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Will Medicare Pay for Mobility Scooters?

Will Medicare Pay for Mobility Scooters?

If you’re one of the thousands with mobility issues it may be difficult to get around. Even with a standard wheelchair, physical strain and limitations can make it difficult to live a more normal life.

It wasn’t long ago that mobility products were advertised everywhere. For people who want to get around easier, these wheelchairs allow you to move faster and go further. With customizable options, they can be more compact, allowing you to fit in narrow places, or more stylish than the standard wheelchairs. These products are listed as “Durable Medical Equipment” or DME for short.

Over recent years, people have found it more difficult to get a mobility unit on Medicare. As restrictions became tighter, it’s not as simple as a doctor prescribing a device. So, how do you get a mobility device with your Medicare plan?

How Does Medicare Help You with Scooters?

For those who have a Medicare Part D plan, there is hope to get a scooter under your coverage. Depending on the unit you need and the plan you have, you could be looking at paying as little as 20% of the cost of the scooter.

Medicare can be a lengthy and complicated process. To be approved, you must have a face to face consultation with your doctor. During this consultation, it will be determined if you need a mobility device for health reasons. It’s not just about getting around easier, you will have to prove that a standard wheelchair will not work for you.

Your doctor must be one who is already approved to work with Medicare. This takes additional training and paperwork. If you visit a doctor who is not Medicare-approved, the insurance will not pay for your machine. Once your doctor determines that you do have a medical need for one, they will write a paper prescription for it.

Your next step will be to go to a mobility vehicle dealer. With your prescription in hand, be sure to go to a dealer who is authorized to work with Medicare as well. Mobility vehicle dealers who are not enrolled in Medicare will be unable to submit a claim for the product.

Prior Authorizations

Accompanied with ensuring your providers are participating in your Medicare plan, in some cases, you will need prior authorizations. Depending on the type of scooter that is right for you, the supplier will need to submit documentation to get approval for you.

At this point, there is nothing that you need to do. The supplier and your doctor will submit the paperwork for you. Once submitted, Medicare will review the request before approving it.

Your request can be denied if it’s found that you do not:

  • Need the chair for medical reasons

  • The information is submitted improperly

If you are denied the first time, the supplier can resubmit a request for you.

Working with a DME supplier can be beneficial if you do not meet the criteria. From financing options to low-cost scooters, you can still have the chair you need.

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