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If age has caught up with you and you’re starting to lose mobility and strength in your limbs, or if an accident or illness has compromised your freedom to move around – a power scooter can prove beneficial in more ways than one.

Mobility scooters can be a blessing for those who are looking to still enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle, irrespective of their physical handicaps or limitations. And if you’re a broader and taller, heavy set individual, then our heavy duty lineup of handicap scooters will help you retain not just your freedom to move, but also preserve your well-being and livelihood well into your later years.

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Even if you’re not a heavy individual, you can benefit tremendously from a heavy duty mobility scooter, as they boast the best top speeds, comfort level and travel distances.

Why Choose a High Weight Capacity Mobility Scooter?

Heavy duty scooters are perfect for those who are accustomed to traveling long distances on any given day or over the course of the week. In fact, some heavy duty models have the capacity to carry you over 40 miles after a single battery charge. They are also engineered to provide the best comfort level and are spacious enough to accommodate fairly large individuals.

Our heavy duty scooter range comes in all varieties – from those that can bear a maximum weight of 250-300 lbs. to those that can easily withstand up to 450 lbs.

Another major benefit is that nearly every model comes with a medium-sized storage basket as standard – very useful if you love going on grocery runs and need to carry large bags on the way home, or just need to carry a few essentials with you, such as your phone, purse, water, snacks, or other ‘daily use’ items.

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With our higher end heavy duty scooters capable of hitting a top speed of 15 mph, you’ll be zipping from destination to destination, with the wind in your face, as you take in the sights and sounds in a care-free way – ah, that's the life!

Don’t be surprised if you get envious looks from your fellow riders, because our high weight capacity scooters not only feature some of the best performances in comfort, but also style and finishing that urges people to stop and stare. With every chassis engineered to withstand heavy loads and rough outdoor terrain, there’s no stopping you from going where you need to.

We offer both 3-wheel and 4-wheel heavy duty scooters. If you happen to be a tall individual with long legs, then a 3-wheeler would easily allow you to rest your legs on either side of the tiller and make it even more convenient to get on/off the scooter. On the other hand, 4-wheel handicap scooters offer additional stability; it’s nearly impossible to tip them over, even at higher speeds or while going over rough terrain.

Bariatric Scooters – The Best of All Worlds

Bariatric scooters are capable of easily carrying a weight of up to 450 lbs. and are outfitted with premium features that you will not find on regular models. They offer exceptional indoor and outdoor mobility, but are particularly well-suited to outdoor use. The heavy duty motor and significantly larger batteries mean that you can easily hit top speeds of up to 15 mph and travel over 40 miles after a single battery charge.

Heavy duty power scooters are a great choice if you require:

  •  Higher speeds and longer travel distances
  •  Seating and dimensions that are built to accommodate heavier individuals
  •  Weight capacity of 450 lbs. or more
  •  A fuller frame/chassis to accommodate bariatric patients
  •  Heavy duty motor for frequent outdoor use, particularly over rough terrain
  •  Full-size captain’s chair with an adjustable headrest and armrests.
  •  Ample leg room
  •  Standard storage space
  •  Advanced suspension for uncompromised riding comfort over all kinds of surfaces
  • Overall more stability, comfort and ‘luxury factor’ than regular scooters
  • Stronger batteries that not only last longer but provide more power and torque
  • Premium features not found on regular models such as LED display with plenty of options to modify the function of the scooter, fully adjustable seating, bright LED head and brake lights, side view mirrors, turn signals, as well as a more sturdy, stylish and robust design

For larger or above average individuals, it really makes a lot of sense to invest a little extra into a heavy duty power scooter that has been designed with exceptional quality, ultimate comfort and maximum performance in mind – making the riding experience truly unforgettable.

If you think about it, the benefits of riding a heavy duty scooter speak for themselves, really. Overweight or heavy set individuals have special mobility demands, especially as they age. And if you can retain your personal space and freedom and not have to rely on others just to help you move around, then why not invest in a heavy-duty 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled lifelong companion? It’s an investment that will truly prove its mettle time and time again.

Benefits in General of Investing in a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

If you, or anyone you know with mobility issues, have never purchased a mobility scooter, then it pays to know how they can be one of the best investments you can ever make.

Avoiding fatigue and pain while being able to move around independently is one of the greatest things we desire as we age. A power scooter, especially a heavy duty one, can help you renew your independence and move around in a care-free and almost effortless way. Not only that, but the ability to run daily errands and go meet people, just like everyone else does, is a luxury and a blessing that is not to be taken for granted. Just think about the mental and social health benefits you’ll reap just by reclaiming your full physical mobility and independence.

