Can You Rent a Power Wheelchair? How Much Does it Cost?

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Sometimes, renting a power wheelchair can be a very good idea. Power chair rental may be of particular value to individuals who only need the power chair temporarily, want to rent the chair and try it out for a while, before they purchase it. Or they may have their own personal reasons for renting instead of buying a power wheelchair. 

Renting a Power Chair for Short-Term Use - Accidents happen. So do knee replacements, hip adjustments and other medical procedures which may restrict or suspend use of the lower extremities for days, weeks or maybe even months. When a specific incident results in temporary disability, renting a power wheelchair for a limited time could prove to be smarter than buying one outright.

For example, a surgical patient could rent a power chair while recuperating at home. Or, a visiting relative might have a need to rent a power wheelchair while staying with family. At the end of the rental term, and when there is no further need for the equipment, the power chair is conveniently returned to the supplier. 

Can you Rent a Power Wheelchair? 

Wheelchairs can be used for a variety of disabilities, either permanently or temporarily. Everyone knows that their purpose is to provide maximum comfort for the user depending on their difficulties.

Yes, you can rent a power wheelchair. A power wheelchair rental can be arranged online or in areas prone to high tourist traffic, such as amusement parks, cruises, and famous landmarks. Renting a wheelchair may be a viable option for several reasons. The primary reason will most likely be health concerns, and mobility issues. Additionally, when traveling or away from home for some time, a rental power chair may be easier to arrange than packing up your own. If your device is used indoors only, renting would be a great way to preserve its integrity.

Disabled people who depend on wheelchairs feel the most comfortable in their own wheelchair and that is not arguable. However, there are cases when a person should rent a wheelchair rather than bring his or her own.

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Signs that a power wheelchair may be the ideal choice for you is that you are unable to stand for long periods and have difficulty walking from one space to another. These signs indicate that a power wheelchair rental would be beneficial. In long-term health conditions, purchasing a wheelchair would be the most logical and economical option. When traveling, renting a power chair would accommodate your needs while not having to worry about transporting your primary device. 

Renting a Power Chair for Short-Term Use

Accidents are unpredictable and we are all prone to these events. This might happen at any given moment and leave us with knee replacements, hip adjustments and other medical procedures which may affect our normal functioning for a day, weeks or maybe even months. Having a temporary disability, will require that you rent a power wheelchair for a limited period of time. This could prove to be smarter than buying one outright. 


There are many other occasions where opting for a power wheelchair rental is a better choice than buying one. In case, you are planning on travelling, you may have to rent one as you would not want to travel along with your home wheelchair all the time.Folding wheelchairsare a great option for those people looking to travel. Those of you who are forced to use wheelchairs for longer periods of time too can benefit from power wheelchair rental. Most often disabled people turn their faces away from traveling because of the hurdles involved in taking their wheelchairs to every place. 

Another important occasion where you would need to rent this equipment is while traveling on cruises. Cruises these days are becoming more accessible and are a great way for those with disabilities to travel. If you are planning on taking a cruise, contact the company that runs the cruise to ask about their power wheelchair rental options. 

Before you make a decision on which wheelchair to choose, you would need to consult your physician, they can tell you all the features you should look for in a rental power chair. You could possibly want to be active to some extent and opt for a manual one so that you could move on your own strength. Alternatively, you may require an electric wheelchair for some time before moving on to amanual one. So whatever your needs are, you would still need your physician's advice.

Advantages of renting a power wheelchair for a short period of time:

  • Renting a power wheelchair costs much less than buying one

  • When you rent it you can be assured that the wheelchair is of top quality

  • You have the chance to see if a power wheelchair is right for your needs

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Renting a Powerchair to Try Out a Model

Now, if you need a wheelchair almost every day of the year, the best option is probably to buy your own. However, there are many situations where people select a product that looks good on paper, but does not work well in real life.

Renting a wheelchair can therefore give you a good idea of what you are looking for before committing to a purchase. Keep in mind the certain features of the chair that you would like on your own chair. Then when you make anelectric wheelchair purchase, you know exactly what to look out for. 

Renting a Power Chair for Personal Reasons

Renting a wheelchair or power scooter is a great alternative to buying if you don't need a mobility aid all the time. You don't have to invest the money that would be necessary to buy, but you'll still have all the freedom as if you did. Just because you can't afford a wheelchair, doesn't mean you can't experience all the things life has to offer. Rent, and save yourself the hassle and cost of ownership.

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Power Chair?

As far as the price is concerned, it depends on the type of chair you want to rent. Apart from that, the duration of the rental period could very well have an impact on the cost. As an indication price may vary from location, use, duration, and transportation. You can find starting prices at $30 per day.

Typically, the price of rental wheelchairs can start as low as $30 per day. But, keep in mind that different factors, including location, use, and duration, could cause the price to vary. Reported weekly wheelchair rental costs average around $125 a week. It is important to reach out to the specific retailer to confirm their rates on different devices.

Ensure you only rent a power wheelchair for as long as you need it. You don’t want to be paying hundreds of dollars a month, just to have the wheelchair sit around unused. You also want to avoid renting a power chair for an extended period that results in the rental amount exceeding the purchase amount. If you expect to rent a power wheelchair long-term, it would be wise to consider purchasing a power chair instead. 

How to Find Power Chair Rentals Near Me?

When renting a powerchair, Location is one paramount factor to consider. It is always to sortout power chair rentals near me on your search engine. By doing so google provides all available power chair rentals around you. But also you need to be sure of getting the right rental company for what you need.

Most often, your insurance can always provide you a Power wheelchair supplier. All you need to do is to request from your insurance company and they will link you up with a supplier who can best meet your requirements. If you are not covered by insurance, there are still possibilities for you to rent a power wheelchair from the local suppliers around your area.

Conditions to Know Before Renting a Power Wheelchair

Before signing the rental contract, you should take into account certain conditions that are imposed by the rental company. Among the most important is insurance. You want to guarantee that the rental wheelchair is covered by insurance. If something happens and you are forced to cover the cost of the wheelchair, it can cost even more than buying yourself one! Power Wheelchair Rental is a viable option in a number of scenarios as suggested above. In the event the impairment is temporary or if indeed its permanent but there is expectancy of short term use, then rental is the best alternative to purchases.

Just because a power wheelchair suits one person, it does not necessarily mean it will suit somebody else. Everyone has different mobility needs and physical limitations so it is important to speak to a professional about which power wheelchair is right for you!Contact Scooters ‘N Chairsto discuss the best rental power wheelchair for your needs!