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The Top 3 Power Vehicles for Mom on Valentine’s Day

The Top 3 Power Vehicles for Mom on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is not just for couples, boyfriends, and girlfriends, but also the whole family. It is the perfect time to show our love. And what better way to show our love to our family, especially the one who gave birth to us, than by giving her a special gift? Surprise Mom this Valentine’s day by giving her a power wheelchair!

Today there are lots of different models to choose from. Here are the top 3 most recommended units that would make a great gift.

Pride Go-Chair Travel 

This product is known for its compact style and portability. This is made by renowned manufacturer Pride Mobility. It can be reassembled and disassembled easily, and it is super lightweight so you can pack it easily into your car and hit the road without the need for a van lift. 

With regards to portability, this unit stands apart from the rest. It narrows down into 4 easy-to-manage pieces that can fit in the trunk of your car. The integrated seat is not foldable, but it can be strapped into the back seat of your car with ease. The total weight is 57 lbs, so it’s light to carry once it's broken down. 

Because of its lightweight design, the Pride Go-Chair Travel can support 250 lbs, but that is to be expected for its size. The Pride Go-Chair, only 21 inches wide, can fit through tight doorways, a quality further complemented by its 22.5 inch turning radius for limited corners. 

It has limited drive range. This allows you to travel 10 miles on one charge, perfect for casual daily activities. If you want to travel more than is permitted by the batteries, you may want to consider other models of auto-wheelchair. This unit is planned for semi-active drivers who like to sustain their mobility.


In general, the Pride Go-Chair is one of the best options due to its portability. It is lighter compared to other expensive chairs and can be disassembled and stored easily. Users with no van lifts will see the instant appeal of this due to the independence it cultivates. This chair enables you to sustain your mobility and it’s available for a very reasonable price. 

Pride Jazzy Elite HD 

Another highly recommended unit for Mom on Valentine’s Day is the Jazzy Elite HD from Pride Mobility. It boasts many standout features which include an utmost weight capacity of 450 lbs, a 3 inch ground clearance, and it’s available in two colors. Also, it features a 5 year warranty on the frame. While this unit has many remarkable features, other areas need improvement, such as a short-lived battery life that hinders this unit from being a high ranking product. 

This model has a top speed of 4 mph and its 24 inch turning radius allows for a relatively tight turn. This unit can also clear ground up to 3 inches, which makes it ideal to use outside and when you are driving over rough and rocky terrain. 

Compared to other models, the battery life of this unit is short. It can just travel 9.8 miles on one charge. A good motorized wheelchair can travel 15 miles on one charge, while the most reliable ones can travel 20 miles. 

This chair can accommodate 450 lbs. Most products available have a weight limit of 300 lbs. You can opt for blue or red fenders, and this chair comes with lots of cushioning on the captain seat, headrest, as well as the backrest. On the other hand, it’s relatively heavy, weighing about 225 lbs, one of the heaviest models available. 

The Pride Jazzy Elite HD comes with a 5 year warranty on the frame and has a 1 year warranty on parts as well as drive motors. Pride Mobility has the best warranties in the industry. 

Jazzy 600 ES

Another popular product from Pride Mobility, the Jazzy 600 ES, makes it easy for your mom to move from one area to another, whether outdoors or indoors. This unit can travel up to 4 mph and can travel over 16 miles on one charge. It has a tight turning radius as well as a superb warranty. But it misses some features and has some flaws that are common with power wheelchairs.  

The life of the battery for this model is better than average. With a 21 inch turning radius, which is extremely impressive, the Jazzy 600 ES is considered one of the tightest turns on the market. This allows the device to easily move around inside a small room and around tight corners. If you are outside, this unit can climb steep slopes at a 7.5 degree angle. The typical power chair climbs a 6 degree angle only.

The style of this model is relatively basic. It is integrated with features like joystick control and a seatbelt. It has lots of cushioning on the backrest, headrest, and seat. But the drawback is that the fender is just available in one color, which is red. This unit is heavy, weighing about 240 lbs, one of the heaviest options today. It can accommodate riders weighing 300 lbs and has a dimension of 42 by 24.5 by 3.5 inches. It has a superb warranty. The chair frame has a lifetime warranty, and the parts are covered for one year. 


The top 3 most recommended units for Mom on Valentine’s Day are reviewed above. Each one has amazing features and advantages. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of these as a gift this holiday, and your mom will love your thoughtfulness!

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