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Electric Wheelchair Guides

The Best Geo Cruiser Models For 2021

Scott Zabriskie Oct 03, 2020 The Best Geo Cruiser Models For 2021

  There are a lot of different wheelchairs and mobility aids on the market today, which can make it overwhelming when narrowing down your search and looking for the most appropriate solution.  You may have heard of Geo Cruisers before. This is a wheelchair range that has been designed and manufactured by Pathway Mobility. But are their wheelchairs right for you? And if so, which model should you go for? Continue reading to discover everything that you need to know.  Table of Contents What is a Geo Cruiser? ⇨What is a power chair? Who has the Geo Cruiser been designed...

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The Best Outdoor Electric Wheelchairs of 2021

Scott Zabriskie Sep 28, 2020

Table of Contents Outdoor Power Wheelchairs Outdoor Power Wheelchairs – Why Buy One? ⇨Greater degree of independence ⇨Unmatched comfort ⇨Optimal posture ⇨Feature set ⇨Outdoor traveling ⇨Save space and carry on public transport ⇨Traverse long distances with ease ⇨Difficult terrain and inclined surfaces Choosing an Electric Outdoor Wheelchair that’s Right for You Outdoor Power Wheelchairs Those suffering from joint and mobility problems either due to age or a debilitating illness or accident often find walking sticks, canes and manual wheelchairs far too demanding to use. In this case, to say that an outdoor power wheelchair for such folks is a blessing,...

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The 15 Best Electric Wheelchairs To Buy in 2021

Scott Zabriskie Aug 24, 2020 The 15 Best Electric Wheelchairs To Buy in 2021

Why you should consider buying an electric wheelchair in 2021 There are many benefits to purchasing an electric wheelchair which is why we wrote an updated electric wheelchairs buying guide for 2021. Here are the main reasons that can improve your life for 2021 which will conclude with our 15 Best Electric Wheelchairs To Buy in 2021:        a. Comfort Like mobility scooters, electric wheelchairs give you the ability to get around - and they also provide enhanced ease of use and comfort. Many options offer you flexibility in adjusting for height, tilt, reclining, leg space and other settings,...

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The Best Elevating Seat Power Wheelchairs For 2021

Scott Zabriskie Aug 06, 2020 The Best Elevating Seat Power Wheelchairs For 2021

Elevating Seat Power Chairs For everyday folks who have no mobility issues whatsoever, the act of reaching higher to pick something off a cabinet or switching the lights off is something they never give much thought to. However, if you’re someone who must go about your daily activities in a wheelchair, then you may experience difficulty in reaching items which require your torso to be a few inches higher than your normal seated position.     This leads many to enquire: Do power wheelchairs come in different heights? The answer is yes, you can get power wheelchairs not only that can...

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The Best Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchairs For 2021

Scott Zabriskie Aug 06, 2020

Aging seniors or those with compromised mobility often turn to heavy-duty bariatric wheelchairs to move around. These strong and robust high weight capacity wheelchairs feature a thick chassis and frame that’s built to last many decades.  With such solid exteriors and frames made from the highest quality materials, our heavy-duty power wheelchairs are one of the best investments you can ever make – even if you’re not a very heavyset individual.  Mobility shouldn’t have to be a struggle with the onset of age or even if you’ve had yours compromised due to an illness or accident. Our bariatric power wheelchairs...

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