Here are other benefits that power scooters offer for the elderly or those with physical handicaps:

Super easy to use

As designs in power scooters continue to improve, as is evident by our heavy duty scooter lineup, they are now more comfortable and easier than ever to operate.

The large and adjustable tillers, for example, can be maneuvered by people who have limited strength in their upper body, while the easy-to-understand and intuitive LED readout makes it very easy to understand how a power scooter is operated.

As long as your eyesight is good or you have a good pair of glasses, you’ll know exactly when to stop, go or maintain speed. In fact, the majority of older people get the hang of riding a heavy duty power scooter after just a few minutes of practice.

Alternative to public transport

Your days of taking a taxi between destinations or setting money aside for the bus fare are long gone. Having to rely on the bus every day to get around or saving up to pay the taxi fare is a nuisance you can certainly do without.

With a heavy duty scooter at your command, you can maintain an average speed of 9-11 mph while riding on sidewalks or even public roads. Our more powerful models which offer top speeds between 15-18 mph are ‘highway ready’ and can take you over 40 miles at a time after just a single battery charge.

You can even take your heavy duty scooter on vacation with you as long as you have one of our scooter lifts at the back of your car or van. 

Perform daily activities effortlessly

A general decrease in mobility that comes with age or a physical limitation due to an accident or illness can seriously hamper your ability to perform simple, everyday activities. And in a worse-case scenario, you either need to completely give up what you love doing or rely heavily on the help of others to do things like going to appointments, shopping or rendezvousing with friends.


A good quality heavy duty scooter allows you to perform all these activities and much more, completely independently. You can travel wherever you want, inside or outside your home, travel long distances on sidewalks, roads and highways and meet up with friends or go to appointments, without any hassle whatsoever.

No driving license or registration required

Mobility scooters do not require any registration as such. The only key thing to remember is that certain pedestrian areas may have a scooter speed limit which must be complied with. Easier said than done, we know – as you must be eager to squeeze that throttle and test out your new 3-wheeled or 4-wheeled power mobility machine!

There’s also no license or training requirements for operating a handicap scooter, as is the case with vehicles and motorbikes.

Before You Buy Your Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter – A Few Things to Consider  

3-wheeler or 4-wheeler?

As you start browsing through our heavy duty power scooter collection, you’ll notice that we offer both 3-wheel and 4-wheel heavy duty mobility scooters. But what wheel configuration is right for you?

The key benefit of a 4-wheel power scooter is, of course, stability, due to the 4 wheels and typically broader frame. The chances of tipping are almost next to none and you can easily drive them over practically all outdoor terrains.

However, when it comes to maneuverability, a 3-wheeler is not to be trifled with. Three wheels mean that you get the best turning radius, allowing you to expertly navigate through tight hallways, alleyways or move around with ease in, say, a small apartment. In addition, if you’re a particularly tall individual, you can easily rest your legs on either side of the tiller, and getting on/off the scooter might be somewhat easier.

All in all, it comes down to comfort, performance and what your needs are.

Battery power

Even though all our scooters for heavy people boast enough battery power to carry you a good few miles without any hiccups – it pays to consider what your traveling demands may be on a day to day basis.

For instance, we have high weight capacity scooters that house batteries capable of carrying you anywhere between 11-25 miles. And then we have ‘extra’ heavy duty scooters that feature really large batteries with lots of amperes to help you cover distances of over 40 miles on a single charge.

Therefore, depending on how much commuting you’ll be doing indoors or outdoors (or both), choose a model that offers enough battery power to meet your daily travel demands.

Unit weight

When choosing a heavy duty scooter, you should know that the more features and power your model packs, the heavier it will be.

Now, unit weight is something that the majority of users don’t even consider. But if you believe that you’ll be frequently taking your heavy duty power scooter with you on trips – in the back of a van, for instance – then scooter weight might be a consideration.

Some of our ‘compact’ heavy duty power scooters weigh just 130 lbs. while other more powerful ones weigh over 350 lbs. If transporting your scooter over long distances is a concern, you need to factor this in, along with the other considerations listed above.

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Closing Thoughts

Now that you understand how a heavy duty mobility scooter can improve the quality of your life, you can browse through our collection of top quality heavy duty scooters from household manufacturers like Pride Mobility and Drive Medical, just to name a few.

All the models on offer come with detailed descriptions and specifications to help you make quick and easy comparisons, and go with the one that best suits your demands and personal circumstances. However, if you have any questions at all or need assistance picking the right one, let us know and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

Our range of heavy scooters are built to last, with high weight capacities, performance, comfort and luxury features, ease-of-use and long travel distances at the forefront.


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