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Can You Drive a Mobility Scooter in the Rain? Get a Mobility Scooter Canopy!

mobility scooter with rain canopy

Yes, yes, you can. Driving a mobility scooter in the rain is not ideal but may be necessary at some point. Don't get caught in the rain! Convert your scooter to an all-weather scooter with a simple add-on canopy. At the time of purchasing your scooter, you may not have considered a Scooter canopy, especially if your scooter was initially for indoor purposes only. But, maybe now you want to take it outdoors and not let the weather dictate your mobility! 

A change in the weather does not have to cause a change in your daily activities. Whether you decide to have your current mobility scooter fitted for a canopy or upgrading to a canopied mobility scooter, you can be assured you will never get caught out in the rain! 

What is a Mobility Scooter Canopy?

mobility scooter canopy for rain protection

A Mobility Scooter canopy is an aftermarket fixture that you can add to your current mobility scooter. It is made from a lightweight, but sturdy plastic that shields you from the rain and other weather elements. The design allows for overhead protection of mobility scooter and power wheelchair operators. Some options allow for side panel protections in cases of swirling winds that blow rain sideways.  

Weather can be unpredictable. Imagine entering a mobility scooter friendly mall and the sun is shining outside, only to leave an hour later and see that rain clouds have appeared over head. A mobility scooter canopy will keep you warm in dry any time you misjudge the weather. 

It doesn't matter if you are a mobility scooter or power wheelchair owner, a canopy can fit your device. If you would prefer to purchase a all-weather scooter that comes pre-fitted with a canopy, we will cover those below, so keep reading! 

Storing your Mobility Scooter Outside in the Rain

canopy for mobility scooter to protect it from the weather

Scooter Canopies are great for keeping the scooter driver, and anything inside the scooter protected. However, to protect the outside of your scooter from rain or wear and tear, a little more than a scooter canopy is needed. Protecting your scooter from the rain is crucial to prevent rust and keep it operating at 100% of its potential. Regardless if you are storing your scooter overnight or just a few hours, try to do so in a dry, clean, and secure area. The ideal space will also offer scooter capacity charging capability as well. 

Safe, dry storage will directly contribute to prolonging the life of your scooter. Longturn effects of the rain will lead to corrosion, possible electrical malfunctions, and other mishaps. Keeping your scooter dry helps avoid unwanted issues, which can be very costly. If you do not have the capability of keeping your scooter stored in a safe, dry space inside your home, consider a waterproof storage cover. A storage cover will not only protect your scooter from weather conditions; it as well will preserve it from dust.

Where to get a Mobility Scooter Canopy?

Adding a canopy to your mobility scooter does not have to be a hassle. Determine the best canopy for your needs. Reach out to online retailers who carry scooter canopies. Do you pride yourself on your handy abilities? If so, a self-fitting canopy may be ideal. These are simple to find with specialty carriers. If you're not so handy, no worries at all; there are factory-fitted options. If you are in the market for a mobility scooter and have not decided which one you would like, you are reading this article at the perfect time. 

Self-Fitting Scooter Canopy Fixtures

There are universal self-fitting canopies available for your mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Follow the instructions, and you will be able to attach the fixture to your device correctly. Some self-fitting options may be even better, as they can be custom fitted. These options are available online. Consider the retailer of your mobility scooter for best recommendations.

Factory Fitted Mobility Scooter Canopy

Factory fitted canopy options are available from the place of purchase. These are a step before the cabin-styled mobility scooters. They are sufficient in shielding you from the weather but a little more costly than the self-fitting options.

Mobility Scooters with Canopies

Avoid the afterthought. ShopCanopied Mobility Scootersat Scooters' N Chairs today! Mobility scooters that already have a canopy allow you to enjoy and utilize your scooter from the day you receive it. 

How Much Does a Mobility Scooter Canopy Cost? 

The price of a mobility scooter canopy is going to depend on the type of canopy chosen. Let's explore a few different options, including the fully enclosed cabin mobility scooter.

Sheer Canopies with Transparent Sides

transparent rain cover for mobility scooter

The sheer canopy is a great choice when full coverage and visibility are the aims. The make of the add-on allows for the entire scooter to be shielded from weather conditions while still providing full views. Being able to see but protected from the elements is very useful, especially if you are out enjoying a family stroll and a drizzle catches you on the way back. The transparent soft top covers feature roll down and zip options. Removable and adjustable flaps are perfect for a fresh breeze, even if it's after a storm.

Powerchair Weather Breaker

Fit your power chair with a weather guard or windbreaker. This canopy will shield you from light, rainy weather. It is available with an extended side which is helpful if there is a light wind. A weather guard canopy typically averages around $150. The style is based on the model of your power chair or mobility scooter.

The sheer canopies are soft top aftermarket fixtures. They are tailored to your equipment which means a perfect fit, considering the reported pricing starts around $430, depending on the chosen retailer.

Factory-Fitted Hardtops 

If you are going for a sturdier attachment, the factory-fitted hard tops may be attractive to you. They are done in the factory, making them spot on when it comes to compatibility. The hardtop canopy options are an attractive option as they are all-weather and provide a greater shield against the elements. This option is similar to a fully enclosed cabin mobility scooter. Scooter N Chairs offers aCoupe Style Mobility Scooterwith a canopy starting at around $3600.

Fully Enclosed Cabin

Emerge prepared with theShoprider Scooter with an enclosed canopy, available at Scooters N Chairs. This scooter ensures full coverage and protection against the weather. Protected against the elements along with full luxury is a winning choice. Complete with an operational lighting system, cruise in style, and preparedness with the starting price of $7200.

Fitting a Canopy to your Mobility Scooter 

Just like purchasing a mobility scooter, adding a canopy is an investment. So, you want to ensure the fixture is correctly installed. The factory-fitted option will allow you to be less involved in the installation itself, but it is still necessary to know specific details. Continue reading.

If you are taking the self-fitting route, the following information is essential. Besides, you would like to avoid a new install each year. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding to add a canopy to your scooter:

Request a consultation. A chat with the experts, in person or over the phone, is necessary. Adding a canopy is an aftermarket endeavor. You will likely be responsible for the install, or you have choose to someone to install it for you. It is important to make sure the installation is done correctly. When shopping around, before ordering,speak with a Mobility Scooter expertat Scooters ‘N Chairs. Use this time to have all your questions about adding the canopy to your scooter answered. 

Even if you decide to have your canopy factory fitted, request a consultation. A consultation will ensure that you receive the product that you envision. It will also be efficient in answering any sort of maintenance questions.

If you are choosing a Self-fitting option, request all instructions. It is expected that instructions will be included along with the purchase. You should consider requesting a short instructional video also. If you are better at learning from seeing someone else do it first, this will be instrumental in your success.

Confirm guarantees, especially when it comes to returns and exchanges. Is there a return policy? The details of the return policy are essential. While some canopies are universal fitting, many are custom-fitted. It is crucial to clarify the possible 'what ifs.' If the part is defective, not a great match, or overall too confusing, what are your options? Find this information out ahead to make a thorough purchasing decision.

While there aren't many, if any, perceived reasons to return or exchange a factory-fitted canopy, warranty clarification is essential. Confirm all manufacturer's labor-related warranties.

Purchasing a Mobility Scooter Canopy does not have to be challenging, but research is essential. If you are entering the market for anew mobility scooter or power chair, we can help. Our experts and Scooters' N chairs can help answer any question you may have. Please take a look at our complete and updated2021 mobility scooter guide. Take the guesswork out of your purchase.