes it look great while driving and the CTS suspension makes it comfortable to drive. 


    The Delta tiller’s patented wraparound handle is user-friendly for right or left-hand operation. The dual motors are integrated for additional traction in uneven or rough terrain. There is a front basket to store your belongings while the LED lighting is ideal for safe operation.  Ergonomic pending technology offers four-wheel stability that has a three-wheel turning radius. It is also integrated with storage below. A USB charger is integrated into the delta tiller for extra convenience when charging your smartphone and other portable devices. There is a choice of 5 modern and interchangeable color shrouds. 

    3. Go-Go Ultra X

    Aside from being a tough mid-sized unit, the Go-Go Ultra X is also cheap and provides a safe and comfortable trip outdoors. It has a state-of-the-art lock mechanism which allows you to break it down into separate parts using only one hand. This is a useful feature if you travel often and have to assemble and disassemble the unit on your own. 

    The Go-Go Ultra X breaks down into 5 pieces, the heaviest weighing 29.5 lbs, therefore it is convenient to pack and store in the car. It weighs 75 lbs when the battery is installed. It is super lightweight which means you can take it on public transportation without feeling exhausted. It is equipped with a basket you can use to carry your belongings or store your groceries. There are additional components available for purchase on the company’s website. 

    It also comes with a drop-in battery that makes it easy to use and an ideal choice for elderly riders. It also comes with a convenient off-board, dual-voltage charger that can be used to charge the battery, pack on or pack off. It takes 8 to 14 hours to fully charge the battery. It has a short operating range and a long charge time; it performs well on short errands or when driving around your home. It has a turning radius of 33 inches, so it can turn almost any corner. This mid-sized model is integrated with a deeply cushioned seat that can be folded and stored in the trunk of your car. The tiller provides support to riders with limited hand dexterity. 


    These are a few of the best mid-sized mobility scooters available on the market. Any of these three units will give you the utmost comfort when driving, but anticipate spending a bit more. 

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