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How Long Does It Take To Charge a Scooter Battery?

There are many factors that come into play depending on how long it takes to charge a battery for a mobility scooter.

Throughout this article we will discuss the time it takes to charge different scooter batteries. Tips for storing your scooter through the colder months, and helpful hints for properly caring for your mobility scooter battery. All of this will ensure your scooter battery will run smoothly, charges efficiently, and last for years to come.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Mobility Scooter Battery?

The average length of time it takes to charge a mobility scooter is between 6 and 8 hours. Achieving a full charge can often take up to 12 hours, but this depends on your charger, battery condition, and the power output you plug it into.

If you have a new mobility scooter, it is likely your battery charge time will be much lower, compared to an older model. It is also important to keep your battery at room temperature or slightly lower when charging, this will maximise charge efficiency. Refer to your scooters manual, or the battery instructions to see how to properly charge the unit. If your mobility scooter has been in storage for the majority of the past few months, it could take a lot longer to fully charge the battery.

When it comes to your scooter battery health, the first and most important thing is never to let it fully die. Attempting to charge a battery from completely dead can result in it never charging up again. A dead battery does not mean it is an automatic write off. But, it will contribute to your scooter battery’s long term health.

As a device gets older and the battery more worn, the charging time can increase. An increased charging time could be a sign the battery is on its way out. It can also be a sign to check the charger itself.

The scooter battery charger is another component that plays a part in the time of charge, so it is necessary to pay attention to it as well. Always use a quality charger for your mobility scooter. It is even better if you are using the original charger. A proper charger prolongs the life of your battery and the usage time of your mobility scooter.

How Often Should I Charge a Mobility Scooter Battery?

It would be best if you charge your scooter every night. A nightly charge will prevent going out the following day with a partial charge. It would be quite a situation to find yourself out on the town with a need to charge your device. If you are not prepared with your charger or near a power source capable of sustaining the charge, you could find yourself in a difficult situation. If you have a brand new mobility scooter, be sure to fully charge the battery prior to your first ride.

Your mobility scooter will show you signs that you need to charge the battery. It is ideal for charging your scooter daily, but, indeed, it doesn't always happen that way. Maybe you forgot to charge it the night before and need to use it the next day. Or, perhaps you haven't had to use it much since the last time you charged it. As a result, you go a couple of days without charging. It's fantastic that your mobility scooter has the ability to last an extended time on one charge. But, a reminder - the ultimate goal is never to let the battery die.

A few signs to look for to tell you that the battery is low are the battery indicator. If you notice that the charge capacity is below 25%, do not ride it; charge it. Secondly, if you see the scooter is a little sluggish, it probably needs a charge. The same thing goes for dim lights and a weak horn.

Another handy tip is to consider keeping a spare battery. Having an extra battery is an excellent option if you are always on the move and use your scooter daily. A spare battery will keep you moving. One battery can charge while the other one is in use. This option allows you not to miss any downtime. It can also be a time-saver if you are out and your battery is going down, just pop home for a quick change over.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind when Charging the Battery for your Mobility Scooter

Turn off your scooter before and during charging. Typically, a battery will become hot during a charging period. Whether your scooter has a key or a different type of touch to start ignition, turn it off. You don't want to run the risk of overheating or accidental burns on your skin. Also, considering that your scooter's temperature may increase, always charge your scooter in a dry area. We would recommend not charging it in a space beyond 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Referencing the battery temperature - always wait a little bit before charging if you are coming off a ride. If you are finishing a charging session, allow a little time before heading out.

Be mindful of where you connect your charger. Refer to your scooter's manual regarding the amount of voltage produced from your scooter's charger. Understanding the electrical power of your scooter will help in using the right outlet. It will help you make a proper decision on where you plug your scooter and help avoid electrical overloads. Be sure that the outlet can handle the charging capacity.

Connect and Disconnect the power source. Connect the charger to your scooter before connecting to the power source. When the scooter is done charging, disconnect it from the power source first.

Do not overcharge the battery of your mobility scooter. While most modern chargers have a built-in automatic shutoff, all don't. Refer to your manual or contact your scooter manufacturer to know if your scooter will automatically stop charging when it has reached capacity. If it doesn't, be sure to disconnect the power source when the indicator lights show full charge.

Mobility scooter charging tips infographic

Can You Overcharge A Mobility Scooter Battery?

Yes, you can. There are challenges related to over and undercharging your battery. One of the reasons your mobility scooter battery isn't charging could be due to frequent overcharge. You will need to take care that you are properly monitoring your charging. Some units do have the ability to shut off automatically when fully charged but not all.

Overcharging your scooter battery can damage the battery and decrease the lifespan of the battery itself.

Why is My Mobility Scooter Battery Not Charging?

Now that we understand how to charge it. Let's take a minute to focus on signs that show a faulty battery. If you are having mobility scooter charging problems, here are a few things to look for when determining the state of your battery:

The battery is no longer holding a charge. One of the most obvious mobility scooter charging problems that shows a faulty battery is the inability to hold charge. If you notice that after a charging session, the battery dwindles quickly, then something is wrong.

What happens if your mobility scooter won't start? It's a new day, your mobility scooter has appropriately been charging through the night, and you are awake, ready to ride. But, when you go to start your scooter, it does not spark to life. The first instinct would probably tell you to second guess whether or not it was charging. Maybe the plug wasn't properly placed into the outlet. Or was it plugged into an outlet that requires a power switch? Did you forget to flip it on? You research a little and determine that you did all of the above correctly. What does that leave you with? The battery is completely dead, or the battery or scooter battery charger needs to be replaced.

How to Tell if Your Mobility Scooter Battery is Faulty?

The life of your mobility scooters battery will vary. The make and model will make a difference, along with the conditions in which it has been kept. One thing we do know is that the battery for a mobility scooter will not last forever. It is one thing to know when your battery is low and in need of a charge, but how do you determine if your mobility scooter battery is faulty and in need of replacement?

A quick reminder: The best practice for charging your mobility scooters battery is to do so every night. Ideally, you would store the scooter in a dry storage space with a room temperature of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A colder temperature is detrimental to the battery and could decrease its lifespan.

Where to Find a Mobility Scooter Battery Replacement?

The battery is the heart of your mobility scooter. It is the crucial power source. A spare battery on hand is a proactive way to help with your battery needs. Contact Scooters' N Chairs to speak with our team about the best battery and charger for your mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Alternatively, mobility retailers and other neighborhood chains, such as Target or Walmart, can accommodate your needs.